Barrett McPherson

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Barret McPherson
Full name Barrett Duncan McPherson
Date of Birth Feb 10, 2502
Parents Mary "Morrigan" McPherson(mother), Father Unknown
Siblings None
Spouse Single.
Children None
Assignment None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes/Blonde hair
Height and Weight 6'0"/175 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

Home Schooling on New Tortuga

Military Service


Employment History
  • Current: Self employed, Freelance Tattoo Artist.



Barrett Duncan McPherson (2502-Current)

Nothing suffocates you more than
The passing of everyday human events
Isolation is the oxygen mask you make
Your children breathe in to survive
I'm not a slave to a god that doesn't exist.
and I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a sh**
-Marilyn Manson "The Fight Song"


Barrett McPherson was born in the back room of a strip club, with short silk-robed dancers for midwives and a raucous crowd of bar patrons twenty feet away, separated only by graffiti-spattered walls. The cries of pain and torment from child-birthing were drowned out by the drum and bass music that accompanied the girl on stage, as well as the loud, drunken conversations in the rooms beyond. Mary McPherson had just turned nineteen years old six days prior, and had truly wished that her and her son would celebrate the same birthday. She would later go on to say that Barrett was the best birthday present she ever had, even though belated.

Mary McPherson's story was mostly a story of tragedy until she found her way onto the station that would later be called New Tortuga. She was the daughter of a pair of parents killed and displaced by the civil unrest that displaced many before the Unification War. With no where to go or no one else in her life to turn to, she took to working as a serving girl in bars on Newhall and Darcke Moon. It didn't take her long to start getting noticed by men, and those men led to prostitution and eventually being lured into using her attractive face and build to earn her a living. It wasn't what she'd hoped, but through the tired evenings and the trouble of trying to sleep through daylight hours, she eventually heard a call for dancers and servers on a new station, which meant more space and likelihood of a place to call her own. She answered the call.

With a small apartment to call her own and a stable job at one of the on-board clubs dancing for her living, Mary continued to put in long hours to cover her expensive, yet tiny, living space. Boyfriends, tricks, and business came and went until Mary discovered that she was pregnant. The club owner, an ex boyfriend of hers, was supportive and allowed her to dance until she started to show, and then gave her a job behind the bar.

After Barrett was born, things became far more difficult than Mary had ever expected. The cost to keep and raise her son began to take a toll on her, as did finding friends to babysit her child while she was working. On some nights, while she was dancing, Barrett would be in the back of the club being tended to by some of the girls on their breaks. It was touch-and-go for Mary and Barrett for almost two-years straight, and anyone who suggested that Mary was out of her mind for raising a child was met with a stone-cold, alleyway beating. Mary was furiously protective of her child, who was the last of her family and her hope to carry on her father's name into the future. He was all that she had left, and he was all that she would ever want to have.

The Becoming

Fear the nobodies
Wanna be Somebodies
We're dead,
We know just who we are
-Marilyn Manson "The Nobodies"

Nothing burns quite like failure and weakness, which is something that Barrett learned from his earliest memories. A scrawny lad, he learned early on that life is a place for the intelligent or the strong, but never for the weak willed. Bullied early on by his peers and always picked last for "Hallway Football" (a full contact version of traditional "soccer" played in hallway passages), he'd come home often with a bloodied face, doing his best to hide his tears from his mother. Mary would have none of this, of course, and would often give the "Either you kick their ass, or I kick your ass" response. Mary only had to corporally punish Barrett once for refusal, and to this day will state her reasoning for this practice as follows:

"I told Bare when he'd come home because he'd been bulled that aren't none of those boys going to respect him for not standin' up for himself. I told him te' go right back out there and beat the hell out of them so that they knew no one trifes with a McPherson. It's what I done with the girls when I was raising him and it's what he's going to do when I'm not there to pick up his pieces. Ain't no one ever survived by letting themselves be victims, and my boy deserves better than to grow up to be one of //those// men. Last thing he needs is some girl respectin' him for getting run over. I had to teach the boy to protect what's his somehow. I got lucky, because he didn't take it too far. It worked out in the end." - Mary "Morrigan" McPherson
As the years passed, he learned how to give and take his lumps, and managed to make it through his teens a tall, skinny artist type that would often sit in the corner of his mother's club on nights that she wasn't dancing. He knew all of the girls and they kept him supplied with free drinks. A passing tattoo artist took a look at his work and the two began to collaborate. Barrett would make him flash-art to tattoo onto people, and in turn Barrett would make a small percentage when one of his designs was used. This eventually led to a one year long apprenticeship that taught him everything he needed to know about applying ink to skin.
Tattoo work let to contracts, contracts led to networking, and networking eventually led him to become a sprog for Yvaine...

The Branding

More to come....

Barrett's Extended Family

There’s no drugged-out devils or
Square-halo angels
Walking among us.
I am among no one
-Marilyn Manson "Hey Cruel World"


and I'm a black rainbow
and I'm an ape of god
I got a face that's made for doing violence upon
I'm a teen distortion
survived abortion
a rebel from the waist down
-Marilyn Manson "Disposable Teens"

Barrett doesn't give a f***.

Barrett was born into the pirate world to a stripper mother in a single parent household. It was the ass-end of nowhere and when his mother wasn't around he was babysat in the backrooms by other dancing girls. To say that his mother was an AMAZING role model is a story of survival for the man that's been branded on his soul. It was an against the odds situation, and they made it work.

Barrett refuses to define himself on his failures and refuses to define himself based on the things that he is incapable of doing. He refuses to feel sorry for himself and refuses to break the system that works. Whether he's Barrett, the McPherson Scion, or Jack the Sprog, he's in charge of his identity and his destiny, and refuses to let that be defined as a negative thing. He doesn't f*** over allies and loved ones, and he doesn't f*** with the people that keep the wheels that need to be greased spinning. Sometimes friends come and go. Sometimes women only want a night. Sometimes fights are personal, and other times they're not.

Every one of us is an animal, regardless of how hard we try to wiggle our thumbs and our entitlement-filled brains to try to prove to ourselves that we're not shaved apes waving sticks and conceiving our children out of sweat and insecurity. Barrett believes this. Barrett's just another beast in the zoo, and his time is limited.

Now, that being said, Barrett isn't driven by a need to -be- an animal. He's rational, insightful, and at times can be very silent and deep. He's an artist and puts his mind forward before his attitude. He feels that far too many people in his circle of friends fall down a path that's too chaotic and self destructive that those poor souls burn themselves out long before their time has come.


Tattoo Collection

Recent History

  • Pre-2531: Barrett McPherson has been a sprog under the employ of Yvaine Sterling for the last two years alongside fellow sprogs Hans, Franz, and Mumbles. Nicknamed "JACK" due to his tall height and his spindly arms, he has since "bulked up" and is now continuing his sprog service to his Corsair a more muscular man. However, Yvaine still refers to him as "JACK"
  • June 06, 2531: Barrett meets Annabelle Skarsgard in a chance meeting at the Dregs. After a few days of knowing each other, he agrees to help her through 3 days of detoxification.


  • Barrett is known as "Jack" by the Sprog population. He's one of four sprogs in service to Yvaine. The other three are Hans, Franz, and Mumbles. Barrett earned the nickname "Jack" due to his tall, spindly appearance before he bulked up in the gym. in beanstalk.

Theme Music

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