Bar Valo, LLC

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OOC: The Bar Valo factory is part of the cargo system in game.

Bar Valo, LLC
Bar Valo.png BarValo.jpg
Inception November 15, 2535
Location Paquin
Command Crew
Security Crew
Medical Crew
Public Relations



Protein Packs @ $150/ton
Steel @ $270/ton
Parts - Civil @ $290/ton
Mats – Tech @ $650/ton


Medical Supplies @ $300/ton
Aluminum @ $280/ton

Medical Supplies

Chem Tranquilizer Vials

Tranquilizer Gun

Nursing Medpack

Surgery Medpack

Medicine Medpack


Nursing Supplies

Medical Supplies

Surgical Supplies

First Aid Medpack

Doctor Bed

First Aid Supplies

Please contact a Bar Valo rep before bringing in a load of cargo to sell or coming to buy a load or any of our Medical Products.


The Bar Valo Clinic on Paquin is one of the best in Accendo City Rivaling that of Dumont Medical Industries. Prices are low as they make all their own supplies in house. It boasts a Level 1 ER with an ICU with both inpatient and outpatient care. From general medicine to specialist Doctors, any and all medical needs can be taken care of here.

(OOC) Directions to get to the clinic or Factory. There are a number of ways but the easiest is from Paquin's Spaceport head into the Ru Marchande and from there to the Slobujenzu Drom (SD) and both entrances to the Bar Valo Campus are there. Keep in mind, security is very tight and well trained.