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Bambi Beauvier
Full name Guiseppa Carlotta Spratt
Date of Birth 26 Oct. 2490
Parents Alfredo and Louisa deMarco
Gender female

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Platinum blonde hair, sprayed within an inch of its life, has been carefully set into an extravagant beehive up-do, adding nearly nine inches to this alread tall woman's stature, a few wisps set loose at one side to gently caress the side of her face. Her eyes are very large and wide set, a gentle blue in color with long, heavily made-up lashes. Though their size provides an element of innocence, close inspection will reveal the nearly concealed crows-feet that have begun to appear where they taper off. They frame a nose that is petite and upswept, impertinent as it is fragile-looking. Cupid's bow lips that would stand out naturally have been made nearly obscene with the addition of bright pink lipstick and (what is that smell?) bubble-gum lip gloss. He jaw is slightly wide, giving her a masculine beauty that verges on the classical.


Oct 2490
Bambi is born on Bernadette.
June 2510
Bambi marries Ambrose Spratt, a wealthy businessman on Bernadette.
March 2521
Bambi flees Bernadette.
May 2526
Bambi meets Chovian and begs a ride on the Bengalo Draba off of Persephone.


"Boopsie! Bad dog!"

RP Hooks

The following rp hooks are useful and easy to learn ICly:

  1. Bambi trains and breeds Shih Tzus.
  2. Bambi is an good cook.
  3. Bambi hails from Bernadette.

The following rp hooks are not easy to learn ICly but if you would like to use one, contact me and we can work something out:

  1. Bambi has a slightly shady past and is currently on the run from her husband who is actively seeking her in the 'verse.
  2. Bambi is wanted for skipping bail on Persephone.




Bambi Begs a Ride - May, 2526