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This is IC information.
This information is displayed publicly on the cortex, and may be used ICly.

Baltimore Baltimore
Full name Baltimore Flannigan
Date of Birth 2/26/92
Assignment Chief Investigator
Specialization Investigations
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown/grey, Brown eyes
Height and Weight 6'1"/184lbs
Status Inactive


  • 2492 - Baltimore is born in Osiris blackout zone.
  • 2498 - Flannigan family moves to Verbena.
  • 2506 - Unification War begins.
  • 2510 - Baltimore enlists in Alliance Military. MPs job as prison guard at Apopris Penitentiary.
  • 2511 - Unification Day and end of the war.
  • 2509 - Marries Anna Arundel.
  • 2509 - Twins Mary and Landis born.
  • 2514 - Baltimore re-ups. Works as DEA agent on Osiris.
  • 2521 - Baltimore retires from DEA.
  • 02/18/03 -Hired into Fisque Law Group.
  • 05/01/23 -Hired as Chief Inspector stationed on Persephone at a publicized press conference.
  • 07/13/23 -Takes part in daring raid on Persephone. Covered on Cortex.
  • 08/24/23 -Persephone Police Department taken over by Alliance Military. Baltimore resigns.
  • 10/01/23 -Hired on as Chief Investigator by Red Lion Industries
  • 10/11/23 -Captures Melissa Charmaine and returns her to the BHG office on Greenleaf.
  • 10/23/23 -Following marital strife from Baltimore's work life and cortex reports of a fiancee of Greenleaf, Anna Arundel files for divorce
  • 12/08/23 -Files report about a break in of his Persephone apartment with the Alliance PD.


Balt might have been handsome in his younger days, these days he just manages a sort of weathered distinguished look. It's been years since he was a teenage welterweight, and the smokes and double shifts have caught up with him. He looks older than he ought to, with crow's feet and his eyes ringed with dark. Labor and fret have trimmed him down to the point of looking a little gaunt, but he's clean-shaven save for an avuncular mustache. He wears his hair slicked down in a Clark Gable style.

The three button, camelhair blazer is from one of those shops where the clothing is always more expensive than it looks, and meant to stand out compared to the black vest and slacks. And a tie, of course. Even a little cologne. The whole getup is 'piano bar at the Helios Lounge' fancy, but not 'going to a costume party as a noble' fancy.



The front steps of the federal court house are beginning to fill as people come to hear the scheduled press conference. A podium stands about half way down the marble like steps and sound equipment is being tested and prepared for the conference. On the front of the podium is fixed the great seal of the Alliance: Persephone sector. Reporters are there from both local and Alliance stations.

A hush falls over the gathering crowd as Federal Judge, His Honorable Stewart Miller comes down the steps accompanied by a number or officials. He stops behind the podium and nods smiling to those he knows. He waits patiently for the crowd to quiet and then he announces.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Ever Since Dan Sullivan was killed 7 months ago, Persephone has been without a Chief Inspector. Like a ship with out a captain, a police force loses its direction. The job still gets done but at what cost? Here we have allowed the Alliance to take over the day-to-day duties of running the local law enforcement. This is contrary to Persephone's charter as well as the Alliance's goals for self-determination. We cannot replace Chief Inspector Sullivan. We are not trying to. But we can get the police force here back on it's own feet. We can hire a man that is honest and trustworthy. Who has the best of intentions for both Border and the Rim worlds. We can hire someone that will understand the unique needs of this and the surrounding worlds. We can combine both Police and Marshall's Office beneath one roof. " He pauses and looks around finding he has everyone's undivided attention. "Citizens of the 'verse" he states knowing this is going to be broadcast through out the populated worlds. "I am proud and pleased to announce we have filled that position. I am honored to present to you." He pauses for effect." Baltimore Flannigan"

Baltimore straightens himself as he steps to the podium, running a hand down the coat of his uniform to smoothing it flat. For a moment he stands, appraising the crowd, then speaks. “Before this all gets started, want to say how honored I am to be chosen for this position. Grew up with my pa as a lawman, remember him coming home in uniform and how as his son awfully proud that made me. See, knew at the time how important the work was, and knew how important it was to him. Pa use to say he helped folks out needed helping, and while a lot’s different between where he was and the position I have a head of me, but as far as I’m concerned the heart of it’s still helping folks out. Not many positions in the verse like this one, positions requiring of dignity and honor and service to the people. Dan Sullivan knew that and did what he could to live up to them virtues. Planning to try to do the same.” He rubs his hands together. “Alright. Understand you folks got some questions for me.”

A voice from the crowd of reporters shouts out a question, "Mister Flannigan, What are you going to be called? Marshall? Police chief? Or chief inspector?"

Baltimore. “Marshal’s office has a motto over its crest: to protect and serve. Seems them two things are about promoting and keeping the peace, so figure anyone working under the Marshal’s emblem is a Peace Officer. Still, Dan Sullivan established this post as a Federal Marshal, and I plan to respect his wishes for the office.”

Another voice shouts out, "Sir? Where are you from?"

Baltimore: “Pa was stationed on Osiris when I was born, so my birth certificate got signed in the medical school there. Did most of my growing on Verbena though. Before he passed pa did a lot of traveling and ma’s side of things worked the orchards there, so there’s where I got my raising. Worked the orchards right alone side ‘em my milk teeth years. Good people, hard working. Taught me not to start something I weren’t going to finish, and that no job gets done less folk help each other out. Folks working together on a common goal. Much training as I picked up through the years, figure those orchards did me just as much teaching on how to be a lawman as my schooling did.”

Another voice, "Is there a Mrs. Flannigan?"

Baltimore: “Been a Missus Flannigan for going on fourteen years now, and two junior Flannigans for just about that long. Apologize if I don’t spill too much ‘bout my family. Part of this position’s respecting people, and I’m trying to keep my blood out of the spotlight when they don’t need to be there. Suspect your question ain’t if I got a ring on my finger but if I’m a family man, and that I most certainly am. Family evens out a fella, gives him perspective, something worth supporting and looking for support from. Been talking to a lot of folk, and all over folk seem to be looking towards some kind of family. Ships crew’s a family for some, others family’s the folk working next to ‘em in a lab or a conference room. Being a family man means doing onto others and living for more than just your lonesome. Met a lot of family men of all different sorts wandering the worlds, and I respect the each of ‘em. As a job it ain’t easy, which is why it’s important. Only job I can think of harder than this one. Next question.”

Another, "who did you fight for in the war?"

Did like my pa before me and enlisted in the Allied Forces day I turned eighteen--something that would have happened war or no—and re-uped later on. Service teaches a man a thing or two about discipline, and as a pup I needed a more than a few lessons in discipline from time to time. Spend some time outside the force too, working security for ships and companies alike. Funny thing about the split between ex-Allies and ex-indies, spend some time working with the both and find the work becomes more important than what happened in the past. Folks got to have a purpose and some way to sustain that purpose, help someone get that give them a way to start working towards something bigger than the color of their clothes. Might be something for that in our future.

As the questions begin to get repetitive, His honorable Justice Stewart Miller waves and heads back up the steps to the courthouse bringing the conference to an end. It might appear that Justice Miller and the new Federal Marshall are on friendly terms.

Message: 5/5                       Posted        Author
A daring rescue                    Sun Sep 21    Sara_Perkins

Alliance sources confirm that Yawvino Noravasi was rescued in a daring action spear headed by the Marshall's office concluding months of investigation into Rim for Rimmers movement. Baltimore Flannigan, Chief Inspector from the Persephone Office, was his usual modest self when he was asked "Are you confident that you have put a stop to the Beylix Bunch?" he replied, "There will always be those who need to confirm their own self worth by degrading others. With the help of good citizens we will continue to strive to keep this verse a place for all peoples."

Yawvino Noravasi was not available for comment but Leanardi O'Vertus one of the Younger Elders stated that Elder Norvasi was resting from his ordeal and that the Romany were happy to have him back. He stated that the Marshal's Office did a great deed rescuing him and that the Familia was grateful. They were also grateful that there was little loss of life. "We are a pacifist nation, " Elder O'Vertus stated, "To have so few of the misguided young people injured was indeed a blessing."

Alliance sources confirm that none of the Marshal's office was injured and only 1 of the kidnappers was killed when he refused to disarm when instructed to by the law enforcement officials.

Message: 5/2                       Posted        Author
Happy Endings                      Wed Nov 05    Fess Higgins

The screen fades into a blond reporter, smiling brilliantly into the camera. In the background is a modest looking little house, with a white picket fence. The reporter begins, "Hello. This is Sarah Smith reporting reporting live from Ezra. In this day and age, there has more tragedies than happy ending stories. Yet, within this dark time, we have found a real life romance story of two sisters who have found love in the most unlikely of places.

The camera zooms into two .. women .. standing in white dresses. Not quite in the least the most prettiest of women, rather needing a good waxing with the unibrow, crooked and missing teeth, mustache and chin hair and rather round though their smiling away with engine red lipstick waving at the camera. The one on the left speaks up with a thick rim world accent, "We so happy! We just hope our sisters gets t' find true love like me an' Martha have with Lee and Baltimore! We gonna set the date real soon. Our fiances are off doin' real important weddin' stuff right now."

The camera turns back to the reporter who's still smiling like she has Vaseline drenched across her teeth. "We are hoping to get an interview with the husbands to be soon enough but we have managed to locate pictures of them. What a lovely pair of couples and a magnificent wedding this will be."

The image fades only to show side by side pictures of Lee and Baltimore, then fades with the next story.