Babylon Night Club

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Babylon Night Club
Business Name

Babylon Night Club

Owner's Name

Mila Malikova

Location of Business

Spacer's District, Paquin

Products for Sale

Live Entertainment, Upscale Atmosphere, VIP Room

Hours of Operation

1 PM to 4 AM - Closed Mondays

Status of Business


Stage Act at the Babylon

The Babylon

Recently re-opened and under new ownership, the Babylon Night Club had its Grand Opening September 13th, 2535. Completely remodeled, the club opens up into an opulent space where those with both class and pretensions thereof can mingle together. A mixture of vaudville acts, big bands and torch singers perform in the classic style of centuries past while mixing in the modern styles of the core perfect for dancing.

The walls are rich in mahogany, ash and oak in a perfect imitation 20th century art deco. We are also very proud of our museum replica crystal chandeliers in the main hall.

About Us

The Babylon believes in making our patrons feel like the creme de la creme of an idealized society where jazz music, beautiful people and the movers and shakers can see and be seen together in an opulent setting of timeless class.


From the Paquin Shuttle Platform, exit the passenger facility and continue west into the Spacer's District. The Babylon is the obvious cornerstone of this rich historical area. Completely avoid the crowds of the Carnival with our convenient location and remember, pickup service is available for platinum guests!


Mila Malikova, Owner and Proprietor
Parker, Entertainer
Sasha Jones, Assistant Manager