B. M. Steele

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B. M. Steele
Full name Benedict Mathias Steele
Date of Birth 23 Dec 2480
Birthplace Lucifer's Folly, Triumph
Parents Josiah† and Molly
Siblings Angela, Tracy, Morgan, Victoria, Felicia, Hermia, Gemma, Stenton, Fredrick†
Spouse Widower
Children Jessica
Assignment Recon Sergeant, 63rd Federals
Specialization Infantryman
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue; Grey
Height and Weight 5'6"; 150 lbs
Status deceased
Education Information

Home Education

Military Service
  • (W)Private, 125th Federals
  • (W)Lance Corporal, 125th Federals
  • (W)Corporal, 1st Airborne
  • (W)Sergeant, 215th Federals
  • (W)Gunnery Sergeant, Sierra Squad "Steele's Saints", 215th Federals
  • Sergeant, Federal Individual Ready Reserve
  • Recon Sergeant, 63rd Federals
Personal Notes

(W) - Wartime Service, ranks may not indicate final authority level.

  • † - Deceased


You see before you a short caucasian male that stands just over five and a half feet tall. He has short grey hair that has been styled to spike up like a longer flattop military cut. His face is rather average and holds no distinguishing features, his skin is a slight brown colour with a deepening brown around his cheeks. His nose is slender and of average length with a slight hook downwards at the tip, which causes the nostrils to seem subdued. His ears stick out slightly from his head and are well rounded. His eyes sit proudly in his head and shine a bright blue colour, his gaze can be considered by some to be piercing. He is of lean build and, though he is an older gentleman his skin has aged well, preserving the form of a tattoo on his left arm bearing the word 'Saints' written in Old English script.


His personality can change based on numerous things. The people he's with, the amount of alcohol in his system and his mood at the time. Generally, though, he is a calm and quiet individual. Reserved and thoughtful, his words are chosen carefully and so he may seem slow or dim-witted to the casual observer. Anyone that spends more than a moment speaking with him, however, would see that he is a complex individual with a multi-faceted personality altering from a caring and compassionate individual when in 'civilian mode' to being a cold and brutal executer of orders when at work.

Having taken a recent personality assessment with the Alliance, the following summaries are available from his personality profile:

Openness to Experience/Intellect: He is somewhat conventional.
Conscientiousness: He is well-organised, and are reliable.
Extraversion: He tends to shy away from social events.
Agreeableness: He finds it easy to express irritation with others.
Neuroticism: He would probably remain calm, even in tense situations.



There are many ways to do a timeline. Some people don't include one at all. Below is one little example:

December, 2480
Benedict Mathias Steele is born.


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RP Hooks/Trivia

  1. Engaged in wartime service on Sihnon, Osiris and various other places.
  2. Has a daughter, Jessica