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Axel Dmitri Cho
Full name Axel Dmitri Cho
Date of Birth 04.Oct.2505
Siblings none
Spouse Divorced
Assignment CEO and Gunsmith, Ricochet Arms
Specialization Tech Specialist
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/Brown
Height and Weight 6ft/150 lbs
Status Active
Military Service

Rear Admiral Alliance Department of Security

Early History

Born on a small Wren-class freighter to a pair of smugglers, Axel was almost destined to be a bit of a miscreant. His mother was Romani, cast out of her clan when she fell in love and ran off with a young Chinese-German Smuggler by the name of Friedrich Cho. While growing up, Axel's mother taught him the language of her people as a game to play as his father just could not grasp the tongue at all. When the young man came of age, the Wren was simply getting overcrowded. His parents took a load to Persephone and while Axel was off getting some fresh supplies, they left the planet. He came back to the docks and found only a courier handing him a note:

Dear Son,

You've grown to be a fine young man, now it is time to quit sucking on our proverbial teet and strike out on your own. Keep the change from the supplies and sell the supplies. We wish you the best. Oh, and your mother wishes you luck.

Good Luck,


Well, Axel was definitely pissed off, and it only took him a few days of drowning his sorrows to run out of money. When that happened, he realized that he'd have to find a job, something he'd never had to do before. Sure, he knew the ins and outs of the ship he grew up on. Hell, he'd developed a knack for technical aspects, so he figured finding a job wouldn't be too difficult. Wow, was he mistaken. Finally, after a month of eating at soup-kitchens and sleeping in whatever hole he could find he found an Alliance recruiter.

Well, the man thought, why not? Besides, it would definitely piss off his parents. Sadly for Axel, he couldn't pass the physical fitness requirements for joining the military, so got saddled with the Department of Alliance Security. Having little background and no real records of his identity on file, it took him a good while before he received his clearance, but once he did, the young man was put in uniform, given a badge and put through training. While he was far from the top of his class in weapons training and tactics, the young recruit excelled in both piloting and technical fields and graduated with honors from the advanced technical school.

His first assignment was the DAS offices on Persephone, where he was in charge of general maintenance on the stations pair of A.S.R.E.V.s and often worked with the station's quartermaster on maintaining the armor and weapons issued to the officers assigned there. While he may not have been the best shot, he did have a natural knack for tuning weapons and even designed a few items to assist in the field.

When the brand new building on Londinium was built for the Dept of Alliance Security, Axel was transfered there, finding not only a series of testing labs but his very own office, with the placard on the wall saying 'Axel Cho - Armorer'. Quite thrilled with this, the young tech was in heaven. Not only did he have testing labs, but he even had his own office complete with coffee machine and minifridge for storing in his favorite energy soda, Caf-Pop... All the sugar and Triple the caffeine!

Realizing that the company armory was overloaded with multiple different style weapons, mostly leftovers and hand-me-downs from the Alliance military, Axel started putting together specs and requisitions and was a front-runner in having new weapons brought to DAS. The first of which was the DAS-Autoshot pistol followed soon by the DAS-Multishot sub-machine gun which shared a common caliber round both available in light armor piercing and a soft-cased electro-stun round.

By far though, was what he considered his Opus. Axel began construction on a robotic dog, the DAS-10 Botweiller which he nicknamed Dioji. With the assistance of Specialist Suzi Flynn, who coded the artificial intelligence program and computer interface, the project was finished in a matter of months, mostly thanks to lots and lots of caffeine the bot was finished and shown to Alliance brass where it received high marks and he managed to keep his job even though he had gone way over budget on the process. Things seemed to be going great for the young tech.

Of course, life has a way of turning the good to bad, and when Paquin was attacked by the Pirate Commonwealth, Axel felt as if he had to assist. While he was not clearly attached to the Romani clans, he still had that passion flowing through his blood. The young tech put in the proper papers and was on the first Alliance shuttle to the planet, with his robotic dog at his side. While he wasn't the strongest, or the best trained out there, Axel and Dioji managed to work together in assisting the rescue crews, saving the lives of dozens of people who had been trapped by debris who wouldn't have been found without the robotic canine's advanced sensor package. Axel swore, at the moment he went from search and rescue to cadaver searches, a vendetta against the commonwealth. From that day forward, his goal was to find and research ways to assist the Alliance in crushing these terrorists. Eventually, Axel was raised to the position of Division Chief/Director of DAS Engineering and Technology until he departed and took his dreams to the civilian market.

Recent History

After leaving the Alliance, Axel spent a couple of months finding himself, doing side jobs as a tech here and there, and finally managed to buy Ricochet Arms along with a friend, Kenthadus Grayshade. Since then, he's done exceptionally well for himself and the business. Starting on Santo, he's recently moved the business to Paquin where Ricochet Arms has a private compound outside of the capital city.

Axel has a solid client base and has made some great friends along the way. He's gone through a couple of ships, and is now sporting a very fancy, luxury racing yacht with which he makes deliveries and does those occasional off-world things in.


Axel stands around six feet tall. The man's dark hair, complexion, and eyes hint at possible Romany decent, though his blue eyes and the very slight hint of a German accent point to another heritage. He's not a large man, weighing around 150 pounds, in fact the man is on the high side of scrawny. His hair is getting a bit long and shaggy, though not quite long enough to pull back into a ponytail yet. His left ear carries a several gold hoops, starting at the bottom and going all the way up to the top of the ear. A similar gold hoop pierces his left nostril. A bit of dark stubble is beginning to form along his jaw as if he hadn't shaved in a few days.

Axel is currently wearing a pair of faded bluejeans over a pair of worn leather combat boots. The jeans hug him pretty tightly, and are held up with a black, ballistic nylon pistol belt. A holster on his side holds his 'Ares' combat pistol. Covering his torse is a black t-shirt with simple white Latin lettering that spells out Si vis pacem, para bellum. His hair is its usual dishevelled norm, and he has a pair of amber-lensed, wrap-around shooting glasses either over his eyes or resting on top of his head.


1. While an excellent weapons engineer, he is a lousy shot but getting better.

2. Obsessed with late twentieth century rock music, often singing along with it while working.

3. Is a horrible singer, but plays a mean air-guitar.

4. As skinny as he is, the man eats like a cow, though HATES cheese and rarely eats sweets.

5. Caffeine and nicotine junky, rarely sleeps.

6. Has an eidetic memory, but a lousy sense of time. Rarely realizes how long he's been shut away in his shop and has to be reminded when it's time for meals.

7. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He knows every tool in his shop and where it is at all times. Gets unnerved when things are not put back into their place, can throw off his whole day.

8. His best friend is a robotic dog that serves as his bodyguard, though likes to chase MULES and cats. Axel removed the voice modulator.

9. When in the shop, or generally around the compound and not out on business, he often wears a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers with vampire fangs. Comfortable and amusing.

10. Generally socially awkward, especially around women. Is a registered client with the Companion's Guild and donated money to the guild itself, yet never once scheduled an actual companion service.


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