Ava Monroe

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Ava Monroe
Full name Ava Monroe
Date of Birth 2499
Specialization Hypnotist
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown hair, light Brown eyes
Height and Weight 5'6"/132lbs
Status Inactive



Born by the name Vadoma Babtista, also known as Gypsy to outsiders, she was raised on a Romany Vardos. Her family was supportive of her in all things and she soon left the clan to join with the Circus where she stayed as a Hypnotist and Fortune teller for a good deal of time. During this time she met up with Lochlan Wills, of Winchester Repeating Arms Co. After a quick fortune, the couple fell in love. Unfortunately, due to her strict Romany background, she was forced to choose between her love and her family. Choosing her love, she now goes by the name Ava Monroe, and tends to avoid any Romany or contacts she knew previously, even reluctantly leaving the Circus that she had grown so fond of. She now works for House Bennett and spends her time acclimating to a life as an outcast.


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