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Full name Ava Everson Arnett
Date of Birth January 16, 2523
Parents Juliet Arnett

Aeddan Li

Siblings None
Assignment Fabulous Caretaker
Specialization Riding the Waves!
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Grey Eyes/Brown Hair
Height and Weight 5'2" / 110 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Boarding School/Home School

Employment History

Hope House

The Details

She was born on the Red Deuce to Dr.Juliet Arnett. She was delivered by a screaming Aubrey Everson. So she entered the world. Aubrey was declared her godfather and from and early age she wanted to follow in his foorsteps. Learning sign language even as a toddler, traditional and having their own signs between them. Raised on ships for much of her life until about 10 when her mother took a position with a hospital on Londinium and so started the life of boarding schools. Yes plural. She was not well suited for the environment and felt desires to express herself in ways contrary to the schools ideals. And then there was the hacking.. When Her mother was offered a place as an alliance medical officer...well it was about the same time as Ava was kicked out of her latest school and she begged to stay with her godfather, Aubrey at hope house and won. So she has lived there for the last few years, helping out with the kidlets, taking academic lessons from various members of the house, honing her computer skills and the like.

Trivia & RP Hooks

  • She has been expelled from a couple boarding schools for hacking and 'unruly' behavior.
  • She plays the violin, well is learning to!
  • She is nearly always listening to music through a headset and has quite and eclectic range she likes. From old earth classical to modern rock.
  • She looks younger than her years which is something she is likely to use to her advantage!
  • Scared of the dark and silence.
  • Her mother is Dr Juliet Arnett, who currently works as a Civilian Medical officer on an Alliance cruiser. Her father was a hot shot pilot Aeddan Li though she hasn't met him much.
  • Ava is fluent in sign language and computer language, something she learned from her godfather, Aubrey Everson. Their 'secret language' and shared passions.

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