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Full name Autumn Dallas Reeser
Date of Birth May 18th, 2503
Parents Loretta LaViolette, Glen Reeser
Siblings Sergio Reeser (deceased)
Assignment Student, University of Persephone
Specialization Sidearm, Cooking
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5'4, 110 lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information

Highschool Diploma, ran away from home before University year started.

Employment History
  • Current: Paid Intern aboard the Sulchar Baobh

"They can't fall for you, if you're not there to catch them."


This girl looks like she's just about ready to burst with energy. Youthful, determined, and spunky. Autumn carries all of these with the way she walks, talks, and even looks. Her dark green eyes hold a special vibrancy within them, like someone's sitting on the other side of those emarald irises, shining a powerful light, while shaded by a set of long black lashes. Her hair is dark auburn, and shines in a nice, fiery shimmer with the right light. The curtain of soft and smooth hair drapes down no longer than her shoulders, while her lengthy bangs curve around her face slightly. Her nose in angular at the tip, while the bridge is sloped somewhat to give it that feminine touch. Her body seems lithe and slender, yet somehow the traces of underlying muscle show through her clothing, small, toned, and compact.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Strange scar crossing over the lower half of her waist.
  • A circular scar on each of her shoulders.
  • A single, small scar on her right thigh.

What's known

  • She's a pretty darned good cook.
  • Fears dogs and cats.


Autumn is fairly introverted when out of her comfort zone, which is quite small. 9 months of being bullied on the streets have lead to her become somewhat bitter, and she seems to have given up on humanity as a result. She expresses this through negativity and deep sarcasm. Once she's warmed up, she's quite a blazing young woman. Determined and stubborn, she doesn't take much nonesense from people. Despite this, she likes to be thought of as independant and strong, as thusly rarely accepts help gracefully. A loner she may appear, underneath she really does enjoy company and can easily become attached to those who show her any form of kindness. Like a lot of teenagers, she tends to be rude and crude at times. It's all about her image and how people look at her. She pushes for attention and acceptance. She's also extremely possessive and protective of those she is close to.



Autumn lead a perfect life on Londinium. During high school, she had many friends, and was considered apart of the popular crowd. In fact, her and her brother were well known around campus. Her family had absolutely no financial problems, however, the family did have issues eslewhere. During Autumn's last year of high school, she caught her father having an affair. She eventually told her brother, but never mustered the courage to tell her mother. Feeling confused and betrayed as she felt, she still kept the secret. Months after Autumn had caught her father, her Mother found out as well. Soon after this, her parents divorced. Her brother commited suicide on the close date of her birthday. No note was left. Struck with anger and confusion, Autumn ran away from home, taking the quickest shuttle away from Londinium.


After arriving on Persephone, she remained there for close to 9 months. Living off of the little sum of money she collected from her savings before fleeing from her home planet. When that small amount od money was drained, she resorted to pick pocketing and even begging, with little success for the ladder most often. During the end of her status as a Street Urchin, she was attacked by a stray dog. After some odd number of hours wandering around with a badly bitten leg, Dr. Zoey Calihan found her, and with the help of Kallon Trovato healed the wound.

With only some interaction inbetween, Autumn met Dr. Calihan once again, this time in the Captain's retreat on Persephone. After being invited over to sit with the group Zoey had with her at the table, Autumn was offered a job as a cook on Captain McCain's ship, the Fool's Errand. Hesitantly, she took the job with the intent of honing her cooking skills and abilities. Perhaps, she only took the job so that she'd be able to remain with the Doctor, perhaps she took the job for the money. Maybe both.

After a few months aboard the Fool's Errand, Autumn jumped ships to the Guan-Yin.

And, then, again, to the Zhonglong in the Tienlong fleet.

After spending a while with the Tienlong, and after her boyfriend, Brad's strange disappearance, she left the fleet. She was accepted into the University of Persephone, where she took classes in the culinary arts as well as english and writing. She met with with Captain Rodney of the Sulchar Baobh, and soon after joined his crew as an intern.


Added OOCly: Sunday, March 29th 2009

Residents living in the Eavesdown Slums were awoken late at night, July 23rd, 2524 by the sound of explosions, and the putrid smell of burning fire. A concert gone horribly wrong leaves 38 people dead and 22 severely injured.

The concert was put together by a recording company on Persephone called 'Verse Records, and featured a Miss Autumn Reeser with her band mates playing that night. The show was a smash, until malfunctioning special effects caused several fireworks to shoot out from the stage and rocket into the audience, causing the nearby concession stand to explode.

"Y'know... the bar stand just sort of blew up... like this huge flaming beer bottle..." said Guy Fedora, a survivor of the incident, and the band's manager. Shortly after the bar went up in flames, the rest of the stage began having severe glitches, causing the entire structure to collapse in on the band members.

Autumn Reeser, Troy Mackenzie, Donald Crump, Korey Kelly, and George Mush were on stage when it broke down, killing two instantly, while leaving the others to struggle and escape the flames. None survived. Alliance personnel arrived at the scene moments later along with the Medical Wellness Clinic, but only found that the band had been incinerated.

Officials are still trying to discover what caused the malfunctions to occur, but nothing has been found. Alliance members finished clearing out the slum area this morning, and survivors are being tended to by the Medical Wellness Clinic. Investigations shall continue and updates will be made.