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Full name Aubrey Pierce Everson
Date of Birth July 10th, 2502
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Chara and Joe Everson
Siblings Alice and Andrew
Children Ocular Processing (A monkey), Pearle (A computer), Pookie (A nano)...and other computers
Assignment Techie for Hire, Hacker for Hire, Founder of Hope House on Bernadette, Captain of the Caretaker, Cortex Personality
Gender Male

"Pain? What is pain? Fear? I know you? Think about it, no matter where you go, who you hide behind or what you do I'll find you and I don't even have to be in the same room with you to kill you. I'm APE, all I can do is evolve...the cyberworld is my jungle, and you're just a pesky banana."


Aubrey is a petite and trim male, odd adjectives for a male but fitting. He stands at about 5'6 when wearing shoes and has an athletic build, moving with a graceful sort of skittering gait. His skin is smooth and ivory white, he doesn't get much sun. Intense blue eyes take in the world around him framed by long lashes and adding a hint of androgyny to his elegant facial features with their high cheek-bones and dimpled smile. His hands while small have long dexterous fingers, nails often painted bright and shiny colors. His hair is somehow a very silvery white color and hangs down past his shoulders and when tucked behind an ear there is a flash of an earring...or two or three.


Aubrey grew up in a less than ideal household, lots of chaos and turmoil and learning how to hide away when things get bad. He is quiet around people he doesn't know but once he knows you he's all rambles, laughter and geeky babble. He lives in his own little world of code and equations and numbers and logic, he has a hard time looking at things far beyond that. He can appear childish in some ways, but it's just being socially uneasy or uncomfortable. He's grown though in his social skills as he's gotten older and interacted with people more. He even knows how to flirt now...accidentally.

His Favorite Color is Purple and he does claim it as his own. Other people who claim it as their signature colors do tend to irk him. But he has no way to lay claim...alas.


Aubrey Pierce Everson was born and raised mostly on the central planets. He had a family, nothing extraordinary to speak of. A middle class family just trying to make a living, supplying technology for the Alliance during the war and then after is as well. He was the oldest of his siblings, a younger sister and a baby brother. His family life was not...pleasant to say the least. When Daddy had an episode, you learned how to hide away. Find places to hide anything that might make him mad and learn to be seen and never heard.

A relatively bright individual, Aubrey had a fascination with the upper class and that transferred to Companions after he saw one once during all the time he spent on his many computers (most of which built himself as he got older) and dedicated quite some time trying to find out as much as he could about them. Much to his Chagrin? His parents told him no matter how long he grew his hair and 'refined' he tried to make himself in preparation, he'd still be the bastard son of an abusive father and a work obsessed mother. When that particular notion was beaten out of him, he retreated even more into his world of computers.

He had a decent education...again, he was relatively bright. He had an incredibly critical mind and a good way of remembering codes and sequences and such things. When he graduated though? He took his long hair, painted nails, and computer junk and leaped on the first job opportunity he could find. That is? Reilly's group. He had to develop and polish his self-defense skills and fine tune his other capabilities and he enjoys his job. Very much.

Aubrey doesn't talk about his family very much. He loves his sister and brother that he looks nothing like but his parents were...less than cuddly and parental. His father was a decent computer technician but his mother was a brilliant computer programmer. Said father was usually jealous and bitter and loved to take out on his son that looked nothing like him. His mother was focussed on her career.

He's a very good hacker and able to pull information and render accurate graphic renderings on his computers of bodies and such. He's probably tapped into security systems that he shouldn't have. There's not much people really know about the effeminate long haired man. Oh...and he once killed a man with a door. True story.

He currently works as an independent consultant and hacker for hire while running a Non Profit organization that helps the entire Verse, providing education, aid, and relief to people in need, more notably those who are survivors or orphans of violent skirmishes and events throughout the verse. He founded the Hope Gardens as a living memorial for them all and currently manages the Hope House on Bernadette. He's got affiliations with many ships and organizations throughout the verse. He also was one of the Leaders in the Reaverite Wars, providing assistance and aide to the people fighting.


  • "Well. I bit a man and threatened to perform a colonoscopy with a deck of cards if he didn't stop being was very eye opening."
  • "Unsanitary...U-unseemly and unsanitary. Probably Fun. To a cat and a mousie without the cheese. Poor mousie...Parts all exposed so that death gets a peek...but doesn't get to touch. Sick minds, either teaching a lesson or wanting to learn one..."
  • "So many people lately have had messages for one another. Warnings. Threats. Demands. Have been interrupting people as they watch the finales of very nice shows about talking horses and flying monkies to dance about and scream about how well endowed they are as others just CRY some more. It is horrible. So bad, so sad. I spend every morning tearing up a little bit, writing poetry about my hurt soul and cutting myself because it is all so tragic. Only I don't."
  • "This message does not reflect the thoughts, policies, or overall opinions of Lifeline Inc. And if anybody took offense to anything that was said by me? Aubrey? Please take note of the following." He turns his back to the camera and drops his pants as he bends over, Kiss - It, each word written in purple on each individual and white as chalk butt cheek.

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