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Athena Voltaire
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Full name Athena Elizaveta Voltaire
Date of Birth July 04, 2496
Birthplace Londinium.
Parents Spacecraft Designer and Ace Pilot Tristam Voltaire(deceased) and Londinium Countess Anya Sikorsky.
Siblings None.
Spouse Nathan Davis (deceased), Winston Belleme
Children Lily (deceased), Alexia (2)
Assignment Starship Pilot
Specialization Starship Piloting. Sharpshooting. Trick Horse Riding.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue and Black
Height and Weight 5 feet 10 inches, 145 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

No Records

Military Service

No Records

Employment History

Red Angel: October 05, 2524 - Current

Personal Notes

--Definitely not a people person, does not do well in social situations.

--Holds a very strong hatred for the Alliance.

--Has a love for fine cigars and good scotch.

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July 4, 2496 - August 17, 2503

Athena Elizaveta Voltaire was born to a Londinium Countess and a spacecraft designer/pilot. For the first 9 years of her life, Athena was raised in a very cultured environment. She lived her mother's extravagant life of nobility, made to be prim and proper at all times. All times except for when her father would whisk her away on an adventure to get away from the strict life they were both forced to live. Athena's father Tristam, took her on many trips over the years, allowing her to be the little girl she never got to be at home. He eventually taught her how to fly and even at the young age of six years old, he began teaching her about guns. Athena was always grateful to her father for getting her away from the strict, lavish life that she hated so much and clearly favored her father over her mother, Anya.

August 18, 2503 - 2506

When Athena was just seven years old, her parents separated. Her mother remained on Londinium and fought tooth and nail to get Athena to remain there with her. However, Athena refused to stay and be a noble child, wishing instead to go with her father to the ranch he had purchased in the 'green zone' of Lilac. While she remaind primarily with her father, Tristam still made sure that Athena went to visit her mother periodically on Londinium. Something Athena always resented him for.

The ranchands taught Athena how to shoot and how to ride, both of which she seemed to be a natural at. She enjoyed her life on Lilac, even if her father was usually quite busy and often on trips without her, working on spacecraft designs.

Sometime in 2506

The Unification War started when Athena was 10 years old and it is when her father took up with the Independents that Athena's mother finally filed for divorce. During the time that her father was at war, Athena was forced to return to her mother on Londinium and became a very unhappy child. She was ripped away from the life that she loved and she had little to no contact with her father. She began acting out and rebeling and as a result, her mother sent her off to a boarding school until she was thirteen years old. It was nearly two more miserable years with her mother until that fateful day when Athena learned that her father had been killed during the battle of Sturges - the shortest and bloodiest battle of the Unification War.

When Athena received the news of her father's death, she was inconsolable and quickly slipped into a deep depression. She took to drinking and drugs and quickly spun out of control. The year following her father's death, was quite hard on Athena and she made it equally hard on her mother. It wasn't long after her 16th birthday that Athena decided she was going to run away. Her father had left the ranch to her and so she set off to Lilac. Despite being 16 years old, she did quite well with managing the ranch.

September 28, 2516 - November 13, 2523

By the time she was 20 years old, the ranch was quite successful and Athena had managed to pull herself out of her depression. She had even met someone - a young man named Nathan Davis. Nathan and Athena's relationship moved rather quickly and it was only 6 months after meeting, that the two became engaged. Two weeks later, they were married. Since Nathan owned his own ranch on Hera, Athena decided to move to Hera to be with her husband, leaving her father's ranch in the care of the ranch hands, while she managed it from afar. Her life with Nathan was a fairytale - at least to Athena. He was the perfect match for her. They both enjoyed guns, trick riding and had a love for gambling. Things were wonderful for the pair for six years when they got even better. Just 3 months before Athena's 27th birthday, she and Nathan learned that they were going to be parents. The pair were ecstatic to be starting a family, but one fateful day ripped all of that happiness away from Athena..

November 14, 2523

When Athena was nearly nine months pregnant, she and Nathan were working a cattle deal with another rancher named Jimmy Duncan. Everything seemed to be going well until suddenly, Jimmy opened fire on the pair. Just before the man opened fire, he stated that Nathan had cheated him and now he and Athena would pay. The first shot was fired at Athena, hitting her right in the stomach, while Jimmy then shot Nathan in the chest. Leaving the two of them to die, Jimmy and his men fled. Even while bleeding herself, Athena rushed over to her husband's side, holding him and trying to stop the bleeding as best she could. Unfortunately, Athena's efforts weren't enough and Nathan died in Athena's arms. It wasn't long after that, that Athena passed out, only to awaken later in the hospital. Not long after waking up, Athena was told that her daughter Lilyanna, had died. Four days later, Athena buried her husband and her daughter in the cemetery at the small, local church.

November 19, 2523 - October 4, 2524

With her world now completely shattered, Athena fell back into a depression. Her drinking got worse and her gambling addiction was back in full swing. Unfortunately, Athena was never very good at gambling and one night in particular, she got in over her head. She was out of money and the only two things she had left to bet was her father's ranch on Lilac and the ranch on Hera. She bet her father's ranch and she lost it. So, in order to try and win it back, she put up her own ranch and lost it as well. She was now completely broke, homeless and alone.

October 5, 2524 - Current

After almost a year of wandering and bumming around the 'verse, Athena finds herself on Persephone, in search of work as a pilot. It's here that she spots the Saber class ship, the Red Angel - a ship class that her father had designed for the war. Seeking out its Captain, Daniel Wallace, it isn't long before Athena finds herself hired on as Master Pilot.

November 6, 2525

Athena meets a man by the name of Valerius. The man is an old friend and crew member of Daniel Wallace's and he has recently been rescued after having been kidnapped for 6 years and brought back to the Angel. It doesn't take long for Valerius and Athena to form a friendship, which quickly turned into a romance. Once again it seemed that Athena had found someone she could spend the rest of her life with. Valerius even had a young daughter by the name of Gabriella, who would come and spend time with her father and Athena on the Angel. This gave Athena the chance to be a mother - something she missed out on since losing her own daughter. It seemed that Athena's life was looking up again and things were perfect.

June 18, 2526

Just when she had fallen in love again and had the promise of the family she had wanted, Athena's world was turned upside down once again. After going to bed with Valerius the night before, Athena woke to find that he was gone. Ship cameras showed him going out for an early morning walk, from which he never returned. Days and weeks went by and no one heard anything from him, not knowing what happened to him or if he was even still alive, which left Athena completely heartbroken once again. And with no father to visit, Gabriella was no longer sent to the Angel, leaving Athena with not only the absence of Valerius, but the little girl as well. Not ever wanting to feel the hurt and emptiness of loss again, Athena vows to never fall in love again and shuts herself away from everyone, interacting with people only when absolutely necessary.

May 2529

Sometime in early May, Athena meets a man named Winston Belleme. It takes some time for her to develop a friendship with him, but eventually she lets down her guard. Despite her reservations and emotional turmoil, Athena finds herself intrigued by the charming Noble and finds herself falling in love. Not wanting to go through the heartache and loss again, she begins to close herself off and withdraw. Aside from the loss, the other thing standing in her way of true happiness is the fact that she has a strong hatred for the Alliance and Winston is a Noble.. to her, it is her mother and father's relationship all over again.

After months of soul-searching and deliberation, Athena finally gives in to her emotions and allows herself to fall in love. While things seem wonderful and pleasant at the moment, it's always in the back of her mind that everything can be ripped away and she is left alone once again.


Raven hair adorns her head, thick locks spilling down to her shoulders, ending in soft and gentle curls. Her skin has a beautiful sun kissed glow, her complexion blemish free. Deep blue eyes off set her tanned skin and dark hair, making them one of her most striking and noticeable features her figure is lean and toned, shaped from years of training and physical activity. She is slightly taller then most, at a height of 5 feet, 10 inches.

A form fitting, double breasted brown leather flight jacket, hugs the curves of her upper body, the low cut of the neckline, showing off a hint of cleavage. The jacket extends down her torso and ends just below her hips. Around her neck, hangs a delicate gold chain and on it, is what looks to be a gold, men's wedding band. Wrapped around her waist, resting just above her hips is a deep brown, double cavalry style holster. Tucked into each side of that holster are a pair of Colt Peacemakers. A small pouch is secured on the right side, just behind the holster, which is likely used to hold extra rounds for her revolvers. Covering her long and lean legs, are a pair of form fitting, khaki pants. The pants hug closely to her legs, accentuating and showing off every curve of those long stems. The pants are tucked into a pair of brown, calf-high, riding boots. Over top of the entire ensemble, she wears a rather worn, Independent browncoat.


"Bitch" --Meredith Brooks