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Ashlyn Tanner
Full name Ashlyn Amanda Tanner
Date of Birth April 1, 2501
Parents Todd Tanner and Lacy Tanner
Siblings James, Anthony, Andrew, Michael, and Richard Tanner.
Spouse Engaged to Jason Bishop
Children None
Assignment Former Captain, Chaos Theory
Specialization Engineering
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes and brown hair
Height and Weight 5'1", 100lbs
Status Character Retired
Education Information
  • Basic schooling
Employment History

Ashlyn Tanner is the former Captain of the Chaos Theory.



  • 2486 - James Tanner born in Seven Peaks, Hera
  • 2488 - Anthony Tanner born in Seven Peaks, Hera
  • 2491 - Andrew Tanner born in Seven Peaks, Hera
  • 2496 - Michael Tanner born in Seven Peaks, Hera
  • 2499 - Richard Tanner born in Seven Peaks, Hera
  • 2501 - Ashlyn born in Seven Peaks, Hera
  • 2506 - James marries Angeline Forrester
  • 2506 - Angeline Tanner is shot and killed accidentally during the war
  • 2506 - James Tanner joins the Browncoats
  • 2510 - Ginger Tanner is born on Hera to Anthony and Mary Tanner
  • 2511 - James Tanner returns from the war
  • 2520 - (October) Ashlyn leaves home to find work on a ship, encountering captain Sujiko Tokari of the Chaos Theory and was hired aboard as the Chief Engineer
  • 2521 - (May) Ashlyn is shot while helping Matty's family on St. Albans
  • 2521 - (July) Ashlyn attends the wedding of Delilah's cousin on Lilac when reavers attack
  • 2521 - (September) Ashlyn is kidnapped by hitmen after James
  • 2521 - (October) Ashlyn is promoted to temporary captain of the Chaos Theory while Sujiko is away and Matty is recovering
  • 2521 - (December) James is killed in an explosion
  • 2521 - (December) Ashlyn is given permanent command of the Chaos Theory
  • 2521 - (December) Ashlyn asks Bishop to marry her
  • 2122 - (January) The Chaos Theory travels to Whitefall to help the crew of the Invictus after a reaver attack.
  • 2122 - (February) Bishop's ex, Mira, tracks down the Theory
  • 2122 - (April) The Theory's old pals, the Russian Mafia, catch up with the crew.
  • 2122 - (June) Ashlyn along with some other members of the ship drop off the radar. Their fate and wherabouts remain unkown.

Pre-PC History

Ashlyn grew up the youngest of six children on a horse ranch in the town of Seven Peaks on Hera. Never really fitting in with her peers, she spent her young life knowing there was something more for her than what she knew. In her endless war to stave off boredom, she developed a great variety of skills, chief among them the ability to fix almost anything given enough time. And time was all she really had on Hera. A great artist, a dedicated prankster (who born on April 1st isn't?), and a brilliant mechanic, Ashlyn never fit in very well with her peers growing up, and it was only her loving family that kept her on the ground as long as she was. When a cargo freighter limped onto the town's landing pad fresh out of a pirate attack and looking for enough repairs to get them to the next actual spaceport, Ashlyn's mind was made up. What better thing was there to do than travel? What better place to live was there than a star ship? When one's home not only took you across the `Verse, but gave you something to do on the way, now that was perfect. Shortly after turning twenty, Ashlyn packed a few bags without much preamble, and hopped a flight out with no clearer destination than "somewhere." During her travels, she found herself on Greenleaf.

PC History

While searching for a job on Greenleaf, Ashlyn was hired by the captain of the Chaos Theory, Sujiko Tokari Link. Ashlyn really didn't have any concept that the `Verse was a terribly dangerous place until when shortly after being hired she was caught in her first gunfight, a business transaction gone south due to their contacts actually being bounty hunters hired by Garren Harold, a man who wanted revenge on Sujiko for blackmailing him in the past Link. During the shootout, Carl Birch, the ship's hired gun, was shot and killed, but the day was saved by a mysterious stranger, Savannha Horizon, who joined the crew soon after.

The crew's trouble with Harold didn't end there, however. Not long after, they received a message from the man, now supposedly in league with Admiral Frost threatening the crew if they didn't aid him with something Link. The crew never did find out what exactly it was that Harold wanted. Due to Alexander's betrayal of the ship to Harold and his subsequent betrayal of him, the Chaos Theory was boarded by the man and a few of his thugs to retrieve Alexander. The tense situation only got worse when Alexander took Ashlyn hostage in an attempt to escape. A fight broke out, during which Alexander, Harold, and the thugs were all killed. Link Link

It was around this time that Ashlyn met Jason Bishop, the pilot of the Theory's sister ship, the Grace O'Malley, captained by Aradia Brooks. Despite everyone seeming to consider it the oddest pairing, often including Ashlyn and Bishop themselves at times, the two fell in love.

Since it wouldn't be the Chaos Theory with an absence of chaos, quiet never lasted long among the crew. Savannha's father turned up, bent on taking his daughter back. When she refused to leave, and the crew refused to let him take her, things got messy when Paul Horizon kidnapped the XO of the Theory, Madison Radcliffe, and held her hostage to trade for his daughter. Matty having been away from the ship at the time, the crew didn't notice her absence right away, and during a stop on Hera dropping by Ashlyn's family home, picked up a stowaway, Ashlyn's eleven-year-old niece Ginger Link. Only after rushing off to Newhall to rescue Matty, was the child's presence discovered. Matty was rescued, and Ginger was suitably traumatized for her involvement Link.

A period of what might be considered peace followed. Or at least an absence of gunfights. Total chaos did, of course, continue on as per usual. The Chaos Theory and the Grace O'Malley went on a joint vacation of sorts, first to Santo then to Newhall, a venture that seemed to go over much better for some than it did for others.

The general calm period did not last long, however. Matty began to suspect that not all was well with her family on St. Albans. When her informant on the matter who's suspicions pointed to the involvement of the Russian Mafia turned up dead in an alley, the crew flew out to see what help they could be in setting things to rights. Whether there was any possibility of a peaceful resolution was doubtful, as gunfire broke out almost immediately. Ashlyn's luck didn't hold out, and during her third gunfight she took a bullet in the side, nearly bleeding to death before Tenson Barris, the doctor on board the Chaos Theory at the time, with the help of the mining settlement's doctor, Sergei, was able to save her life. Link Link Link Link

All was not well all over the `verse, it seemed, as shortly after arriving back on Persephone, the crew found out that the Grace O'Malley, a ship who's crew was like family to the Theory, had fallen into disrepair after a long battle with the damages suffered during a previous adventure on Haven. The ship would never fly again, and the crew, who had lost their captain not long before when Aradia left to travel the `verse with her husband, Maxwell, had scattered to the winds. Lucinda Delray, the doctor onboard the Grace, joined the crew temporarily, and Bishop moved aboard after the crew found him mugged in the Eavesdown slums.

Not so very long after, the crew was invited to attend the wedding of Delilah's cousin back on Lilac, a planet well known for it's reaver attacks. As if scripted, no sooner had the wedding begun than the cannibalistic madmen made their appearance. Link Halfway through the battle, however, a second reaver ship made it's debut, a Stingray Scout once named the Ouranos. It crashed into the first, effectively ending the battle before dropping one of it's wings on Delilah, grievously injuring her. Matty fared no better, taking a blast of shrapnel from a reaver cannon. The crew and a cargo hold full of injured townsfolk made their way to Ariel, where more advanced treatment could be given. Link Link Link Unfortunately, upon reaching their destination and stabilizing both Matty and Delilah, the crew realized that the cook's concussion had left her with no memory of either the fight or their friendship. Link It would be over a week before anything started coming back to her. After spontaneously remembering Bishop, and then subsequently witnessing some pirate sabotage in the vicinity of the Theory while on Ariel, Delilah's memory came flooding back. Link

It was shortly after arriving on Ariel that James arrived for what Ashlyn assumed was only moral support after their recent ordeal. A few days into his visit when he was witness to some pirate sabotage in the spaceport, James' name hit the news, and Ashlyn found out that someone had put a hit out on him when he tried to leave the Chaos Theory. Ashlyn and Matty (who had been promoted to acting captain while Sujiko was away at a university on Londinium) convinced him to stay aboard the ship until a resolution could be found. Link A little creative computer use coupled with the ID of a dead hitman netted their first lead on who might have placed the hit: a noble running for a governorship on Santo named Charles Ryans. James and his squad had uncovered evidence of Ryans running slaves during the war, a tale that could seriously damage his campaign if anyone were alive to tell it. Link It was not very long at all after this revelation that Ashlyn stepped off the ship into the bustle of the Eavesdown Docks and was kidnapped, held hostage in exchange for her older brother. Link Link Drugged and bound, Ashlyn was aware of little until she woke up in the medbay some time later, having been rescued by her crewmates from her precarious situation. Link James left for Jiangyin shortly thereafter.

The crew came under serious strain as Matty sunk into alcoholism and depression while in command, though Ashlyn was not sure at the time what was wrong with the XO. It was not until the ship was docked on Londinium a month later that things came to a head. Link Matty stepped down as acting captain to devote her energy to getting back on the wagon with the help of the rest of the crew. With Sujiko still attending classes, Ashlyn was put in command of the ship on a temporary basis. Link

While docked on Sihnon the crew crossed paths with Fortesque Longfellow, the former leader of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, who during the course of conversation learned about the recent troubles on board the Theory. Fortesque and Loenie came on board the ship, partially for a lift to St. Albans and partially to investigate further into the matter. No sooner had they reached orbit around St. Albans, then the worst happened. Morris turned on the crew, setting an explosive in the engine room to knock out the ship's steering. Not only did the blast render the Theory temporarily disabled, but it killed James, who was traveling with the crew, injured Ashlyn, and damaging the engine. Matrix was able to return control of the ship, but nothing could be done for James, or Morris, who took his own life. Link Thankfully, the crew caught a break when Ryans removed the bounties on both Matty and James, presumably after noticing the high profile name on the Theory's passenger manifest, James' death neither having been discovered nor collected on.

Ashlyn was heading off to Paquin for a Christmas vacation with Bishop when Sujiko paid the Chaos Theory a surprise visit. He had decided to retire from running cargo, and left Ashlyn permanently in command of the ship. Link Ashlyn and Bishop's vacation proved no less eventful. One snowy morning, Ashlyn asked Bishop to meet her out in Second Eden, where she asked him to marry her. Link

Ashlyn and the crew were pulled into a rather awkward spot not long after when Delilah ran away to the Invictus which was attacked by reavers during her stay. The Invictus was destroyed, and Delilah came back to the Theory even worse for wear. To top it all off, no sooner had they settled back into something like a normal routine than Bishop's ex, Mira, made an appearance, an incident during which Bishop was stabbed twice. Link Link Link

In April of that year, the Theory was docked in Eavesdown when an emergency distress call came over the iComm from Matty. The crew managed to arrive at the scene of the attack in time to save Matty's life from a half dozen Russian-speaking men in suits, obviously people from the same group that the crew had encountered on St. Albans. Matty was cut badly, shot once in the chest, and took a stray bullet in the leg, and Chade, the Theory's new pilot, was shot in the shoulder. The quick actions of Lucinda saved Matty's life, along with the impromptu assistance of Ashlyn and Torres. Link Link

Ashlyn received a WAVE from the captain of the Redemption, Grey, asking her to meet with him in regards to a possible alliance of the few small independent ships still struggling by in the `verse. Link She caught up with him on Newhall to discuss the arrangement, though a solid agreement could not be reached immediately. Link

The Chaos Theory followed the Redemption on to Paquin, hoping to solidify the bonds of friendship threatening to form between the crews. While docked beside them, slavers converges on the Redemption, set on taking back the four slave children hiding aboard the ship. The crew of the Theory joined the fight if more by happenstance than anything else, but often as not, out in the Black bonding is done over exchange of bullets as it is over coffee.

While things seemed to be going well with the accord, alas, it was simply not meant to be. Not for Ashlyn at least, who dropped out of public view shortly thereafter.

Where she went and under what circumstances may forever remain unknown. Perhaps she simply stepped off the ship one day and never came back. The world is a dangerous place after all. Perhaps she and some other members of the crew saw greener pastures and took to them. Perhaps reason finally kicked in that being shot at all day was simply not a necessary part of living out one's life, and settled with Bishop into obscurity somewhere, off the radar, but hopefully remembered fondly by those she left behind.

Alliance Record

This is IC information.
Official record for Ashlyn Tanner. To be used only by those with access to Alliance records.

While Ashlyn does not have any black marks against her as far as the Alliance is concerned, she, like many other people living a life in the Black, is indeed on file. It is known to the Alliance that a member of her crew was once in the employ of the pirate faction headed by Admiral Frost. An official police report is also on file from Ashlyn detailing an attack on her fiance Jason Bishop by a woman named Mira.

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