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Ashley Stratton is a hotshot cop. He's done a good many things, too. There was the time he volunteered both around Persephone City and abroad, even offworld. He's also worked in the Alliance Department of Parks and Recreation as a park ranger around Persephone City. He's helped start an international and interplanetary help organization, rescued a child from a fire, a cat from a tree, and landed a plane in a hurricane. He's not just a hotshot cop. He's Ashley Stratton.

Ashley Stratton
Matt Lauria as Ashley Stratton
Full name Ashley Stratton
Date of Birth 15th January, 2510 (27) ♑
Birthplace Palladium Drive, Persephone
Parents Niels Albert Stratton (44) & Gemma Ashley (nee Kincaid) Stratton (47)
Siblings Eliza May Stratton (21), Penny Stratton (20)
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment Corporal, Alliance Department of Security
Specialization Command, Field Investigations
Gender Male ♂
Eyes and Hair Brown : Brown
Height and Weight 6'0" (1.82m)
185 lbs (83.91 kg)
Status Active
Education Information

K-12 Persephone Private School System
LL.B., New Cambridge University, Londinium
LL.M., Ma'Sara University, Londinium

Military Service


Personal Notes

Ashley Signature.png


Ashley Stratton comes from the affluent and upstanding area of Palladium Drive, Persephone. Born in early 2510, he's the eldest child and only son of Niels and Gemma Stratton, wealthy humanitarians and philanthropists. Given his parents extravagant wealth, he and his younger sisters, Eliza May and Penny, were treated to something of a life of luxury and grew up with an apparent lack for want, taught at an early age to avoid taking wealth for granted. He went to private schools and then went on to graduate with the highest marks from Londinium's New Cambridge University with a law degree. Wanting to give back to society, and under the influence of a budding summertime romance, he then went on to become a member of the Alliance Department of Parks and Recreation division in Persephone City as a forest ranger of the local outlying areas.

This was a brief stint of working for the government in this capacity, given the ruination and eventual fading of the aforementioned romance, but in this time he turned to assisting in his family's vocation and accomplished volunteering of his own. Working abroad for a year, he helped to start and fund an international and interplanetary aid organization, Philanthropy United. With this, among other small feats to establish and foster a good name, Ashley Stratton returned to law-based academics in local Persephone space as well as completing entry-level training for a position amongst the Department of Alliance Security. He soon became a steadfast constable with a hometown posting, showing natural talent for both the physical training aspects and challenging field investigations.

Around this time, Ashley also had a falling out with his parents when he chose not to continue a courting relationship with a family friend's daughter, Laura Harding. They were engaged to be wed but the young man soon called it all off and abandoned the woman, leaving his motives vague and unclear beyond claiming her controlling and conniving, leaving him to focus on his work as a police official. This newfound dedication led to his increasing reckless behavior at work, shirking protocol and nuances of red tape, and cycling through a variety of work partnerships until being placed in the vicinity of one MacKenna Trent, his veritable opposite and near-romantic interest, and Daniel Sabo, the other half to a comfortable bromance. She managed to lessen his tendencies to harm his own career and he was offered a welcomed position amongst the Special Response Teams of the DAS. Rising in the ranks, Ashley focused on his work leading investigations and teams of fellow detectives and investigators into the field.

Given that Ashley Stratton favors personal freedoms over structuralized ones, nowadays he's still willing to turn a blind eye from time to time if it means it's for the best of everyone involved. It has never bode well for the man's career but he still has natural talent for the job that is slowly but surely being refined into perfection.



This light-skinned man stands above average with a broad-shouldered, lean-muscled build. His hair is a healthy, rich brown that is generally kept boyishly unkempt and vaguely trimmed; length kept in check at his temples and upper-neck. He is currently clean-shaven, but not above sporting a three o'clock shadow from time to time. He has a squared jaw and cleft chin, plain ears, with dimples placed at the corners of his mouth. He has a charming smile with straight white teeth and thin lips. Beneath his broad brow is set dark eyebrows and light blue eyes, flanking a straight, broad-tipped nose. He's in his mid twenties or so.


Ashley Stratton enjoys seizing the day. He is fairly down to earth and relaxed, too, being an informal and easy-going guy. Still, he can easily opt to be as formal as high society dictates. He tries to be easy to relate to and is a social creature. Adaptability is his strength of personality. Fueling that, the man is both energetic and spontaneous. Wanting to help people, he is naive and too trusting to a degree but he is not afraid to do a little wrong if it means doing a greater good even if it tarnishes his immaculate name.

Character Quirks & Hooks

  • Ashley is woefully addicted to nicotine products, often seen with either cigarettes or chewing tobacco.
  • Is a trust fund baby, and financially secure for life, leading to owning exotic things and carrying on with random pursuits.
  • Founding member of Philanthropy United, an intergalactic aid organization.
  • Is an avid horticulturist and florist, even dabbling in Ikebana, and plans on opening a flower shop.
  • Likes to dance, and surf, both recreationally and sometimes competitively.
  • Owns a restored Maibatsu Stallion, model year 2479, built by hand by him and his father when Ashley was a teenager.
  • Has lightning reflexes, most often employed in catching falling objects around him.
  • Used to work for the Alliance's Department of Parks and Recreation on the planet Persephone.
  • Rescued a child from a fire.
  • Has successfully delivered two babies on two separate occasions.
  • Saved a cat from a tree.
  • Loves to do volunteer work whenever possible.
  • Enjoys and prefers interplanetary travel as a guest passenger aboard private sector craft and civilian freighters.

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