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Asher Moszkowski, the rabbit

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"Don't worry darling; we're too pretty to die."

Asher Moszkowski
Full name
  • Asher "Hanzi" Moszkowski
Date of Birth
  • 18.Aug.2500
  • Father: Abraham Moszkowski
  • Mother: Racheal of Moszkowski
  • Jacob (Deceased)
  • Enoch (Deceased)
  • Sara
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • Security
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown, Gray
Education Information
  • Agricultural background
  • Technical school (specialized in structural and engine mechanics for Transport ships and all ship weaponry systems to include small arms and crew-served)
Military Service
  • Recruited at the age of 11 to fill the ranks at Serenity Valley, Hera; his homeworld
  • Baptized as the youngest member of the famous crew retrieval unit known as Bravo Company
  • Enlisted in the ASA's navy as deck spaceman
  • Transferred to the ASA sanctioned Bravo Company as a Special Operative
  • Medically discharged at the disband of Bravo Company for signs of PTSD


2511; Serenity Valley. The farmer's work-force met and it was decided - In order to perserve the ideal and traditions of their forefathers they had to join the Independence Faction against the Alliance. Every male that could hold a gun and fire it was conscripted to fight in hopes of bolstering the browncoat's numbers. Among the children was the eleven year old Asher and his older brothers; Jacob and Enoch. Seperated from his father and brothers, Asher held on as best as he could. The battle concluded with a cease fire and ultimately the surrender of the Independence to the Anglo-Sino Alliance but not before the elusive action heroes also known as Bravo Company made an appearance, in place of the 82nd. Taking advantage of the lull in battle the Bravo Company organized and successfully evacuted what remained of the browncoats. Sheer luck or divine intervention, Asher survived where his brothers did not, by always moving and never staying put. It was this speed, stamina, and raw determination to survive that earned him the nickname Hanzi or Rabbit, in English. Taken under the wings of Bravo's young company commander, Asher was given the task of scouring the battlefield and provide count and name of the dead, wounded, and missing. Among the thousands of dead there were those wounded or haze who reported that a small angel came to their rescue and guided them back home. It was then that Asher earned a place among military folk tale as Bravo Company's symbol of hope.

Six years later; Asher had returned to what a kid his age passed as normal. He worked on his family's farm, tending the crops and livestocks. Learned the way of his people, Hebrews. He attended technical school and ultimately graduated at the age of seventeen in the field of Mechanical Engineering with concentration in structural, engines, and weaponry. Inspired by the stars and bored of the life in Hera; seventeen year old Asher "Hanzi" Moszkowski grabbed the first shuttle out of Hera and joined the Anglo-Sino Alliance Navy and served aboard transport vessels. It was during this years that he was approached by a representative of what remained of the one-hundred and fifty so BC (Bravo Company) soldiers. Turned special forces; the BC at the command of the ASA performed missions that the normal military could or would not; earning them a reputation of untamed misfit operating with the ASA's dime. While still obligated to carry out the occassional wet work, the BC found it in their time and budget to do what they were trained to do: retrieve the lost and abandoned. Even if said operations were a direct violation of Higher's orders. This subordination led to their official disband. While they retain their honors and place in the history books; the BC was forbidden from operating in as part of ASA. Without the funds to carry-out their mission; they were force to spread and divirged each to their own path.

As the high speed and low drag began to die down; Asher's life grew unstable. The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder emerged in the form of restlessness, insomnia, and nightmares. He was out, every day, drinking and partying, gambling and wasting his life away. Cornered and busted by thugs he owed money Asher had to turn his life upside down. He vanished once again and took jobs everywhere he went. Ultimately meeting a doctor known to him as Zachary who hired Asher to serve as security and crew among the doctor's ship, the Shu Chang.

Recent Events

  • Asher found a bobble-head of Admiral Frost.
  • Asher joined Doctor Zachary's crew on the Shu Chang as part of the Security team.



The People

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RP Hooks

  • Profession: Military Service (Browncoat, Purplebellies) (Good Name)
  • Hobby: Gambler (In Debt)
  • Medical Record: PTSD (Nightmares)
  • Asher has revealed interest in owning a trained small circus monkey (think Aladdin). His id can be tracked to various exotic animal forums asking questions about the care of such a pet. He has also advertised this interest in classifieds; especially in adoption.

Skill Sets (worth noting)

Bargain, Value. Cooking, Lift, Gunnery: cannon. Diplomacy, Persuasion, Intimidate, Streetwise. Engineer: engines/structural/weaponry. Repair: mule, personal equipment, transport. Pilot: mule. Farming, Handle Animal, Treat Animal. Survival, Tracking, Tactics: ground forces, Firearms: rifle, Martial Arts. Run: short sprint, Swim: long distance.