Artesia Hunter

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Artesia Hunter Artesia
Full name Artesia Hunter
Assignment 1st Officer Jia
Specialization Security & chaos management
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Eyes: Frosty blue, emotive, sometimes cold and steely.

Hair: Ash-blonde, long and straight

Height and Weight 5'8"
160 lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • No education entered.
Military Service
  • No military service known.
Employment History
  • Jia - Position: 1st Officer - 2nd in Command
    * Dark Dragon - Position: Security Officer


This young woman stands just a little above average height, with a slender, graceful build reminiscent of a dancer. Long legs further enhance her graceful image. Her heart-shaped face is further defined by large, frosty blue eyes with slightly upturned corners that hint at possible Asian ancestry, a small, aristocratic nose, and full lips that are set in a slight, but perpetual thoughtful frown over a slightly pointed chin. A mane of straight ash-blonde hair falls to the small of her back, when it is not tied or otherwise restrained.

She is garbed in a close-fitting jet-black padded jumpsuit whose stitching and texture has been made to look like gold-edged dragon scales. A charcoal gray trench jacket whose skirts hang to just a bit below her mid-thighs completes the outfit. A royal blue silk sash is tied around her slender waist, its tails trailing down her right side, and the red-veined saya of a katana is thrust through the sash at her left side. Deep black, matte-finished leather knee boots encase her feet. Her hair is braided into a single thick plait that falls nearly to the middle of her back. Woven through the strands of the braid is a braided cord of royal blue silk that is tied at the end of the braid, its ends tipped with six-inch crimson Chinese tassels tied off in gold-edged black bands.

Back Story

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