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Full name Aric Mikal Cymbeline
Date of Birth July 1st, 2502
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Narissa (mother), Gratiano (father)
Siblings Marik (Young Brother)
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Wulver
Specialization Companion
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Light Blond, Pale Blue
Height and Weight 6'1", 195 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • (2514-2519) House Daska/Guild House: Graduated 2519
  • (2519-2525) Traveled the Verse as a Companion.
  • (2525) Returned to House Daska Guild to become an Instructor
  • (2525-2531) Served as an Instructor for the House Daska.
  • (2531) Returned to traveling the 'Verse as a Companion.
Military Service
  • No military service.

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Aric was born on Londinium, where he comes from a middle class family with a good name. Aric has been out of the loop for a spell living in the Guild House for the last five years where he has been training young and upcoming Companions. He has found the communication between the Guild Houses has diminished and activities for Companion's has dwindled. He has decided to start traveling again taking clients in the process to see what is going on in the 'Verse.

Public Image

This is IC information

Tall and athletic-bult, this man has classically handsome features. His over shaped face, high cheek bones, full lips and bright pale blue eyes that place him in his late-twenties. His honey blonde colored hair falls down to his shoulders like warm sunshine caressing his shoulders. A medium solid black suit clothes Aric at the moment, its soft silk fibers giving the fabric a dull sheen. The suit jacket drapes his shoulders precisely, tapering down his torso and narrow waist, likely of bespoke construction to those for an eye for fashion. He wears a pale solid bone colored shirt of Egyptian cotton underneath, unbuttoned at the top and sans tie, though the stiffness of the collar would hint at a pair of collar bones keeping it at attention. The requisite half inch of shirt cuff is evident at his wrists below the jacket sleeve, the double cuffs of the shirt fastened by a pair of ornate, dark pave diamond cufflinks. A dark silver buckle at his torso fastens a deep burgundy belt, his trousers lacking front pleats. Exquisitely polished dark midnight Chelsea boots crafted of shell cordovan slip underneath the medium break of his trousers. An authoritative thud reverbates from each step he takes, hinting at the solid leather soles of his shoes and welted construction. Together, his ensemble marks him as a sartorialist, someone who takes great interest in the precise measurements of his Jermyn Street clothes. After all, any rube can throw on an expensive suit; much more difficult to wear it with class. A IWC Mark XVI rests on his left wrist to reveal the time when needed to him. He can be seen from time to time carrying an antique cane of black wood. The cane itself bares a gold tip and ivory sculpture on part of the hilt and the pommel has what looks like a lions head with mane and a nail in the middle to fasten it to the hilt of the cane.The scent of Eau de Guerlain wafts from Aric, it's woodiness punctuated by spicy notes of amber, moss, the subtle tones of musk.


  • 2531: Traveled with the Esteemed Crew of the Jia until May of 2532
  • 2532: Joined the Crew of the Wulver on Jun 11 2532


None at this time.

Place Connections

More to come...

Medical Records

Conditions: Aric is in top physical shape. He treats his body like a temple. He has been medically cleared for another year on Ariel on: Jun 12, 2532

Identifying Marks: Aric does not have any tattoos or Identifying marks.