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Local Authority Iskellian/Alliance
Population 34 million
Terraformed 2350
Sim. Status Not Coded
Type Moon
Size Class 2 (B)
Class Border
Orbit First from Boros
Coordinates 1930, 1760, 20

One of Boros' moons, known as Ares, is the site of Iskellian's primary military shipyard. The area is restricted to Alliance personnel and Iskellian technicians only, however those who travel to Boros can usually see the cruisers being built in orbit around Ares. As it takes about six years to complete one Alliance cruiser, there are usually five in production at once.

The moon is a target for terrorist attacks and those looking for the newest technology, so there is a full battalion of Alliance troops stationed here. Few ever manage to penetrate this perimeter, as the Alliance is more vigilant here than anywhere else outside the Core.

In The Verse


  • Iskellian Technology Solutions

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