Arctic Raider II

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Arctic Raider II
Arctic Raider II
Captain Admiral Frost... he ain't just a Captain!
Class Cutlass-class Corvette
Crew Capacity 8 officers, 24 space hands, and 1 monkey
Cargo Capacity 700 tons + MULE
Top Speed 1736, improved
Command Crew
Piloting Crew
  • Autopilot...
Engineering Crew
Security Crew
Medical Crew


Before you is a tall multi-decked tall ship. With the lowering of the forecastle and the elongation of the hull this ship can be only one thing: a proud Galleon, and this amazing piece of engineering is indeed a space going vessel. In spite of the fact that she's built of metal this ship is sleek and resplendent from stem to stern, and from keel to crow's nest.

The details that the designers put into this fanciful ship even include side panels on the hull where ships cannons are be deployed, four heavy kinetic cannons on either side. The ramp of this ship opens under the bow.


SECRET!!! Who do you think we are??? The Alliance? You want to know about this ship?