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Captain Teanna Mirae
Class Scarab
Crew Capacity 12
Cargo Capacity 700
Command Crew

Teanna Mirae, Captain

Piloting Crew

Esmail, Pilot

Engineering Crew

Charlotte Janesson, Mechanic/Co-Owner

Security Crew

Conoger, Security

Medical Crew

Liang, Doctor

Public Relations

Dodger, Acquisitions

General Crew

Crymic, Cook

The Ship

Purchased 'bare' what you see is what you get in August of 2533 by Teanna Mirae and Charlotte Janesson. The ship was previously known as the Mustang, stripped of all things useful short of Engines and other mechanical bits. It looked like the ship has been crated up for at least a little while; Enough to collect dust and cobwebs. The two set out to make this Scarab, now known as the Arabella, as space worthy as can be. Primarily a cargo transport ship in disguise, taking the odd jobs here and there and make due as best they can in the 'Verse. Some of the crew may also have been known to be soldiers of fortune, or also known as Mercenaries, at one time or another.

The Crew

Frequent Fliers

In keeping up with the cargo transport image, the Arabella is more than willing to pick up passengers from time to time. Need a lift? Contact Teanna or CJ.


The ship's crew is fairly new and growing, and interested in finding Allies! Contact Teanna or CJ if interested.