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April portrait.jpg
Full name April (unknown)
Date of Birth 2511 - 2512 (unconfirmed)
Parents Unknown
Siblings None that anyone knows of
Assignment Operations
Specialization Street urchin
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair blue / blonde
Height and Weight 5'1" / 100 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

the streets

Employment History


Background (pre-grid)

Her history is very simple: she grew up by herself on the streets of Persephone. There was an older kid Chloe (April's sister in the sense that Chloe took care of April and taught her what she needed to survive, but not biological) who was taking care of her when she was first becoming aware. Even though Chloe was not deaf, they used sign language and Greek as options to communicate to be able to say things others could not understand.

When April was about 12 or so, Chloe was on one of her 'food gathering' trips (sometimes they got food together, sometimes they split up and then rendezvoused). She was coming back to April and was struck by a car as she crossed the road. Normally she was very good at staying out of their way, but April was signing something to her so she was concentrating on the signing and that distracted her. April was very upset, feeling that she was responsible for Chloe's death. Not so upset that she couldn't retrieve the food that Chloe had, but very upset nonetheless. April then watched from the shadows as Chloe's lifeless body was removed from the street by some people in some kind of uniform.

Since then, for the last 6 years or so April has been on her own, or at least until she was hired by Pathfinders in March 2530.


April 7.jpg
April is a beautiful young lady, late teens or early 20s, with long, flowing, straight blond hair going down to just below her waist. Her eyes are bright blue in color over a cute little upturned nose, and her lips are not too full, but just the right proportion for the rest of her face. Her cheeks come in and come to a point to form a heart shaped face; although the very top of the 'heart' is cover by bangs that almost come down to her eyebrows but do not cover them. Her lips are often time in a small smile with sparkling eyes, but there is still a sadness to her face.

April is wearing a very elegant black dress or top/skirt. The top is scoop neck, fairly low down, but above her breasts so not showing any cleavage. Almost all of her shoulders are visible, so there doesn't appear to be room for a bra at all, and indeed the top is form fitting and tight enough that it does not look like she's wearing a bra. The top is long sleeved, going all the way down to her wrists, and may be see-through, or a skin colored sheath underneath its hard to tell which. There is a thin strip of light green around her waist, then a full black skirt, not obviously pleated, but full enough too not give her any problems with walking either. The skirt goes to the tops of her knees, and when she sits fills between her legs and still covers all up to her knees.

(The above makes two assumptions; first, this is her -base- description. Her hair was cut off entirely in March 2530, so for now it is very short, or a wig until it grows back. The second is the outfit she is wearing; this black dress she likes to wear, but she may be wearing something else.)


April is a vivacious, bubbly person who loves to flirt (well, not too much!)

Random Information

  • at times she'll scream at the top of her lungs in Greek, assuming that people around her can't understand. This is just for the heck of it. It's fun, and therapeutic too!

RP Hooks

April has two main RP hooks:

  • Tranquility: she is on the crew of that ship, so wherever the ship is, she probably is to.
  • Book Memorial Hospital: she was rescued from the streets by one of the doctors there, so she checks in from time to time. She also get physicals there!

Employment History

April 4.jpg

  • 11 March 2530 -- hired by Rickart Bordicchia on crew of ship Pathfinder
  • May 2530 -- the Pathfinders team move to a new ship, the Tranquility.

OOC Information

This is a work in progress, and all information on the page is considered OOC info, you may not use it ICly with out my permission. For permission @mail April on the Serenity Mush!


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