Aodhain Kelley

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Aodhain Kelley
Aodhain Kelley
Full name Captain Aodhain Kelley
Date of Birth June 13th, 2490
Birthplace Boros
Parents Sean and Siobhan Kelley
Siblings Sisters: Ceridwyn, Melissa, Shawna, Roisin; Brother: Shane
Assignment Captain of the Dorcha Sealastair
Specialization Engineering and Flight
Gender male
Eyes and Hair Green and Red
Status active
Employment History

Chief Mechanic on the Mai Si Mechanic of the Tsukai no Inari Captain/co-owner of the Tsukai no Inara/Dochasan Lasair Captain/owner of the Dorcha Sealastair

Personal Notes

Allergy: Bee stings, shellfish, dust, pollen.

This is an alt of River's. If you need to contact this alt, please poke River in-game.

Background - Pre-PC

Born on Boros in the year 2490 to Siobhan and Sean Kelley, on one of the many ranches to be found there, Aodhain learned a great deal about horses, guns, and ships. In that order. Horses and guns, first, obviously, from living and working on a ranch, where defense is a must have. The third, ships, was always a passion of his, he'd always been drawn to the ships, always been able to fix things even on the ranch. From saddles and bridles to guns, and everything in between.

It was a rather natural transition for him around the age of fourteen, especially considering the allergies he suffered on a daily basis on the ranch, to leave ranch life behind. Leaving ranch life behind, and a good deal of the allergies, he began work in the shipyards on the planet's surface. Though he knows a good bit about most ships, his passion was always for the Firefly class ships. He lived in this life, fixing ships that came to the yards on Boros, for the next three years. He has four sisters, Ceridwyn, Melissa, Shawna, and Roisin, and one brother, Shane, who are all still on Boros, on the ranch.

Then the war started, and he left the planet of Boros, to fly around on various ships during the war, doing mechanic work for the independants, and occasionally the Alliance. After the war, he continued doing mechanic work in exchange for transport on ships, going from ship to ship, planet to planet. Eventually, a large transport called the Blackbird landed on Persephone, and Aodhain decided to look for a new ship to work upon, as there wasn't really enough work to go around on the Blackbird.

Background - PC

He was hired a short time later to work aboard the Mai Si, a Firefly class ship, by Vanessa Kaeriani, the Captain. At first, it was fairly unremarkable work, nothing any different from anything he'd done before. Then Vanessa was kidnapped by a gang on Persephone called the Foxes. Eventually, he, Tatiana, Sam, and John, along with Vanessa's father Siomonn and several other of the small town people who lived near Vanessa's father, she was rescued. It was then that Aodhain decided he really liked Vanessa.

Tree of Life: hanging in Dhain's cabin.
A short time later, to save Vanessa's life during a surgery, Aodhain kissed her, and thus began their relationship. Not long after that, the two were mugged and dumped out in the wilderness of Persephone. Perhaps a week later, they were rescued, somewhat lighter in weight. Then, one day some time later, Aodhain proposed to Vanessa, and she accepted. After much to do, Aodhain and Vanessa passed the ship on and left to help her father, unable to both at once.

Some time later, the pair joined the crew of the Tsukai no Inari. Aodhain as a mechanic, Vanessa as security. After much excitement, and a year or two later, Aodhain worked his way up to head of engineering. Then, when the Captain of the ship, Morgaine, died, he became the Captain. To honor the former Captain, the ship has been renamed the Dochasan Lasair, or Hope's Flame in Gaelic. These days, they can be found running cargo to and from many planets, especially that of Osiris, on contract with Red Lion Industries and its owner.

These days, Aodhain still runs the Dochasan Lasair organization, however, the ship of that name now belongs to his former XO Sev Desera.


Brother: Shane Kelley


Sister: Roisin "Thorne" Kelley

Sister: Melissa Kelley


Sister: Ceridwyn Gryffudd, Bro-in-law: Ioan Gryffudd, Niece: Rhiannan Gryffudd


Sister: Shawna O'Malley, Bro-in-law: Kellan O'Malley, Nieces: Kristina, Karissa (twins), and Jenny O'Malley