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Full name Anoki Her-uben
Birthplace Osiris
Parents Father: Amun Her-uben

Mother: Selia Her-uben

Siblings Sister: Kali Her-uben (4 years younger)
Spouse None
Children None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark hair, Brown eyes
Education Information


Military Service



Around six foot tall, this man has the rugged face of someone who has been traveling a lot. He is a mixture of darker skinned races leaving him with a redish skin tone and dark hair. He looks a little thin but athletic. He does have remarkably nice teeth as if they were sealed at one point, an expensive procedure that is normally only done on the core worlds, yet he does not now appear to be a man of affluence nor influence however he carries himself with a quiet calmness and stalwart face as if he is a rock for the hardships of life to clash against and be broken.

He wears a simple outfit of black pants, black work-boots and a black button up shirt. The clothing looks a little worn as if he has had them for a while, the darks not quite so dark as they once were and the boots, while clean, are scuffed and worn with the history of his journey. On his back there is a traveler's pack with a bedroll on top of it, a canteen on the side and on his hip there is a small faded-red first aid kit with a white cross on it. Oddly a baseball hangs off of his belt in a net-bag next to the first aid kit.

He seems to carry no weapon but will often have a book in his hand, a very special book that might lead one to look up to his neck where he wears a white collar indicating he is a wandering priest, a Shepherd of the lost.


Doing the right thing has cost him everything more than once and he refuses to break. He refuses to lose faith. He believes in turning the other cheek when at all possible letting his faith protect him... and his well armed friends. It's easier to take the moral high ground if you don't carry guns so he avoids them. As he says when asked, "If I die, I know where I'm going. What do I have to fear from a bullet? At this point, death is just a promotion."


The wayward priest was once a lawyer, a believer, he was part of the system. Then he saw the truth of the system, the corruption and injustice that the law allowed. The abuse of prisoners and the downtrodden. He gave up his fancy life style, his future of comfort and luxury to fight for the little guy. People in charge didn't like that, so they crushed him. Afterwards, a broken man, he turned to the church and has found a new faith in a higher court of law and the ultimate judge.


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