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Full name Dr. Annie Foster
Date of Birth April 6, 2499
Birthplace Foster Homestead, Jiangyin
  • Father: Mary Bennett Foster
  • Mother: James Foster
  • Anthony James Foster (+5)
  • Lillianne Marie Foster (+3)
  • Charles Francis Foster (+2)
  • Anita Leanne Foster (+2)
  • Jacob Allen Foster (-2)
  • David Peter Foster (-4)
  • Francis Lee Foster (-8)
Spouse None to date
Assignment Guan-Yin II as Psychiatrist
Specialization Medicine - Psychiatry, Surgery, Diagnostics, Pharmacology
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Education Information

Ariel Formal Academy of Medicine

Employment History


Dr. Annie Foster is one of seven kids to a very rough-and-tumble country family on Jiangyin. While most women were growing up to flirt with boys and run homes like their mothers before them, Annie was always very studious and a natural at most book-learnings that she could find. Her older sisters were married by the time they got done with grammer school, but not Annie. Her parents were baffled at why she hadn't accepted the offer of marriage, or why she seemed so uninterested in the very important day-to-day life of a cattle rancher's daughter on Jiangyin.

When awkward little Annie got accepted into Ariel Formal Academy for Medicine on full scholarship, her parents were proud, but still a little confused. Annie was elated, and went off to school. However, her book-learning increased exponentially. By the time she was 25, she had finished with a degree in Diagnostic Medicine, Surgery, and Psychiatry.

It was at this time that Annie made her way to Persephone. She was not quite ready to go back to the 'hurry up and marry' ways of Jiangyin. She had a degree and had high hopes to use it! Somehow or another she ended up on the Kitsune, a transport vessel with a less than savory background. None the less, they were in need of a doctor and cook, and Annie was always a sucker for people in need.

It was difficult for Annie, a pacifist, to be among all these fighters! She ducked and dodged and took care of knife and bullet wounds aplenty. After some time, the captain of the Kitsune left, turning his ship over to the first mate, who renamed it the Tsuki No Inari. Annie was still the medic, but she clashed with the new captain just as much as she had with the old one. Still, she was happy, except that one time when she got shot.

A falling out occurred that caused Annie to leave the Inari. She's returned from Jiangyin a year later with two kids in tow, twin boys, looking for work. She found some on the Guan Yin as a psychiatrist, and found a ship very condusive to the raising of children.

The Children


The boys are 18 months old, Adam and Benjamin. They are identical twins. Adam is the one most known to make trouble, he is the stronger of the two and more likely to wrestle, play energetic games, and cause a ruckuss when he gets bored.

Benjamin is the quieter of the two, more of a bookish type, if a boy can be called that at such a young age. He excels at reading (or naming letters at this point). He's much more apt to schoolwork and learning, but he is also occasionally prone to nightmares.

The history of the boys isn't something she talks about much. For most, they assume she is a single mother, trying to make her way in the 'verse. However, it's not so, though this fact is secret to most.

The boys were adopted after two simultanous shuttle crashes while she was on the Inari. Annie was elected by the captain to raise the children. However, the captain and Annie had some disagreements about the future education of the twin boys, the only two survivors of these crashes. One wanted to teach them nothing but peace and prosperity - the other wished them to grow up with the knowledge and power to fight the Alliance. The disagreement became so great that Annie took the boys from the ship. At first, she attempted to find work, but eventually she returned home to the only place she knew they would be safe. Feeling brave, she's ventured out again.