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Full name Anne Emily Tack nee Harker
Date of Birth July 18, 2490
Parents John Harker & Megan Harker
Siblings (older) John Jr. and Toby (younger) Jeremy, Mary, and Jonas
Spouse Robert(Bobby) Joseph Tack (deceased, murdered)
Children Brandon(20), Jack(18)(missing), Simon(17), Peter & Parker(15)(identical twins) and Amelie(12)

Three more pregnancies after Amelie that all ended up in miscarriages.

Assignment Pirate, Corsair
Gender Female


The first thing that one might notice about Anne is her ample curves. This woman is no celery stick, her proportions being what an artistic individual might politely call rubenesque. She has clearly seen the fork side of a cheesecake on more then one occasion, but her curves all seem to be in the right places. Long dark brown hair that shines auburn in sunlight, is pulled up into a loose bun at the nape of her neck. Her doe brown eyes are touched with hints of honey, a sadness shining out from their depths that never goes away completely, even when she smiles. On the uncommon occasion that she does smile, her otherwise average appearance bursts into radiance, making her look both more attractive and younger then she normally does. Worry-lines and crows feet are making themselves known on her face, middle-age fast approaching.

Her outfit is a mish-mash of pieces, none of them looking quite right and yet somehow looking good together as a whole. An off-white poet's shirt is worn with a sage green corset over it. The many frills of the neckline cascade into a plunging V that displays a deep valley of cleavage, pulling the eye towards it. The frills of the sleeves stop at about three-quarters of the way, the sleeves themselves tied with purple ribbon at the elbow and letting the frills sway with her movements. The corset is adorned with beads and embroidery in gold, a different pattern in each band between the boning. A brown riding skirt covers her lower half, stopping at shin length to reveal brown button-up boots with a modest heel. A belt is worn about her hips, odds and sods hanging from belt to keep an assortment of sundries deemed necessary close at hand, with a pair of leather gloves tucked under the belt.

(OOC) Not mentioned in the desc, because she tends to keep them hidden, are her many scars. Small, circular scars that look like they could be from burns of cigarette butts dot her body on many of the places that are normally covered with clothes, including the inside of her elbows, shoulders, hips, breasts, inner thighs and butt.


- Anne is a broken woman, slowly trying to heal herself emotionally. She tends to be quiet and watchful, traits she learned while living with the abusive men in her life as a means to keep herself safe.

- She tends to be rather subservient, most comfortable when being told what to do, particularly if the one giving the orders is male.

- Anne is very loving and is very physically demonstrative, touching people when she talks to them if she feels even a mild friendship between her and the person she is talking to.

- Anne doesn't drink alcohol and gets nervous around cigarettes. She doesn't mind if other people drink or smoke, but keeps her distance from them when they do.

- Anne is a bit of a mother hen type of personality. She can sometimes get a little uncharacteristically vocal about her opinions if she feels she is doing so to protect someone from harm. However, this is when she is most fragile as she is quite accustomed to being physically abused for her outbursts.


Anne was born on Hera, the oldest daughter of six children, to a rancher's family. Anne was a sweet, happy child and was content to learn the skills that would make her a suitable rancher's wife someday, not too concerned with the fact that she never went to school for a formal education. Occasionally, her happiness was darkened by her father's tendency towards violence when he was drunk. He was a stern man that liked things to be a certain way, his way, but as long as things were going exactly as he liked, her life was happy enough. When he was drunk, however, he would beat whichever member of the family made the mistake to upset him. He'd also beat them when he wasn't drunk, but the stressing point to drive him to beating them was much higher. Due to this, Anne lived in fear of her father's wrath, learning to be quiet and complacent and well behaved.

When Anne was 16, she was married off to one of her father's drinking buddies, a farmer from the other side of town. In spite of their age difference, Anne hoped that this marriage would be a good one, getting her out of the abusive life she was leading in the house with her father. Sadly, this was not the case. Her husband, Bobby, had a temper that matched her father's and a tendency to drink just as he had. Anne realized, much to her dismay that she had married a carbon copy of her father.

When Bobby left for the Unification War in late 2508, he left Anne with a babe in arms and another one on the way. She wasn't even 18 yet. She tended the farm and raised his sons, every night praying for his death. Sadly, she wasn't so lucky. He was to return home once before the Battle of Serenity, the overnight stay resulting in yet another son. The war had not done good things for Bobby. The horrors seen on the battlefield had made him harder and angrier and resulted in him drinking more as well as taking out his wrath on his family. Anne tried to take the brunt of his anger, rather then let him take it out on her children but she wasn't always successful. Three more children were born in the years that followed, as well as a few pregnancies that never came to term.

When her second child was 10 years old, he ran away from home. People were frantic with worry for the boy and searched for him. It was while Bobby, along with the farmhands, their oldest son, and the menfolk of the neighboring farms were out looking for her son that a man came to the farm. He had found the child on his ship, the Exalted Justice, stowing away. Anne took this opportunity to get one of her children out of the living hell that was the life they led. She asked the man to take her son as his apprentice and to teach him a trade so that he could be successful. The man, Beauregard Compton, took her son whom she never saw again.

The years continued, 8 more to be exact, and Anne continued to live in constant fear. She worked hard, doing her best to keep her husband happy so that his wrath wouldn't become an issue. She likely would have lived like this till her dying day, whether that be by natural causes or Bobby's temper, had she not overheard him talking to a friend of his. The man had taken a shine to their only daughter, the youngest of the family, Amelie. Though she was only 12, she was blossoming early and she was very pretty. Anne knew the man that her husband was talking to. She'd heard about him in town when shopping at the market and knew that as her husband was worse then her father, so this man was worse then her husband. If Amelie married him, she would have been his fourth wife since the Unification War was over. Anne tried to beg her husband to not allow this, but Bobby's greed for the cattle that was promised to him as a bride price over shone any compassion he had for his daughter. He beat Anne more severely then he ever had before to keep her quiet about the matter.

Desperate, and afraid for her youngest child, Anne secretly packed some bags and then waited for the household to be asleep. She took her husband's rifle and shot him while he slept, leaving a note for her oldest son to take care of his brothers and then ran off in the night with her daughter to stow away on a ship heading into the black. She arrived on Persephone and gave her daughter over to the Companion House to work as a servant for a companion, Taylor Kim, with the stipulation that she be given an education. Anne promised Taylor half her pay for this service, seeing him once a month to visit her daughter and pay the man. She then went to find the man that had helped her before with her runaway son.

Anne found Beauregard Compton, now a pirate with the Commonwealth. Having put the man on quite a pedestal in the years since he 'saved' her son, she swore her allegiance to the Commonwealth and follows her captain with undying loyalty.

Amelie Harker

Amelie is Anne's youngest child and only daughter. When Anne left Hera, she took her daughter with her. Anne wanted a better life for her daughter then she'd ever be able to give her, as well as wanted to keep her daughter safe. The only place that Anne could think of were the Companions. With their fine clothing, education and refined manners, Anne knew that her daughter would be well treated by the Companion guild. She also figured, perhaps wrongly, that they likely wouldn't accept her daughter to be trained as a Companion herself, what with them being so poor. Instead, she gave her daughter to them to work as a servant.

Taylor Kim was the Companion chosen for Amelie, something Anne didn't feel comfortable with at first considering he was a young man. But after a long conversation with the man, Taylor won Anne's trust and let her daughter go with him. Amelie was trained from a young age to become what her mother was, a farmer's wife. Like her mother, she had no formal education other then this. Taylor and Anne agreed that Amelie would be given a good education, one that would be able to open up a world of opportunities for Amelie later on in life. Anne sends half of her pay every month to Taylor to help fund her daughter, so that she may have clothing, school supplies, and good food. For her part, Amelie does whatever work of her that is required and within her abilities, cooking, cleaning, mending, delivering messages, and the like.

Amelie is shy and extremely bashful around men. She has a small crush on Taylor. She tends to keep her head downcast, avoiding eye contact. Amelie is also a very talented artist, which is one of the reasons why Taylor Kim was chosen to be her mentor.

OOC Amelie is an NPC. This information is provided for those that want to know more about the NPC.

Other Pictures

Robert "Bobby" Tack, Anne's deceased husband


Amelie Harker, Anne's daughter, whom works as a maidservant to a Companion AmelieHarker.png