Annabeth Ericksonn

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Full name Annabeth Mary Ericksonn
Date of Birth 16 July 2504
Birthplace Regina
Parents Deceased
Siblings None
Spouse Unmarried
Children None
Specialization Piloting
Gender Female
Height and Weight 1.57m (5' 2") / 59kg (132 lbs)
Status Inactive
Employment History

Guan-Yin II

Annabeth, or Beth for short has recently been hired as a pilot aboard the Guan-Yin II, she is dedicated to prove herself worthy of staying hired, and perhaps get a slightly higher position in the ship's pecking order.


Annabeth was born and grew up on the planet Regina. Both her parents were quite absent, her father being a pilot and her mother a miner. In the year 2509, when she was 5 years old, her father was killed in a space battle against Alliance troops.

It was then that Annabeth decided to become a pilot... to honour her father. Even though she doesn't remember him very well, he -was- her father, after all. And indeed, she did become a pilot.

In the year 2520, Beth's mother died in an accident in the mines. It was, in the grand scale, only a minor accident, but it turned Annabeth into an orphan. Near the end of her puberty, she suddenly found herself alone in a big, dangerous, universe.

She managed to use her inheritance to get herself to finish learning the tricks and trades of being a pilot effectively, and keep some left over to have some savings for hard times that would surely come.

In the years between 2521 and 2524, Beth joined various crew for various odd piloting jobs, but due to a variety of circumstances, had yet to find a stable job.