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Full name Annabelle
Birthplace Lilac
Gender Female
Status Roster
Education Information

The basics up through graduating high school, then she figured she'd see what the world had for teaching instead.

Employment History

Private security and gunslinging

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Archetype: Gunslinger
+concept Life on Lilac isn't always easy, but having a gun can make it easier. Having more guns can make it easier yet. So it was only natural that with 5 brothers and a father who owned a gun-shop Annie would start to learn her way around weaponry with ease. She's got a sharp eye and a sharper shot, and not much in the 'verse is going to stop her without a fight.
0 XP left to spend.


Agility: 50
Intelligence: 30
Technical: 30
Strength: 40
Charisma: 35
Perception: 45


Archery: 20
Bargain: 30
Command: 30
Con Artist: 20
Concealment: 20
Culture: Independents: 20
Culture: Underworld: 30
Demolitions: 20
Dirty Pool: 30
Dodge: 30
Escape Artist: 20
Firearms: Repeating: 40
Firearms: Rifle: 40
Firearms: Sidearms: 40
Gambling: 20
Gather Information: 20
Gunnery: Cannon: 30
Gunnery: Missiles: 30
Hide: 20
Intimidate: 30
Listen: 30
Martial Arts: 20
Melee Attack: 25
Melee Parry: 25
Move Silently: 20
Persuasion: 30
Rope Use: 20
Seduction: 25
Spot: 30
Streetwise: 30
Survival: 40
Thrown Weapon: 25
Value: 30
Willpower: 40




Ambidexterity: Practice makes perfect, and at this point in her life Annabelle has spent enough time shooting at targets with both hands to be equally proficient with each.
Dead Broke: Annabelle grew up with plenty of guns, which meant a steady stream of income on a place like Lilac. As such, she never really learned the value of a credit because there was always a quick and easy one to spent if needed. She burns through her money faster than she can count it.
Lightning Reflexes: A lifetime spent around guns has made Annabelle a natural with them. She knows instinctively where they're kept and how to get them quickly, they're as much an extension of herself as any of her own body parts.
Phobia: Most folks think Reavers are just old wive's tales told to make little children behave, but Annabelle has seen enough of their aftermath to believe. She's not sure what made them happen, but the most common rumor seems to be they've seen too much of the black and it drove them so crazy they've forgotten what it's like to be human. Phobic about accidently turning into one of them herself, she compulsively has to sprinkle around random acts of kindness and generosity just to make sure she's still her.


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