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Anise "Niz" Seymour, M.D.
Anise 12 - door.jpg
Full name Anise "Niz" Seymour, M.D.
Date of birth June 1, 2493
Birthplace New Oxford, Londinium
  • Prof. Cynthia Seymour
  • Michael Seymour Jr., LL.M.
Siblings Sophie Seymour, LL.M.
Marital status Engaged to Blake Lassiter
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark brown
Height and Weight 5'5", 140 lbs
(1.65 m, 63.5 kg)
Current Guan-Yin II: Head of Medicine
Previous Crimson Shield Security: Physician
Previous (pre-IC) multitude of small commercial ships and border world hospitals
Marancy.jpg Certificate of Graduation

Completed her study of Medicine at Marancy Medical.

Asclepius.jpg Londinium Medical Board

Licensed physician and surgeon.

Londinium 127-185-6698

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Latin
  • Greek
  • French
Good name
Anise Seymour has become a known name in the medical world, because of the following:
  • Being the Head of Medicine aboard the Guan-Yin II
  • Assistance on Paquin after pirate's attack
  • Involvement in the blood drive event that followed
  • Her extensive research into the Blight of Hera
MedRecords summary

Chin scar
Scar on chin, caused by accident in bar.

On medium medication for insomnia.

On medium to heavy anti-panic medication for paranoia.

Star of life.gif

Guan-Yin Corporation

Anise Seymour, M.D.
Head of Medicine


Pre-IC history

Anise was born in New Oxford, on Londinium. When she was about three years old, she got a sister. Shortly after the birth of her sister the family moved to Londinium: her father, ever since he graduated involved in behind-the-scene politics, got a promotion and became legal advisor for various Parliament members. Anise's mother teaches linguistics at the Londinium University, which is why Anise has a certain affinity with language both spoken and written. Her childhood wasn't anything special, or at least not when compared to other spoiled rich kids.


After high school Anise went to Marancy Medical. She wasn't particulary good at MedAcad, and it took great effort to even graduate. The fact that she enjoyed the fun and inresponsible aspects of college student life much more than college, didn't really help. She had jobs at several bars, restaurants, and clubs to pay her bills and most of her social life happened in these establishments. Even to this day when she is reunited with some of her old professors, they can't but comment on how they had never expected her to get this far.

Some of the people she met in this phase of her life were Browncoat sympathisers. Being a Core citize -always protected from the finer details of the war and only exposed to that what the official news channels broadcasted and the biased bits of information her father cared to tell- she was intrigued by their stories and their view on life. For obvious reasons, Anise's parents didn't approve of her friendship with these people but that only made her feel attracted more to them.

She discovered she wanted to learn more about the 'Verse, and that she had to get away from Londinium. But not without graduating and obtaining her medical license first. So now she was determined. She had a goal in mind and she knew that she could do anything she wanted, if only she worked hard enough for it. So eventually she graduated -even if just barely- and flew off with the Browncoat sympathisers, who turned out to be veterans of the Unification War, now making a life out of thievery, smuggling, and other small crime.

Roaming the 'Verse

She learned the true art of her profession during her time with the Browncoat veterans. She often worked in environments that required improvisation: little ad-hoc field hospitals or broken-down infirmaries; oten with cheap, bad, or broken equipment; more often than not in locations where supplies were scarce.

Eventually, her adventure with these "independant merchants", as the veterans called themselves, came to an end. They were arrested by the Alliance during a planetside operation, and Anise fortunately wasn't around at the time. For some weird reason, the Alliance never found out she was involved with these criminals or else didn't care to pursue her...

Finding a real job

Though it had been fun to discover the 'Verse with the Browncoat veterans, listing her work for them didn't look really good on Anise's resume. She hadn't built a reputation in the medical world and was burdened by a semi-inexplicable gab in her job history, so she found herself forced to take little jobs at little hospital. This even added to her ability to improvise and come up with unusual solutions to common problems. It has been said that she once had to sedate a patient by knocking him out with a frying pan because there were no other means available.

IC History

Anise's contract with a small hospital somewhere in the Border ended, so she took a trip to Persephone to find work there.

Crimson Shield Security

As it happened she stumbled upon Morgan Kendric, the leader of Crimson Shield Security who hired her on the spot. She worked for them for quite a while and this was a job that encouraged her to further advance her knowledge and build a reputation as a doctor. It was also during this time that she specialised in neurology and began researching a new kind of sleep medicine - a project that has been put on hold. Crimson Shield Security grew, though, and leadership of the company changed hands. This eventually led to a certain indident between Anise and the new leader, Hase O'Donald. Her position within the company became untenable and Anise decided to quit.

Guan-Yin II

Anise contacted Donna McKellen, captain of the Guan-Yin II and applied for a job. She was almost immediately hired. At this time, the Guan-Yin was going through a reorganisation and as such, was left without a CMO - a position Anise would fill later. She had some experience with being the one in charge of several sick bays and infirmaries, after all.

This hospital vessel, more even than Crimson Shield Security, encouraged Anise to advance her skills and pick up new ones. Donna even taught Anise the basics of space flight.

She got really close with Blake Lassiter, a co-worker who ended up in a bed in the medbay once, but proposed to Anise several months later. They're now engaged.


Anise is mostly a cheerful, happy woman, although she can be bossy at times. She likes to be to the point. Her behaviour is often well-mannered, especially when in company of strangers. She wants to get work done and she's very serious about anything work-related. Workaholic is a pretty good description of Anise, even though she doesn't mind a romantic weekend away to some remote beach house. She strongly believes that everybody is born equal and that certain basic human rights should be inalienable. She's loyal but only to a point, because, pacifist at heart and by profession, she draws the line at unnecessary violence.

Vanity corner

Anise 01 - the doctor.jpg

The doctor
Anise and her work

Anise 02 - flower.jpg

"Flower receivery, I like!"
Anise and her flowers

Anise 03 - party.jpg

Going out to a crazy apeshit party!
Anise and her parties

Anise 04 - annoyed.jpg

Annoyed because of what you said.
Anise and her anger

Anise 05 - funny.jpg

"That's so funny!"
Anise and her sense of humour

Anise 06 - bad news.jpg

Anise reads some bad news.
Anise and her sadness

Anise 07 - laughing.jpg

Anise and her good mood

Anise 08 - cold.jpg

It's a bit cold here.
Anise and her temperature

Anise 09 - smile.jpg

Anise and her cheerfulness

Anise 10 - oh really.jpg

"Oh, really? You really think so?"
Anise and her pedantry

Anise 11 - charts.jpg

Checking out a patient's chart.
Anise and her charts

Anise 12 - door.jpg

Just had a bad conversation.
Anise and her conversations

Anise 13 - woolen coat.jpg

Dressed up against the cold.
Anise and her fine sense of clothing

Anise 14 - checkup.jpg

"You seem to be in order!"
Anise and her medical check-ups