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Angela Carter
Full name Angela
Date of Birth August 30th, 2493
Parents Mother:Deceased Father:Unknown
Specialization Conwoman
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Emerald Green eyes/Red hair
Height and Weight 5'6" / 130 lbs
Status Active
Employment History

Red Lion Industries

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(OOC KNOWLEDGE ONLY) Angela was born Anne Carter, the daughter of a whore on Beaumonde and not one of those fancy kind. She learned first hand how to use wiles on a man to get what she wanted out of them...their money. After her mother was killed by a John she vowed to escape that life and made her way running simple cons at first. Card tricks, dice games, little things she picked up from the whore house and on the streets. As she made more money she learned better games with better reward. Most of her marks were the same, useless Men. When she was not running cons she took performance jobs, singing at smoky bars here and there. While not the best singer in the verse, she was far from the worse and her looks carried her even further across the line.

While turning a con at a casino she was picked up by a Doctor who had been watching her and shown great interest in her. It was not long before the pair were seen more and more together and an odd relationship was forged. He introduced her to another type of criminal, pirates. They ran with them for several years before their ship was blown up under mysterious circumstances while both were surface side. For a time they took up legitimate work with Meretrix Industries. It was aboard this vessel that the Doctor proposed to her for the thousandth time and she finally accepted. But with that acceptance came old insecurities and soon she left. Leaving Meretrix and Iorwerth behind without so much as a note.

Her travels took her to Osiris where she met her current employer, Damian Carmichael of Red lion Industries. A company that daily walks the fine line between legal and illegal, Angela's certain brand of skills were seen as an asset. That is where she has stayed and at least some of the regulars of RLI will have gotten quite used to her changes in persona, hair colour and costume by now as she goes out into the world finding out information for Carmichael in any way she can and usually succeeding.

Son DJ born 29th day of March, 2526


Anne Donovan-Blonde Businesswoman, socialite Anne.jpg Angela Devane-The red headed hussy Angel.jpg
Mary Carter-When you need to blend into a crowd. Mary3.jpg Maria Vardo-Gypsy Bard, busking for coin and info Maria.jpg
No doubt a few others along the way.
IorAnge.jpg Iorwerth and Angela, true love? It wasn't to last