Angel Hair Comet

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Angel Hair Comet
Local Authority Corone Mining Consortium
Population 100-150 (mining crew)
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing Yes
Public Shuttle No
Type Comet
Size Class 5 (E)
Class Rim
Orbit Elliptical orbit, fifteenth from Georgia
Coordinates 2450, 3350, 300
Market Information
Commodities Market No
"A dirty snowball wrapped around nickel and iron rock"
― Out in the Black's description of the comet

The Lullabelle Mining Outpost was first established on Angel Hair by Jim Ryan and Sam Hawkes, who attached a Bumblebee class Munroe Wagon to the comet's core, converted the ship into a mining platform, and started mining ice to ship back to the town of Frisco on Regina. Gases can be extracted from the ice to provide power, in addition to using the water itself for cooling. The ice also contains carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which make it difficult to work with.

Lullabelle was taken over by the Corone Mining Consortium, which has expanded things to a hundred-and-fifty-man operation mining ice to use at their mines on Regina.

In early 2524, a mine collapse trapped and injured numerous miners and threatened the stability of the outpost. The crews of the Dochasan Lasair, Guan-Yin II and Traveller responded to a distress call, and were able to rescue the miners and evacuate the facility. It has since resumed operations.

Canon References

  • Angel Hair Comet is detailed as one of the settings in the Serenity RPG adventure "Out In The Black."

Behind the Scenes

Lullabelle Mine was named after the Lulu Mine, near the real Hornsilver Mine and town of Frisco, Utah. Jim Ryan and Sam Hawkes are the names of the prospectors who discovered Hornsilver Mine in 1874.