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Andie Marston
Full name Andie Marston
Date of Birth February 24, 2480
Birthplace Osiris
Parents Samuel and Lillian Marston
Spouse Carlos Alvarez (divorced)
Assignment Doctor, Redemption
Specialization Medical
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark blue eyes, dark blonde hair
Height and Weight 162cm, 55kg
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • High School
  • College, pre-med
  • Osiris Medical School
  • Royal Police Academy, Londinium
Employment History
Personal Notes


A rich kid who went off to be a relief worker during the War and turned into a Browncoat sympathizer instead. Since then, she has been a deputy/medic on Regina and a medic on various ships.



  • 2480: Andie born to Samuel and Lillian Marston
  • 2498: Graduates high school
  • 2506: Graduates Osiris Medical School
  • 2506: Enrolls in The Royal Police Academy, Londinium
  • 2507: Joins a relief organization to provide aid
  • 2511: Deputy/Medic, Zaragoza, Regina
  • 2518: Leaves Regina, travels the Black
  • 2521: Bartender, Eavesdown

PC Timeline

Pre-PC History


Andie was born and raised an only-child on Osiris in a fairly wealthy family. Her father was a medium-ranked manager with Blue Sun Corporation and her mother was an attorney with high credentials. Her parents wanted a boy and therefore named their daughter Andie.

As with most wealthy parents, Andie’s paid for their daughter’s education to be the best money can buy and expected the girl to live up to that price. And she did. When Andie graduated high school she was at the top of her class and she was accepted by the best colleges and universities on all the Coreworlds, so it was only a matter of choice on her part where to go and what to study. She continued being the good girl and took pre-med at college, then went to med-school, though one on Osiris rather than one the more prestigious ones on Ariel.

War time

Eight years later, she had her degree from Osiris Medical School and was set on continuing in a neurology specialty when she was mugged and nearly beaten to death one night. That changed her whole view on the ‘Verse and she decided that she wanted to help prevent crime and failing that, try to solve crimes and put criminals behind bars. So she applied to the Royal Police Academy on Londinium, partly to get away from Osiris, partly because it had a good reputation for the education of civilian police officers. She got in and even if her childhood had been fairly quiet and un-athletic, she fell into the life of a police cadet very quickly and she once again graduated at the top of her class. But life as a rookie didn’t last long. The war was escalating and many officers were enlisting for the Alliance side of the conflict.

But Andie despised war, and did not want to risk getting drafted, so she volunteered as a relief worker, going from planet to planet giving aid wherever needed and saw how it was often civilians who were caught in the middle of the waging factions. But it wasn’t long until the spoiled Core brat learned that the Independents had the right of it and that her own kind weren’t as just and fair as her parents and teachers had made them out to be. It seemed to her that it wasn’t just bombings and firefights that had left towns on the Border and Rim desolate and rundown. The economy had been there first.

Officially, she didn’t choose sides. Officially, she continued being a neutral relief worker, though she started to request more and more missions to known Browncoat hotspots, providing aid to the Independents rather than Alliance soldiers. During her time in the field, she learned how to make the most of what was given and how to care for the wounded, the dying and the hungry.

Life after the war

After the war, Andie tried to return to her former life as a police rookie, but her Independent friendly views made it impossible for her to complete her training in the Core. She simply couldn’t stand being around people whose views she disagreed with so much. So she sought a job on the Rim, becoming a deputy under Sheriff Marlon Willis in the small mining town of Zaragoza on Regina, where she contracted Bowden’s Malady, which she still struggles with and probably will for the rest of her life, unless someone finds a cure. She stayed for nearly seven years, running a small medical clinic besides being a deputy and only left after her husband, Carlos Alvarez blew up at her - for no real reason - and cut her forearm with a kitchen knife.

In the years since, she’s served in a wide variety of jobs on board half a dozen ships, never staying long on any one ship for very long. Her last gig was on a ship called Morning Glory, assisting their medic, but her assignment there was only temporary, so since November, 2521 Andie has worked as a bartender at an Eavesdown bar, making use of old med school recipes to enthrall the costumers.

PC History

Having searched for a new job for a while, Andie was hired on the Tienlong in January of 2522 as an assistant to Doctor Kin. Leaves soon after, stating personal reasons (OOC: Online times between Andie-player and Tienlong-crew didn't match).

In April, Andie met with Doctor Syna Halleck of the Redemption and was invited to stay on board the ship on probation until she was fully hired in May.

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