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Amethyst Vehicle Concern (AVC), based on Ariel, are one of the notable vehicle companies to have arisen in the past forty years, having begun production of their first model in 2488. They specialise in aerial vehicles. While they used to have a reputation for vehicles that were suited to the middle classes, recent years have seen them release some popular luxury and sports models, along with a series of cargo transports.

Notable Models

The following is a list of the more prominent vehicles released by AVC. Please note that all prices are the standard sale price (for a new model) direct from the company, older or used models will sell for slightly less (or in the case of collector's models in mint condition, more).

Early Run


Released: 2488

Retail Price: 900 credits

The first vehicle made by AVC, a fairly simple four-seat family vehicle with a semi-enclosed cabin and moderate storage space. While it didn't approach the luxury or performance of their later vehicles, it proved very popular among middle-class buyers.


Released: 2493

Retail Price: 975 credits

A follow-up to the popular Cloudskipper, the Skydart was a faster, less comfortable single-seat vehicle, designed to operate at higher altitudes. It also had no storage space, and was meant primarily as a pleasurecraft.

1000 Series

Amethyst 1000

Released: 2498

Retail Price: 750 credits

The first in the line of hoverbikes to be produced by AVC, the 1000 was a single-seat open-air vehicle in the style of their wheeled equivalent, coming somewhere between a dirt-bike and a road-bike in use. It was very maneuverable, but lacking in top-end speed.

Amethyst 1250

Released: 2504

Retail Price: 1200 credits

A step up from the previous models, the 1250 was a racing bike, pure and simple. A single, firm seat, an extra-large ducted fan engine for power, and a very light construction, the 1250 was never popular among the population though it still has some following among race fans.

Amethyst 1500

Released: 2515

Retail Price: 1125 credits

While recovering from the economic impact of the Unification War, AVC released a line of bikes aimed at the higher-class buyers, offering them a more luxurious ride than previously seen. With seating for two, and an expanded luggage area, it gained popularity among wealthier buyers.

Amethyst 1900

Released: 2521

Retail Price: 1725 credits

The latest release from AVC, the 1900 is a superb bike. It takes some of the speed and maneuverability from the 1250, and the comforts of the 1500, though the price of combining those features puts it well outside the price range of the common buyer.

2000 Series

Amethyst 2000

Released: 2502

Retail Price: 915 credits

The base model of family vehicle, similar to the old wheeled sedans, the 2000 is a sturdy craft that seats 4 in a relatively comfortable manner, or 6 if they don't mind being cramped. It features a fully-enclosed cabin, and low to mid-range speed.

Amethyst 2300

Released: 2512

Retail Price: 940 credits

A slightly more luxurious craft, with seating for three, the 2300 was designed more for comfort than performance. It hasn't gained much popularity, as those who can afford it need better performance, and those who can make do with the tradeoff can afford something much better.

Amethyst 2350

Released: 2513

Retail Price: 600 credits

Released in the wake of the financial failure that was the 2300, the 2350 goes in the opposite direction. It's hard, rugged, and rattles at higher speeds. It has a generous cargo space, an open-air cabin for ease of use, and the engines are designed to take a beating. Rarely seen in the core, this model has gained some popularity on more rusticated worlds, being used in place of a purpose-built hover MULE, to good effect.

Amethyst 2400

Released: 2515

Retail Price: 690 credits

After the success of the 2350, AVC released the 2400, a step back towards the comfort-based lines that they were known for. It features a semi-enclosed cabin, something akin to the convertibles of old, as well as decent cargo room, and towing capacity. Slightly more popular among the more wealthy vessels, again as a hover MULE.

Amethyst 2600

Released: 2519

Retail Price: 1050 credits

Again catering to the rich market, the 2600 is fairly fast, fairly maneuverable, and *very* comfortable. The fully-enclosed two-seat cabin is designed for comfort, and the storage space features a refrigeration unit for storing food. The advertisements for it usually featured a couple in love, heading out for a picnic.

SK Series

Amethyst SK-10

Released: 2520

Retail Price: 940 credits

The first in a line of vehicles designed for cargo transpotation, rather than pleasurecraft. Featuring a single control seat, along with a large, flat cargo area, the SK-10 has picked up the nickname 'Cargo Skiff' among the public, though it hasn't gained as much popularity as the company's other models, being too ungainly to fit into most spaceships,