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Amelia D. Helling
Paula Patton as Amelia Helling
Full name Amelia Dawn Helling
Date of Birth 2nd September, 2501 (36) ♍
Birthplace New Darwin, Dyton Colonies
Parents Charles (60) and Jane (59) Helling
Siblings Christopher Helling (33)
Spouse Unwed
Children Nicole (19) and Milena Helling (23; adopted)
Assignment Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter's Guild
Gunslinger, Wulver
Chief Security Officer, Outlaw Star
Specialization Piloting, Security
Gender Female ♀
Eyes and Hair Brown {} Black
Height and Weight 5'10" (1.78m)
138 lbs. (62.59 kg)
Status Active
Education Information

K-12 Dyton Public School System

  • M.Eng., Dyton Academy of Aeronautics: Westland
  • Sigma Gamma Tau (ΣΓΤ)
  • White Rock Monastery, Verbena
Employment History

Current: The Captain's Retreat, Owner

  • Concurrent: Dissidence Consortium, Chief Operations Officer
  • Concurrent: Wulver, Security Hand
  • Concurrent: Bounty Hunter's Guild, Novice Hunter
  • Formerly: Mustang, Security
  • Formerly: Bounty Hunter's Guild, Hunter (Retired)
  • Formerly: Guan-Yin II, Pilot
  • Formerly: Wulver, Pilot
  • Formerly: April Lightning II, Captain
  • Formerly: April Lightning II, Head Pilot
  • Formerly: April Lightning, Pilot
  • Formerly: Olympus, Security
  • Formerly: White Rock Monastery, Mixed Martial Arts Instructor
Personal Notes


Amelia Dawn Helling is a woman of many talents, possibly too many to readily count. She's done a lot in her life in just a short amount of time. Though she may not have an explicit specialization or profession, and this creates a sort of instability in her life, there's always a dire need of a Jane of All Trades. And nowadays business is booming.

"A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head." ~ Maxim #12, The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries

Background History

Amelia Dawn Helling was born in the grunge city of New Darwin of the Dyton Colonies, a place refurbished and crafted out of a nearly failed terraforming plant on Dyton. She grew up under the tutelage of her researcher parents Charles and Jane Helling, academics who took to raising her and her younger brother Christopher as astutely as their research into the cosmos. Amelia grew up without many a want in life but found things stifling. Hanging around the young and the reckless of the spacer's district left her a teenage mother. This was her daughter Nicole. As a young adult, with support from her family, she went to the Westland, Dyton Academy of Aeronautics and was well on her way to a professional master's degree in engineering at a young age, becoming also a leading member of the Sigma Gamma Tau sorority.

Young and impressionable still, she disappeared from a promising and lucrative career in a civilian and private sector space program. When she reappeared, she was donning the name Amber-Jeanne Charlotte under false pretenses and joining the freedom fighting Pirate Commonwealth along the Rim worlds of the 'verse through proxy connections aboard the Firefly-class Olympus, once known as the Alabaster Falcon. She signed on as general crew and security. When on Persephone for a smuggling job involving the Dregs and Eavesdown slums, the Olympus and its crew was either killed or captured by an Alliance sting operation.

Happenstance led to Amelia, still going by the name Amber-Jeanne, not being sent to the penal colony APC-088 as well. Instead, she managed to make it out to the Rim and rejoin the Commonwealth. Her new assignment was the Devil's Corsair. She was a quick study and learned to become an efficient brawler and gunslinger, a general rabble-rouser for the cause. She served in many positions within the Commonwealth and at an early stage took the notice of High Command members, even Frost himself. She eventually became a High Command member herself when earning commission as the Leviathan's Captain, also known as the April Lightning, and then Arctic Raider II, Admiral Frost's personal flagship. Battles and skirmishes fought in include Three Hills, Ita Moon before under threat of Alliance nuclear devices, and a full-blown war on APC-088 which revealed corrupt members of Alliance government and paramilitaries to the rest of the 'verse.

Then, Amelia went into hiding.

Amber-Jeanne, Karen Aiko and her many other identities disappeared. Amelia returned to her family and took an active role in raising her daughter. Leaving the Commonwealth's services under amicable arrangements, she bought out the Captain's Retreat and settled down on Persephone. The taste of chaos from her younger years never fully disappeared and she then became instated as an official bounty hunter. She also became the part-time pilot of independent vessels on Border worlds in order to stay closer to her family. During this time, she also purchased a decommissioned Hummingbird-class starfighter for personal use and travel.

In her later twenties, Amelia used her credentials as a bounty hunter to both arrest legitimate problems for the Alliance government while also running interference in support of the Commonwealth and other freedom movements as Amber-Jeanne Charlotte. She was caught between opposing forces on Ita Moon when under threat of Alliance nuclear devices and, after barely surviving the skirmish, hung up the Amber-Jeanne mantle once again. The Hunter's Guild was left behind. She took a year to retune her religious practices at the White Rock Monastery on Verbena, a temple she briefly trained and mentored at. Nicole joined her. On their flight back to Persephone, they took a detour to assist the Wulver with a mutiny aboard an Alliance research vessel. In the end, Amelia adopted one of the younger students aboard, Milena.

As the years went by, Amelia and her family relocated to Newhall. Her brother became a famous painter. She watched her daughters lead lives with Milena's biomechanics and Nicole's sportsmanship and piloting hobbies. She rejoined the Bounty Hunter's Guild and stayed in contact with the Wulver while stationed primarily out of Newhall. She began to regularly run into, and then began investigating, the Legion cult. When the Wulver requested assistance on Persephone during the Battle of Bleeding Hearts, she came and assisted in one of their freedom movement's starfighters before disappearing into the night after being shot down. Thought dead, she resurfaced on another planet and now runs in conflict with getting involved with the current problems running through the 'verse or returning to a quiet life without adventure and risk of death.

After being caught on Osiris on a business trip during Osiris's claim of breaking free from the Alliance, and in the end breaking through its blockade of the planet, this internal conflict only now runs deeper. She finds herself at some times assisting the Alliance and also running afoul with them. Still, she has plenty of time nowadays to support her daughters' livelihoods more actively than ever before. Only in her free time does she offer her experience in assisting varying crews with their space-borne operations. Amelia prefers a life of semi-retirement.

Physical Features

This woman stands just under six feet with a toned physique. She probably weighs in the range of a hundred thirty pounds. She's in her late twenties, early thirties. Her brown skin is smooth and unblemished. She has a large bust line and trim waist, backside curved and shoulders broad; her figure decisively feminine with an Amazonian build. Her limbs are long and well-toned, body tightly muscled. She has very light brown irises and healthy black hair. It is currently tied back into a French braid, but she is known to wear it at different lengths and in different styles. Her face is slender with a straight, broad-tipped nose and full lips and slim jaw, completed by high cheekbones and a strong chin with a slight overbite. She wears light, rosy makeup and darkening eye shadow. Of note and when visible, there is an old, healed X-shaped scar over her left shoulder blade roughly two inches in length.

NOTE: Amelia's clothing changes per scene per mood. If you would like to see what she currently wears, simply look at her ICly.

Personality Quirks

At her center she is a good-natured and wholesome individual, and so Amelia values human life and acts in a near-completely altruistic nature. She helps those in need if they require or request it, and is not above doing it when she deems it necessary and they refuse. She tries not to kill and take life unless absolutely necessary. However, the 'Verse is a harsh one and she is guarded by caution, sharp instincts into human behavior, and a strong willpower to survive anything that life throws at her. She's a survivalist and though personable, down to earth, and otherwise extroverted there are times where she is emotionally distant and closed off, even absolutely dangerous. Still, she believes herself a good person no matter the conflict that transpires.

Amelia commonly fluctuates between the alignments of neutral good and chaotic good. Her favorite color is blue, because of a love of the sky and all that it can symbolize; for example, freedom. She also likes pets, birds and cats and large dogs specifically. Her favorite animal is a penguin. Given the choice, Amelia prefers a strong oolong tea over any other drink. She is constantly found with wooden prayer beads, hailing to a religious background of Mahayana Buddhism. Claiming to be from the Dyton Colonies, she speaks with the equivalent of an East End, London accent. It's thick and her lexicon is filled with a plethora of slang and informal phrases.


According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test, Amelia Helling is an ENFJ, commonly known as Teachers.

Amelia D. Helling's Typology Scores
Extraverted: 50% Intuitive: 55% Feeling: 70% Judging: 64%
Iintraverted: 50% Sensing: 45% Thinking: 30% Perceiving: 36%

ENFJs are the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity. They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes. ENFJs are global learners. They see the big picture. The ENFJs focus is expansive. Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously. ENFJs know and appreciate people. They are apt to neglect themselves and their own needs for the needs of others. ENFJs often take on more of the burdens of others than they can bear.

You can read a bit more about ENFJs HERE. You can take the test HERE.


Blue Nirvana, The

Amelia personally owns the Blue Nirvana, a decommissioned Hummingbird-class Starfighter. It has been rumored to have been owned by a high-brow Alliance Naval officer before being auctioned off to Rodney Kilbride who named it the Red Moppet. It then landed into Amelia's lap upon purchasing it from the man for eighty thousand credits early April of 2528. It came modified while Amelia with the help of Antoinette Schieffer of Jiangyin has spent even more credits in turning it into a tougher ship, giving it a greater armament and stronger armor and shielding as well as heightened security measures to say the least. To say the most, all of its internals have been replaced with state of the art equipment. The bulk of the superficial modifications were completed in the middle of July, 2528. It has been known to function on its own with a personalized, portable artificial intelligence installed named Kimberly.

The Blue Nirvana's current estimated value is well over one hundred fifty thousand credits.

Captain's Retreat, The

One of the most famous bars on Persephone and Newhall, the Captain's Retreat and its twin the Beach Retreat is under the ownership of Amelia Helling after purchasing it a few years back in September of 2529. The establishments are known for their exotic drinks, good eats, and catering to nearly anyone so long as nonviolence within isn't an issue. A variety of small, local events are hosted at the establishments daily and weekly like happy hours and sports or fight nights.

Eavesdown Digs - Apartment 8A

Rented out years ago by Amelia when initially joining the Bounty Hunter's Guild, while on Persephone she can usually be reached at this permanent address. She has lived there long enough to see the slums and grime of Eavesdown area be shifted by Alliance renovation into cheap housing that has steadily been declining since the Alliance's withdrawal of Persephone itself. The apartment is maintained by a middle-aged man named Nicholas Coxwell when she is out of the city or off-planet. It functions as a safe-house as well when trouble brews.

Helling, The

Bars and other alcohol-selling establishments across the Rim and Border, and a few in the Core worlds, have been known to sell a drink called the Helling. Accounts vary from bar to bar, arguing over the small details, but the account that is best known is obviously from the woman it is named after. This popular drink was born when on Alexandria a small group, including Amelia, were gathered in a bar. They were accosted by a group of off-duty Alliance officers in port. When on-duty officers came to arrest the group rather than the off-duty buddies, a fight started and Amelia wound up beating both groups into submission. Charges against her were later dropped over the fiasco. The recipe has regional variations as well, but consists primarily of two parts overproofed rum and one part whiskey with a splash of fruit juice. It's then lit and generally served in a highball or shot without garnish and on the rocks.

Isis, Senior Hunter

Isis is a Baikalan Husky, a hearty and long-living breed of dog from the Baikal area on Saint Albans. She's a medium sized dog and fairly built, proportioned like her ancestors the Earth-That-Was Siberian Husky. She has an all-white coat and blue eyes. Her collar lists her name as Senior Hunter Isis. She is trained for security enforcement as well as search and rescue work. As a bounty hunter, Amelia enjoys taking Isis on her hunts and during official business matters. As a companion, Isis is Amelia's best friend and they work in tandem rather well when both on and off duty.

Rocinante, The

The Rocinante, affectionately known as the "Roci", is a decommissioned 80-foot (24m) patrol boat/fast attack ship. Though metal-hulled it is comparable in size to many civilian wooden sailing ships. The general design is that of a sharp V at the bow that softens into a flat bottom at the stern, large enough to accommodate three officers and their private quarters with extra bunk space for a dozen more personnel. As a fast attack craft and courier ship, the Rocinante is built for dexterous speed while also maintaining light armaments in the form of mounted automatic weapons, missile racks, and a powerhouse engine. Amelia has used it in service to the local Newhall populace, the bounty hunter's guild, and as a for-hire service hired by various organizations to locate and retrieve their needs.

Synthetic Intelligence: Kimberly

Also known as an Artificial Intelligence Hologram, designation K12, AiH-K12, this state-of-the-art construct was developed by the Alliance in cooperation with Blue Sun. An advanced computer program based upon the human brain with a dynamic memory-processor matrix, Kimberly has residual thoughts, memories, and feelings as well as a unique, sassy and lively personality. In short, she has a synthetic intelligence and sentience. Though she lacks a physical body, her personal avatar can be produced by any holographic source locally or through Cortex access. The avatar is a feminine, pixie-statured Caucasian woman who speaks with an Australian accent. Her skills are computer and piloting-based, even so far as being networked into the Blue Nirvana and able to independently control the starfighter.