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Full name
  • Ambrose Nightshade
Date of Birth
  • April 14
  • Father: Jack Nightshade
  • Mother: Arianna Nightshade nee Tyler
  • Only Child
  • Unwed
  • None
  • Your assignment here.
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Black Hair, Hazel Eyes
Education Information

Basic, Psychology, First Aide


Ambrose is relatively tall, reaching just less than six feet. He has lost the chubbiness he had as a child, which has formed into more of a solid build. Broad shoulders, strong back, muscled arms, and a tight jawline. He looks strong enough to endure a punch or a kick, but the expressive lines on his face portrays a soft and gentle look most of the time, but can, on occasion, change into a harder, firmer look. His complexion is on the paler side, giving more of a sharp contrast with his hair. His black mane of hair is combed neatly back, but with a couple of wayward strands that hang over his forehead. His deep set eyes are hazel and rich, and fill with intensity when he's focused.

His casual attire is worn neat and tidy. Dressed respectable in black pants of a good quality, creamy-coloured shirt fits loosely, but is tucked into the waistband of his pants. Two buttons at his neck is kept undone, but the collars are folded down precisely. A silver necklace is worn around his neck, the cross shaped pendant of a shiny silver metal resting against his chest. Over his eyes he wears a pair of black, rectangular glasses.


Ambrose enjoys music. He is quite gifted when it comes to playing music and can be rather obsessed with any instrument and is very focused when he plays. Music tends to bring out his enthusastic personality, showing excitement with his songs, but easily show how fierce he can be to stand up in the name of music. That aside, Ambrose is a sweet, kind hearted soul who is too soft for his own good. He isn't much of a fighter and usually shies away from confrontation; however, should someone be in need of help he would go out of his way to assist, which doubles for friends and family.


Ambrose’s journey from boy to man began on Ariel. That is where he was born and raised, and where he only heard stories of other places.

His father had long since been in the Alliance before he ever settled on Ariel. He was on the move, sent wherever the Alliance needed him. To Jack Nightshade, duty and responsibility were always first. On an assignment that took him to Ariel, he met a wonderful woman who could cook him the most fanciful of meals. Arianna Tyler stole his heart so that when he left Ariel after completing his mission, she was on his mind almost constantly. He had a few more visits to Ariel, many of them personal, when he eventually settled on the planet after discovering that Arianna had gotten pregnant. So he transferred to working on the local Alliance branch on Ariel and married Arianna.

Ambrose was born healthy and was loved by both his parents, both of them proud of their baby boy. He was a happy baby, very content, especially held in his mother’s arms. When he did cry his mother would sing a song that would comfort and soothe him. It was like magic how song could comfort him.

He had many rolls as baby, always eating, and even into his childhood he never completely got rid of that baby chub. He wasn’t very physical, and made many mistakes at everyday labour work. But oh, he loved to learn. He’d sit and work from books and assignments for hours, looking up all sorts of information and stories. He kept to himself mostly, but was kind when he did speak. He had one good friend, Tara O’Keith. Her and her violin helped him discover just how much he loved music. He watched her play, and when he tried it out for himself, picked it up rather quickly. He didn’t know notes, but he was able to get the imprecise tune of the song his mother would sing to him. So begun his quest for learning more, asking Tara what note was what as he played.

His father wasn’t impressed when Ambrose expressed his enthusiasm for music. He told him to forget the desire and to focus on his studies. Ambrose was disappointed he couldn’t own his own instrument, but at least he could listen to Tara play. His mother was more encouraging about his music, though she couldn’t contradict her husband and buy Ambrose an instrument, she was more supportive. Ambrose often spoke to his mother for advice, and helped her out in her kitchen at work, where he picked up some cooking techniques.

He was on his way home from school when he came across his mentor for the first time. Zaydan Dougell: the old man was playing his lyre when Ambrose came by. Zaydan was amused by Ambrose’s enthusiasm with his music, and after some consideration and some questions in getting to know the boy, he offered him lessons, which Ambrose whole-heartedly accepted. It wouldn’t go unnoticed at home, though, as instead of returning home after his studies he’d have a lesson with Zaydan. When asked, Ambrose spoke the truth, receiving much disapproval from his father. He didn’t restrict him from taking lessons, just expressed how little he liked the idea.

It wasn’t just music that Ambrose learned from Zaydan, but was told many, many stories of other worlds, of adventures. Their friendship became close, and Ambrose idolized the old man. He practiced with both lyre and guitar, and excited about music, he and Tara planned to one day start a band.

His father had other plans. By the time Ambrose was eighteen he became so busy with his studies that he barely had anytime to play music. With his father’s encouragement, he had chosen a suitable career; he was learning psychology. He would be able to help people, in any case. Around that time Zaydan was busy taking care of a sick wife, too. In a couple years Zaydan ended up losing his wife to the sickness, so after apologising to Ambrose (and letting him know how proud he was of him) he took off to see the world. He wasn’t the only one to leave, as Tara headed out, too. So he focused on becoming a psychologist and worked hard at it, even as he itched to play more music.

RP Hook

  • Psychologist - need some help? Talk to him.
  • Father works for the Alliance
  • Basic knowledge of First Aide
  • Has a passion for music

The People

  • Jack Nightshade ~ Ambrose wants nothing more than to please his father and make him proud. He encouraged him to make something of himself, which led to becoming a psychologist, but he would love it if his father could support his musical talents.
  • Arianna Nightshade nee Tyler ~ His mother means the world to him. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for her. She's always been supportive of him and he loves her.
  • Ansiel ~ What kind of authority? He's just going to take cover if she's around.
  • Destari ~ He keeps running into this lovely young woman. He admires her free traveling spirit.
  • Devlin ~ He seems all right. He and Robyn certainly fit together. But his flirting with Tara certainly brings about some animosity.
  • Diantha ~ If there's one thing that catches Ambrose's eye, it's another musician. Her orcarina is charming and he would love to play music with her when she's better.
  • Jason ~ He's dedicated to keeping Tara safe and alive. That, in itself, makes him okay in his books.
  • Lirin ~ The Lady of Dumont. She was very welcoming and accommodating.
  • Maxim ~ Lady Theresa's husband and a good guy.
  • Robyn Ornelas ~ The day he met her on Persephone was the day he met a friend. Since then he's felt closer to her and would do anything to help her out. He sees her as a strong, incredibly amazing woman who can survive through anything.
  • Sink ~ The man of Dumont.
  • Tara ~ A childhood friend. She inspired him towards music. He adores her and is very 'big brother' protective of her. He will never tell her that he feels more for her, fear of breaking that deep friendship of theirs.
  • Theresa ~ Very hospitable and welcoming. Her food makes his tummy happy. Helping Theresa out in the kitchen reminds him of helping out his mother with her chef's work.
  • Tizzy ~ Her shyness reminds him a little of how Tara can be. Perhaps that's what lured him to her. And she's damn attractive!



Fantasy Music - Kvothe (Composition by Lucas King) Crash and Burn - Savage Garden (For Tara)

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