Amber Wu

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Amber Wu
Full name Amber Wu
Date of Birth Unknown: putatively 2504/2505
Parents Unknown. Adopted by Michael Wu.
Siblings Unknown.
Spouse None
Assignment Winchester Repeating Arms Co., Weapons dealer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green / Dark, foxy red
Height and Weight 5'3"
Status Inactive
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History

Winchester Repeating Arms Co. of Hera


Little is known of Amber's background. She admits to being an orphan, putatively from Paquin. When the Dawn Star Circus was destroyed, she was formally orphaned and placed into official care.
After several years and a number of (generally unsuccessful) fosterings, (and after aquiring a large number of juvenile convictions for offences such as escaping lawful custody, refusing lawful commands and profanity in public, i.e., running away from the orphanage or foster care and telling them to shove their unpaid 14 hour days picking berries where the sun don't shine) she was adopted by a trader who she called Uncle Mike.

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Michael Wu was a successful trader operating out of Beylix, specialising in old Earth memorabilia (and re-creations - not forgeries - thereof), as well as exotica from the Rim and notable pieces of handcrafted arts such as netsuke or gem carving, or furs and fabrics. Most of these would later be traded in towards the Core at extensive markups.
Under his guardianship, Amber entered a semi-formal apprenticeship, the closest she'd ever come to formal learning. As part of it, she was expected to read extensively, listen and observe, and begin practicing the skills of a merchant. She also gained training in some practical skills, such as MULE handling, useful for a trader operating alone or with a small crew.
He, too, is now dead.

IC Common Knowledge

Amber Wu works for Winchester Repeating Arms Co. and seems determined to do the best she can with it.


Amber is quiet, generally self-contained, and polite. There is little, if any, evidence of anything resembling a personality when it comes to her business dealings. She seems unfailing honest and painfully direct.
If she relaxes, its become clear that she has a flair for subtle humour and an appreciation of the quirky. That, however, is in her own time, NOT when working.

Hobbies & Habits


  • Amber will read anything, omniverously, if its left around. Old Earth stories, ship timetables, rubbish romances, engine maintenance manuals. A surprising amount is retained and tends to crop up in the oddest way during conversations.
  • It almost makes up for her complete lack of formal schooling.
  • Can also be very annoying.


  • A guilty pleasure, Amber can sometimes be seen playing with her marionette, a Fool in motley. She's reasonably good at it too.
  • She's very posessive of it, and anyone trying to 'play' with it better not want their fingers back.

Herbs & Folk Medicine

  • An interest in these, given her 'upbringing' was inevitable. With skilled medical help either unavailable or too expensive, people make do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but at least it offers hope of a chance.
  • It annoys her intensely when folk medicine is written off as useless. Simply because there is better doesn't mean something should be forgotten. Prickly lettuce sap isn't morphine, but if you're on a backwater planet its the closest thing you might have to pain relief when you need it.


  • She's not a professional fortune teller, but Amber does know how to 'read' the cards.
  • Amber uses the tarot as an aide to meditation and self-inspection.

Irish Whistle

  • Getting Amber to play her whistle in public is like pulling an elephant's tooth..
  • Alone, between friends, she's not bad with it at all....



Dressed in traditional black-and-white, Amber's red/brown foxy hair almost flames in comparison, especially since her makeup is muted. It is currently braided and wrapped around at the back of her head into a tight bun, pierced by a pair of short ebony and mother-of-peal hairsticks, keeping with the black and white theme. The thin necklet of silver around her throat, made from twisted wire and ornamented with opals is not an expensive piece, but it is pretty.
Her clothes are neat, simple: classic. A full white shirt, long sleeved with buttoned cuffs and open at the collar. A black vest, cut to flatter but left open, and a tailored, full-gored skirt (also black) to mid calf which swings easily as she walks.

OOC Extra bits...

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  • Please use it with discretion.
  • SOME (particularly more general) facts will be 'public knowledge'
  • If using information here as Deus Ex Machina to stir RP, please clear IC knowledge of it with the players first, before springing it on them mid-scene. It helps prevent IC paranoia.

Amber would be played by Olivia Burnette or Eva Mendes - but only 5'3 and with dark auburn hair.

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