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Amber-Jeanne 'AJ' Charlotte
Full name Amber-Jeanne Evangeline Charlotte
Date of Birth 2nd September, 2501 (27)
Birthplace Kel's Crest, Beylix
Parents Johnathan and Sara Charlotte
Mother Deceased
Siblings Christopher Michael Charlotte
Spouse Unwed
Children Adelaide Blaire, Nicole Hel Charlotte
Assignment Captain, Arctic Raider II
Pirate Commonwealth
Specialization Command, Security, Public Relations
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown ; Black
Height and Weight 5'10" (1.78m)

143 lbs. (64.86 kg)

Status Active
Education Information

K-12 Beylix Public School System

  • Close Quarters Combat: Firearms Training
    • Mixed Martial Arts: Fencing, Iaido, Judo, Krav Maga, Kenjutsu, Wrestling
  • Combat-Trauma First Aid Response Training
  • Flight Training, Beylix Southern Cross School of Space and Aeronautics
    • Capital-sized ships
    • Fighter-sized ships/shuttles
    • Transport-sized ships
Military Service


Employment History

Current: Arctic Raider II, Captain

  • Formerly: Riptide Defense Services, Personal Security Consultant
  • Formerly: Leviathan, Captain
  • Formerly: Arctic Raider II, First Mate
  • Formerly: Devil's Corsair, Corsair
  • Formerly: Alabaster Falcon, Security Officer
Personal Notes

Medical Record

  • Ambidextrous.
  • Acute allergy to penicillin.
  • Blood Type: A+.
  • Complete Vaccinations & Immunizations.
  • Mild Alcohol & Tobacco Use.
  • Chicken Pox, Age Six.
  • Tonsillitis, Age Eleven.
  • Fractured Rib, Ages Fourteen & Sixteen.
  • Bruised Rib, Age Twenty-One.
  • Fractured Leg, Age Sixteen (simple, closed).
  • Fractured Arm, Age Twenty-Two (simple, closed).
  • Heavy scarring to left shoulder-blade.
  • Single gunshot wound to right shoulder, minimal tissue damage/scarring.
  • Multiple stab wounds to upper left leg, minimal tissue damage/scarring.
  • Fractured Arm, Age Twenty-Four (simple, closed).
  • Multiple gunshot wounds to abdomen, minimal tissue damage/scarring.

The Physical Illustration

This woman stands at about five foot ten with a toned physique. She probably weighs in the range of a hundred thirty or forty pounds. She's in her late twenties. Her dark, bronzed skin is smooth and unblemished. She has a decent bust line and trim waist, backside gently curved; her figure decisively feminine and providing an Amazonian build. Her limbs are long and well-toned, muscled. She has light brown eyes and shoulder blade-length, healthy black hair. It is currently tied back with a French braid. Her face is slender with a straight, broad-tipped nose and full lips and slim jaw, completed by high cheekbones and a strong chin with a slight overbite. She wears light, rosy makeup and darkening eye shadow.

Amber-Jeanne wears different things as the days go by, scene by scene.

The Mental Depiction

There isn't quite a better way to describe Amber-Jeanne Charlotte than to say that she is politely crude. She knows who to respect and who not to, most times. That doesn't stop her mouth from getting her into trouble, situations she cannot readily fix, or being a bitch. She's feisty, in an amiably friendly way until felt wronged, and prone to cursing. She puts forth the best of her best in her pursuits. If she wants something, she will go for it with a headstrong, and at times blindly stubborn, attitude, preferring to live in the moment and improvise rather than create an extensive plan of action. She is fiercely competitive too.

There is also a more respectable, saner woman within her. Strong-willed and with a heart of gold, she will break laws and disdain bureaucracy for the better of social improvement. She places a high value upon personal freedom no matter how badly her actions clash with society. The woman acts with compassion but can and will shirk such personal honor if it benefits the greater good of things. She typically tries to act through her conscience and use it as a moral compass.

She holds onto her secrets as well; ranging from her favorite animal being a penguin, or that she cannot ballroom dance to save her life, or that she likes rainbows. She's also an avid guitar player. She enjoys her vices too, and drinks casually, from teas to alcohol, while trying not to relapse into a nicotine addiction. All of this, she struggles heavily with against a Buddhist background and lifestyle.

The Chronicling of Charlotte

The Distant Past

Born on Beylix in a small town called Kel's Crest, Amber-Jeanne Charlotte was the daughter of a scrap-yard owner and veteran Browncoat fighter. He was a good father by her and her mother. It hit him rather hard when her mother died of pneumonia after her younger brother Christopher Michael was born. Growing up with little, she learned through public schooling and skulking dangerous places to turn risks into riches. She learned to protect herself and her kid brother and old father by any means necessary at an early age. Other than a heap of scrap, the three of them were pretty much all she had.

She wound up becoming a brawler and gunslinger, a general rabble-rouser over more humble or beautiful aspirations. It wasn't like she really minded, she was good with a gun in her hand and took to showdowns and shootouts along the countryside. She found herself getting a more worthwhile job as security officer aboard the Firefly-class Alabaster Falcon after accidentally proving herself in a local bar fight. She took to the Black well, definitely for the chance at something more.

Most her paycheck went back home to keep things afloat and she would occasionally see her old father and kid brother, make sure they were well enough on their own. Everything worked out really well in the end, up until...

The Near Present

We found ourselves hounded by the Alliance while taking a bit of a rest on Persephone and awaiting other things to calm down some with a rival crew. I had taken to a small vacation near off in some suites with a crewmember who had taken a shining to me. While me and the guy were shacked up, most of the crew was involved in some shootout. Pretty much, they either got killed off or the wounded hauled off to be looked at in some hospital. When their identities were revealed, they were arrested for various charges. I doubt they’ll ever see the light of day.

Me and the guy split up, went our separate ways, and I ended up wandering around Persephone for a long while. It was a few months into things that the itch to explore and get into things stirred up something fierce and I packed up, intent on heading back home to see my family before looking for a new crew.

My family was doing well and all, kid brother building some exotic pieces of art out of scrap pieces and making some extra cash within the art world. Father's taken to wielding a shotgun and keeping folk off our property, nothing strange enough about that. He's a pretty strict man and hardly lets someone get away with any wrong against him no matter how slight it is, still strongly loves me and Chris though.

On my way to the Core, I ended up waylaid on Boros because of some bogus shuttle malfunction. Just by luck, I ended up meeting a good and rowdy bunch who were looking for folk who could handle themselves well enough. I might have been royally hesitant but sweet merciful Buddha, I took the bait and joined up with the Commonwealth.

I have to say, living the life of a pirate ain't so much different as it is living a normal life. Sure, I shoot things a lot and then again I punch, kick, and just generally am told to kick someone or something's backside from one end of a room to the other. I also am fed well daily, have a bed and more than my basic needs satisfied, always in the company of like-minded individuals and they look out for me like an extended family. I'll be sure to take a swing or two at you if you think that's a bad life to be living.

I've been through battles, skirmishes, brief affairs, and emotional upheavals. Living the life of a pirate isn't any as different as some other chosen lifestyle: I still have loves, fears, desires, restraints, and my own crafted story being woven by my very own fingertips and those around me, both close and far beyond. I'm proud of that and I'm proud of where I stand today. My body's intact and I fight for something. I fight for myself and I fight to protect those around me.

I lead.

How was I supposed to know that all of the grooming that leaders before me had given me would actually pay off in something so worthwhile? I'm now the Captain of the Leviathan and proud to serve the Commonwealth as best as I can as a member of High Command. It's the least I could do, in all honesty. It's the least I could do with my loyalty to the Crown.

The Later Future

The best of the best of days, the worst of the worst of days, and anything in-between is on the horizon. Who knows what's going to happen in the future? Amber-Jeanne doesn't, but that will not stop her from looking forward to the future. As of late, it has been rumored that the notorious Captain Charlotte is dead - having been killed during a skirmish with locals on the Rim, Yinyang to be specific.

AJ on Allies, Adversaries, and Acquaintances

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Potential RP Hooks

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