Amaranth Harris

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Full name Amaranth Harris
Date of Birth Your character's DOB
Parents Your character's parents
Assignment Medic
Gender Female


At a very unintimidating five-foot even height, stands a girl with a curvy figure. Her small waist hides between a wide chest and hips. Her pale skin is unmarked, suggesting a life kept indoors and out of harm's way. Compared to her short frame, her fingers are longer and slender, very agile looking. The little bit there is over her height appears to be mostly her torso, leaving her legs short and stumpy, the curviness carrying over into her wide thighs and narrow calves. Her face is heart-shaped, small dimples appearing in the middle of her cheeks when she smiles. To call her hair curly is an understatement. It moves of its own accord, crazy brown curls surrounding her head with no ability to be tamed, reaching her shoulders at its longest. Wide blue eyes peer out from the mess, taking up most of her face. Her nose and mouth appear to have been shrunken to fit in with the little bit of room left with them.