Amar Rendolin

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Amarred grn.jpg
Full name Amar Trey Rendolin
Date of Birth May 13, 2483
Parents TBD
Siblings Lucretia (niece)
Assignment Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown hair, green eyes
Height and Weight 6'2", 210 lbs
Status Active
Military Service

Rendolin was known in the Alliance Ground Forces as an officer who tended to go "no holds barred" in getting a mission done, though one who never liked to leave a soldier behind. He believes in the Alliance cause and finds the war worthwhile and it's results better for everyone. Honorable discharge after injuries at the rank of Major.

Amar Rendolin is trained in sidearms and surveillance, and serves as the Red Lion security chief. Known to be former Alliance military, he struggles at times adjusting to the whole idea of a less regimented life.

RLI Security is hiring! See our page on RLI Security Roles for details.

Early life and family

The few, the proud, the Rendolins through history.

The Rendolin family has a long tradition of military service back five generations with Amar at it's head. All of the male members of his family are current or former Alliance military, and further back they trace their roots to the American Armed Forces. In recent generations, aunts and grandmothers were also decorated in military service. Tending toward early enlistment or officer academy, most Rendolins lasted at their cause until mandatory retirement, settling back on their pensions to help raise the next generation of their children's children.

The family has a pronounced tendency not to think outside the box. After so long in the care of the government and military, their lives and their work are so closely fused that no one thinks of what life would be like otherwise. Schooling is specifically aimed at jobs in the armed forces, and spouses tend to be picked from other military families.

Alliance Military

Showing some dead Browncoat the road to hell.

Rendolin enlisted at the usual early age and showed promise, with a good eye with weapons and the beginnings of command ability. Given his father is a serving General and his father before him the same, it surprised no one. Amar was as hard on himself as he was on others that came within his command, and spent a number of years indoctrinating new recruits in boot camp. For all his skill, Rendolin was known to express his frustrations in unproductive ways, either becoming sarcastic and passive aggressive, or speaking his mind at the wrong times, and to the wrong people.

When the war started, he was promoted to Major and sent into combat zones to command companies of Alliance ground troops. Present at the front lines, Rendolin seemed to have a zest for diving into impossible situations, and thus earned himself three combat injuries. However, his soldiers gained twenty-five rescues of downed men and woman in the roughest of situations. One command, dubbed the Cerebus Company, won a three-day battle without losing a single solder. Despite the risks and injuries, he was never out of the action for too long.

The Fourth Wound

Raise your hand if you were the one who shot me in the back. Doooo eeeeet!

When it came time to cycle some units through Serenity Valley, Rendolin lobbied strongly to be sent in. He'd made quite a reputation for himself, though seemed overly driven. Some thought the war had gotten to him, or his family attention was stressing him. Nonetheless, paperwork started for his transfer, as well as for his hand-picked company of soldiers to go with him.

He never made it to Serenity Valley. During a mission that should have been simple, Rendolin was creeping forward toward a Browncoat communications outpost when he was hit from behind with a spray of bullets. Falling to the ground, he rolled into a ditch to call for help. Shockingly, though he heard clear air on his icomm, there was no reply and none of the usual chatter. Another burst of fire strafed his hiding spot, and as the sharp sounds faded, Rendolin heard the distinctive sound of jamming from his comm.

Amar was hit one more time by his mysterious assailant before being found, torn up from crawling through the woods and nearly bled out, by the second Alliance company that was working with his. Rendolin was patched up and quickly evacuated, and had to be resuscitated once on the journey. It was two weeks after the key battle at Serenity Valley when he was finally released from the hospital. All of Cerebus Company, the men and women he'd picked to post there with him, were killed in the battle.

Recovery and Decline

Gun for hire on some frontier world. Will work for bullets and revenge.

After leaving the hospital, Rendolin took the honorable discharge offered and left the military. The investigation into the possible friendly fire incident was inconclusive, citing the type of ammo used fit Browncoat forces. Amar also couldn't place the voice he'd heard, and most of the unit he was with claimed to have heard no such words on their own icomms. Rendolin's family, stunned at his accusations of a conspiracy, moved to sweep the final report under the rug. While still inconclusive, the incident faded from the official record to be replaced with a simple "wounded in action" citation alongside the medical details.

Rendolin left, unable to comprehend a fellow soldier out to murder him, let alone the possibility that the whole unit stood by and let it happen. While it wasn't his own usual unit, the moral implications struck at everything he'd been taught, known and instructed in the military. His departure from the service became a break with his family. After a violent argument with a group of almost all of the living Rendolins, Amar left, a man running with no destination.

Given what he knew and was good at, Rendolin drifted around as a gun for hire on frontier worlds, dishing out anger on the likes of criminals and vagrants harassing the settlers and small towns there. He went in and out of a drinking problem, always managing to catch himself before hitting rock bottom. Amar possessed an awareness of what he was, comparing it to what he was becoming. Even so, it was many years before he made contact with old civilian friends. With a little help from them, he put together a resume to float on the Cortex. If he was going to take up the life of a hired gun, he might as well get paid well for it.

Private Employment and Further Recovery

Cleaned up and on the job.

Rendolin lucked out to be picked up almost immediately by Red Lion Industries, run by Damian Carmichael.

Character and Background Hooks

I'm looking for characters interested in playing:

  • Former military buddies (though none from his Cerebus Company). This goes for medical people who may have been around to patch him and his up after some of their close calls, especially anyone from the team who pulled him out that fourth time he was gunned down.
  • Family members. Likely very military-minded family members.
  • Independents who want an Alliance guy to play off of!