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Full name Amakaze Aleksandrovich Takamoto
Date of Birth October 21, 2499
Parents Aleksei Korsakov (Alive) and Mei-Lein Korsakov (Alive)
Siblings Zandock Aleksandrovich
Spouse Terra Takamoto
Assignment Red Lion - Head Chef
Specialization Culinary Arts
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 5'11", 155 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

University of Sihnon (Botany), Culinary School of Sihnon (Registered Chef)

Military Service
  • No military service.

The Basics

Amakaze Aleksandrovich was born on Sihnon, so far as he's aware. He showed up at a hospital there, anyway, without the attached parents. The baby boy was eventually adopted to a strange pairing of a serious Russian History professor and a rather unserious Chinese violinist. Enrolled in comfortably middle class schools, Amakaze excelled in his studies but struggled in his relationships with other students and teachers, rarely speaking at all. When he did speak, his nervousness manifested into a stutter he has been unable to rid himself of to this day, despite both psychological and pharmological assistance provided by his parent’s money. He took well to the subject of history, but it became obvious that he would never be able to follow in his father’s footsteps, as teaching is an intensely social activity. Instead, he concentrated on those things he was good at that didn’t require interaction with others, his garden being one of his favorite. He advanced quickly, skipping several grades to receive a degree in botany just before his 21st birthday, but from there he floundered. A technologically advanced world had little need for a botanist without a pairing in viruses or medicines, and the few available were sabotaged by his nervous, stuttering job interviews. Thus, he went back to school, but this time it was culinary school, where he could grow the fresh foods he needed in order to make excellent dishes. He graduated top of his class and apparently worked for at least a year in a local restaurant. Abruptly, he left Sihnon to seek his fortune in the ‘verse, and it is currently uncertain what pressure lead him to live a life aboard ships, picking up skills here or there to make himself more useful.

More recently, however, he’s come to work for Red Lion Industries, functioning as a combination chef, morale officer, and butler. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess

Trivia and The Story Thus Far


- Is extremely shy, to the point that he rarely looks at people when he's talking to them. It has been rumored he doesn't know what most of his associates look like from the waist up. Despite this, he somehow manages to continually accrue a surprising amount of strangely complicated relationships with his fellows

- Self medicates with anxiety pills. Seems to oscillate between a set of drugs carried in a silver cigarette case, and another pill which successfully mitigates his anxiety but seems to dull other facilities as well. More recently he has avoided medical correction, but seems to become unbalanced without them.

- Specializes in 'Earth-That-Was' cuisine, showing some distaste for the mixing of cultural heritages into one melting pot.

- Speaks English, Chinese, Greek, Latin, and Russian fluently. Is reputedly working on French

- Wears a silver heart-shaped locket necklace at all times, even while sleeping.

- Has an intense fear and distrust of Doctors, psychologists in particular, unless he has a strong background with them. The reason for this is currently unknown outside of Red Lion, but seems to have something to do with an incident on his home planet of Sihnon that convinced him to leave.

- Crewed several ships of various legality before settling down on the Red Lion. He must have been lucky, however, as he has no record of arrests.

- Has been noted to be a dead ringer for Fess Higgins, or at least close enough to be a look-alike. Anyone seeing them could tell them apart from general demeanor, however

-Will actually faint if pushed too hard or teased too aggressively

-Was recently shot on the grounds of Bubastis, and was saved by the quick work of the company doctor, Iorwerth Jones. This seems to have contributed to that man being the only doctor Ama trusts.

-Is dating the former model Terra the cook managed to accomplish this, no one seems certain.

The Many Faces of Amakaze

Recently, Amakaze seems to have developed a variety of personas that come and go, their personalities very different from the shy stuttering one. Whether this is a problem he has or a result of training by Damian Carmichael for some purpose is hard to say. A few seem to have manifested consistently enough to take their own names.

Marius - In many ways the polar opposite of Amakaze, Marius seems to embody the party animal. Friendly, energetic, and lustful, Marius moves from whim to whim as the fancy strikes, and rarely thinks about tomorrow. While he's usually well liked, he can be callous toward others in the pursuit of his joys, and does not consider himself bound to any responsibility that he does not enjoy. He tends to speak in an exaggeratedly posh British accent.

Si- "Self Interest". A rarely seen persona that emerges only under moments of great stress, when Ama is asked to do something beyond his comfort zone. Si is blunt, manipulative, and dedicated to nothing but the advancement of himself and his fellow personas, whom he oddly thinks of as his wards.

Aleksei - Calm, collected, and simple. This persona has a strong Russian accent, and speaks English with middling fluency. While not stupid, Aleksei does not acknowledge complications. He can be surprised by things he has not considered, but simplicity offers clarity in many cases.

Grace - The Negotiator. Grace is polite, quick witted, and diplomatic. He smoothes over ruffled feathers left by the other personas, and negotiates for the peaceful, win-win solutions to all problems. Grace has taken to differentiating himself with archaic language, so when Ama starts to comment with 'Thees' and 'Thous', you know who you're dealing with.

Doctor Jek - Despite the obvious allusion of his name, the Doctor is neither an embodiment of good or evil. Rather, he seems to be completely neutral, operating with a minimum of emotion and human attachment. He refers to himself as an artist...though art pursued without an interest in human emotion or concerns can be scary stuff indeed.