Alzarath 'Alz' Invaldi

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Alz 2.jpg
Full name Alzarath 'Alz' Invaldi
Date of Birth 14 Jun, 2501
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Father Deani Invaldi, Mother Lina Invaldi
Siblings Brother, Sister
Spouse Breona Jade Ree
Children Rafael and Amber
Assignment Second in Command ACI, CO Gadget Squad SRT
Specialization Technology, Martial Arts, Engineering
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel/ Brown
Height and Weight 6'0" / 195 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

None official

Employment History

Past - Frost's Pirates, Alliance Military, Phoenix, Life Line Inc, White Star / Present - DAS ACI


My history? Simply uneventful. I grew up on Persephone with my family, interesting bunch we were. My father was an Alliance supporter, but I wasn't. It lead to many arguments and splits in my relationship with him. I eventually left, feeling that me causing this much stir was a disservice to my Mother, brother, and Sister. I wonder how they are, I haven't seen them in 5 years. Yes, I ran away at 15, got myself a job under a repair techinician on Sihnon, from there I moved onto being an engineer for a small crew who left me on Haven. I have now wandered back and found my way to Sihnon again, hoping to find another crew, this time, one that won't leave me stranded in the middle of a firefight.

Present Status



This human is six feet tall, appears to be 195 pounds, and has brown hair. His eyes are hazle, though they've adapted more to the green side. You can still see a speck of brown if you look the right way. His clothes are normal and they appear to be semi clean. He wears a pair of baggy pants with a lot of pockets, a white tanktop, a pair of goggles to keep out the dust if he's on a sandy world, and some black boots. His tanktop fails to conceal the mesh armor that covers his body as it extends to his shoulder, it appears to have been cut off from there. His hair is a short and spikey clump and in some places it sticks up like a needle, while in others it's a gentler spike. His arms have their fair share of muscles although he doesn't appear to be overworked. He is certainly strong though. The only place for weapons on his person would be the sleeveless jacket he wears.

Personality and Demeanor

His calmness. Other people are calm, but not as calm as him. You could shoot him in the leg and he would hit back, but he would'nt be angry at all. Just defending himself, sometimes people wonder how he manages to stay so calm and some have even called it unnatural. His calmness is only betrayed by his behaviour towards his comrades. Around people he knows, he's happy-go-lucky to the extreme.

Recent Activities

He joined up with Frost for awhile and then ended up betraying him. He was shot during the attack on the base on Ezra and the Alliance picked him up. He was allowed to live and now spends most of his time on Persephone or the Phoenix. He goes on through life, forgetting Frost and his crew, but not the threat they pose to him.

With Frost MIA, this means he rests easier at night. In fact, he's even been seen sneaking around Persephone and interacting with The Pirate Vixen Nysacire. Now he spends most of his time on Persephone with the White Star still in New Hall getting repairs. There's a rumor he has an on-going Alliance application.

His Alliance application was accepted and he was put in the reserves. Recently, with the Alliance making budget cuts, he was given a severance package and taken off the reserves. Now he's back with the Phoenix protecting the place.

After several years on the Phoenix, he has been called up once again to serve as a Corporal in the Alliance's 63rd Ground Forces. He has also seemed to reconnect with a lost friend, Breona Jade Ree.

After a disagreement with GenCom, he left. Rumors are he's coming back to the Alliance, but as of yet they are unfounded.

He came back and joined the DAS. After several months of hard work was jostled around from Interpol, to Directorate of Technology and finally to being Director Dumont's Second in Command for the Special Activities Division.

In a recent show of bravery, he was killed during the war on APC-088. Details are as of yet unconfirmed by the Alliance. All that is certain is that the man went down a hero and just as stubborn as ever.