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Full name Uncertain. Alsatia Something-or-other.
Parents Unknown
Siblings One, presumed dead
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Crewmember, Jia
Specialization Being cheerful
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, Brown hair
Height and Weight 5' 0", 95 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Uncertain, but she seems well spoken.

Military Service

No military service


(IC INFO): Alsatia is the sister of Chastian O'Connor, recently reunited with her after a long absence. Other than that, and the fact that she has been to Persephone at least once in her life, little is known.

(OOC INFO): Alsatia is not the sister of Chastian O'Conner, just friends. But they look alike so what the heck.


5' nothing, less than a hundred pounds. She is short and skinny, with dark hair pulled back in a short tail or worn parted on the side. Her face is pretty and pale, with large dark eyes.

Storytelling Rules

Alsatia's Storytelling Contest Rules can be found here: Storytelling Rules.

Song of the Week

Under a Raging Moon - Roger Daltry