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Full name Alice Louisa Muey-Andrews
Date of Birth Decembber 25, 2508
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Deceased
Spouse None
Children None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Grey, Brunette
Height and Weight 4'10, 90 lbs.

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At first glance, this young woman appears still nearly to be a child. A good few inches shy of five foot on a very slender frame the woman has a very waifish figure, oftentimes mistaken still for a child until one takes in the depths of wisdom held within her deep grey eyes. She has high, chiseled cheekbones, but they're pale, devoid of any flush of color; a tiny nose with the hint of a curve, covered with a smattering of freckles; and full, pouting lips that appear to be as velvety soft as rosebuds which are the woman's most striking element. Cascades of gleaming brunette curls tumble in corkscrews down her back, long enough to reach her hips as they fall from the knot of golden ribbon she has wrapped at the nape of her neck to contain the silken strands. Her hair is streaked with strands of copper and auburn highlights and darker shades of henna and even jet are mixed throughout.


Alma is an optimist, despite the fact that likely she shouldn't be. She's seen how badly the 'verse can go, and how awful life can treat someone. But she's also seen the moments that just take your breath away with how easily and right life sometimes works out, even when it shouldn't. So she looks for every silver lining, and rides out streaks of bad luck on the hope and confidence that soon it will change.


Alma was born to a poor couple from Persephone, and by the time she was 6, she'd lost both of her parents and was left to figure the world out for herself. Her father was a respected ship's repairman on the docks of Eavesdown, and that was what helped Alma most in surviving. Folks who had respected her father trusted the young orphan enough to let her run their errands and help out with odd jobs when they were docked. It gave her some spending money while she bounced from home to home, until when she was 15 she bounced herself right out of foster care by simply walking away and never looking back. Starting out with trade courses, she earned her mechanics licenses, and then the jobs she could get fixing ships here and there, did a basic piloting course, and eventually put her through an engineering degree as well. Ever since, she's stepped into the role her father used to play, random ship repairs to boats that stop into Persephone needing fix-ups before they're safe and ready to head out into the black once more. She hopes that one day a random job will turn into something more permanent, but so far, nothing that fits quite right has been found. Some day, though.

Family History

Alma's parents were wonderful people, and they both loved her very much. But neither of them loved her for very long. Her mother was a hemopheliac, and during childbirth, Allison Lillian Muey lost her life in giving birth to her only child, Alma. She was born prematurely, small for her size, and never really caught up. She also inherited her mother's illness. Small and scrawny, Alma's always been weak, never the kind of girl who would win a race, and always needing the help of someone else to lift or carry anything much heavier than a light backpack. Her father, James Harrison Andrews, was doting, and very hands on. A lot of men would have remarried, or hired a nanny, but not James. He took his daughter with him everywhere he went, and so she grew up in the docks and shipyards of Eavesdown, watching her father fix up ships, handing him tools, running small errands. It's from him that she inherited not only her love of ships and parts, but also her allergy to housepets. Dogs and cats alike make her sneeze and water up, and she can't survive more than about an hour in a closed home or ship with one before she'll require medical interventions.

Education and Employment History

Alma's worked her way up, learning ships, learning engines, getting a degree in engineering... And she's worked the shipyards throughout it all, and she's working them still. Some day she's going to find the ship and crew that are meant to be hers, but until then, she's just enjoying the chance to get to know as many of the different ones that come and go to be too rushed about the process.