Alliance Federals Training Detachment

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Alliance Federals Training Detachment
Military Service
  • AngloSino Alliance - Active Division
  • Attached to 63rd Alliance Enforcement Group
Ownership History
AngloSino Alliance

Alliance Flag
  • Nickname: The Crucible
  • Currently Assigned to the Silverhold Training Facility
  • Currently part of the 63rd Alliance Enforcement Group which consists of the 63rd Federal Division and 63rd Alliance Enforcement Fleet

Training Organization

Leadership Training

I. Leadership
II. Define Leadership
III. Identify the Four Factors of Leadership
IV. Identify and Define the Eleven Principles of Leadership

Basic Peacekeeping Tasks

I. Non-Confrontational Patrolling
II. Basic Crowd Control
III. Use of Non-Lethal Force (both Armed and Unarmed)

Learn and Perform Basic Warfighting Tasks

I. Basic Patrolling in Hostile Territory
II. Basic Combat Movement; also the difference between cover and concealment
III. Use of Lawful Lethal Force (both Armed and Unarmed)
IV. Tactical Combat Formations and the Application of Resulting Firepower

Learn Basic Communication Protocols to include

  • Standard Voice Protocol
  • Emergency Use of Unsecured Channels to Transmit Secure Information
  • Availability and Appropriate Use of Artillery Requests; To Include:
    • Fleet Artillery Fire Support
    • Close Air Fire Support

Field Training

Field Equipment Familiarization

I. Personal weaponry
  • Walther NT97M Sidearm
  • L85 ICW
    • Knife and Bayonet combat training
    • AG36 attachment
II. Warfighter Armor System, Personnel "WASP kit"
III. Communications equipment
IV. Crew-served and special-issue weaponry

Tactical Movement

  • Confidence Course
  • Field Agility Training Course
  • Timed obstacle courses
  • Infiltration course

Weapon Qualifications

  • Rifle (recorded)
  • Pistol (recorded)

Combat Tactics

  • Solo combat
  • 'Killing House'
    • SMG qualification (go/no go)
    • Shotgun qualification (go/no go)

Graduation Exercise

I. Tactical movement across long distances (7km)
II. Night patrol
III. Live-fire tactical defense and counteroffensive.

Advanced Infantry Training

I. Reinforcement of previous instruction
  • High-intensity 'Shoot House;' including weapon switch drills and hand-to-hand targets.
  • Tactical Free-Fall Interruption System familiarization
II. Adverse Environment Combat I (Silverhold)
  • Extreme cold-weather/mountain, inc. rock and ice climbing, effects of extreme cold on bullet flight, Mk. 3 RTOG (Ruggedized Thermal Optical Gunsight) and Advanced Individual Protective Equipment (AIPE) XCW modification kit familiarization
  • Arid desert, inc. sandstorm survival, effects of extreme heat on bullet flight, and AIPE XHW kit familiarization
III. Adverse Environment Combat III (Greenleaf)
  • Microgravity Combat reinforcement, AIPE EVA modification kit introduction and familiarization
  • Forest/Jungle combat, inc. swamp work, drying techniques in field and in garrison, and AIPE JW kit, special emphasis on planetary flora and fauna entries on the Cortex, and having them readily accessible.
IV. Adverse Environment Combat II (Newhall)
  • Microgravity combat; AIPE EVA kit reinforcement
  • 'Frogman' traning
  • Amphibious landings (Sea->shore, air->ground ("Para"), orbit->ground ("Hotdrop"), orbit->sea->shore ("Splash-n-smash")
V. Full Spectrum Weapons Familiarization

NOTE: Advanced Infantry Training is now mandatory, with the recent Military Efficiency Act. The first AGF unit to be sent through the new AFTD-AIS training center was the 5th Federal Special Operations Regiment ("Night Hawks")