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Allana La Rosa
Full name Allana La Rosa
Date of Birth February 14, 2499
Parents Mother: Father:
Siblings 3 Siblings
Specialization Prostitute
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blonde Hair,Blue Eyes
Height and Weight 5'8" / 140 lbs


She was born on the slums of Persephone to a single mother, a product of a one night stand as far as she was told. Her mother worked whatever job she could get to support them, but by time Ally was 5 years old she was begging on the streets to help suppliment the income. By the time she was 8 she was learning various small cons and hustles while her mother was selling her own self to make money. Between the rent and bills their incomes were barely keeping things affloat. Her mother turned to drink and drugs to deal with their situation and when Ally was fourteen she found her mother dead from an Overdose. By this time Ally was using as well. She continued to run little cons and hustles, card games, pool, etc, aided by her good looks to support herself and her drug habit. At 18 she got some proper employment at a local bar, starting out as a waitress, a dancer, as well as a barmaid where her nimble fingers and outgoing personality set her up as a bit of a talent behind the bar when she wasn't dancing. With her looks she got propositioned by quite a few customers and eventually she decided to take up some offers to add to her income. She was selective, choosing only the higher income patrons at the bar. After several years of this she felt she was 'outgrowing' the little bar and quit to seek work elsewhere. An Add for the Mystic Lady caught her attention. Seeking a prostitute with certain talents that she happened to possess and a fair better paycheck than she had earned until now.


Long, slender form that stands five foot eight inches. Pale blond hair falls past her shoulders in sultry waves, framing the long oval of her face perfectly. Pointed leaf shaped eyes bear their bright hazel-blue colour with an elegant angle, curving up to the tip at the outer corners. Her nose slender, almost aquiline. Below it, lay her lips, pink tinted pillows as accoustomed to a sly, seductive grin as a non-plussed frown. Creamy pale toned, silk textured skin shows no blemishes below any expertly applied make up.

Little Known Facts

-Hooked on Drugs
-Born in the slums of Persephone


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