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Full name Aliya Yusriyah Bhatt
Date of Birth May 25, 2508
Birthplace Beylix
Parents Jamal Bhatt (father)

Alisha Bhatt (mother)

Spouse None
Assignment Passenger aboard the Jia
  • Freelancer
Specialization Entertainment (Music)
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Black/Dark Brown
Height and Weight 5'3"


Status Active


Aliya gives a little smolder.

      Aliya isn't particularly tall but her frame is lithe, almost willowy. Glossy, nearly black hair falls perfectly straight down around her shoulders and her eyes take it the next step darker in shade. She's got them outlined in khol too, and her lashes are long and thick enough to almost seem artificial.

      Her clothing looks hand-made, but not created by skilled hands. Her dress might even be if it weren't for all the rips and frayed spots. It's possible to see all the threadwork since the stitching is in bright yellow, but the garment itself is a dingy sort of green. There's no sleeves, and the hemline hangs low enough for her to step on, which explains the ring of mud caked at the bottom. Tipped to one side on her head is a crumpled top hat that looks like it's been flattened and pushed out again and again like an accordion.


  • Mesh Armor


  • Ruger Mk. III

Brief History

     Aliya grew up on a farm on Beylix, but she'd be about the last person to tell you that. She's very scketchy when it comes to talking about her origins. What she -will- talk about is her five years with the crew of a ship called 'The Cirque', just not how she came to be there or all that happened before. She gives herself away with that thick hick accent of hers though. Either way, she was a farmgirl and certainly clever enough and willful enough to not want that for herself. Music was always an interest too and with visions of fame and glory, she skipped off at the age of fifteen. She still hasn't found her crowds of adoring fans, or the commercial on the cortex that plays -her- song, but she has some life expierience now, thanks to a group of traveling performers who took her in right away.

  • 2530

     It became time for Aliya to strike out again. Hitting her twenties brought on a sudden need for more indipendance, and really, she wasn't going to get a name for herself in a large group of entertainers. With images of venue-filling solo acts in her mind she left off on Persephone. It wasn't too long before she was scooped up again though, and this time by the captain and a crewman of the Jia. She's not giving up on her new found liberty, riding as a passenger rather than crew, but already the aptly-named ship is feeling like home.

Recent History

  • 2534

     After four years of enforced servitude, Aliya has found her freedom again. So much has changed since she's been in any civilized world. She's already discovered old friends and booked passage with the Jia again. Hopefully this time she can advance her music career instead of getting herself kidnapped.