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Alistare (Mac) MacGuffin
Full name Alistare Ian MacGuffin
Date of Birth 13 OCT 2490
Parents Ian and Mary MacGuffin
Siblings Luke and Sean MacGuffin
Assignment Security/Co-Pilot - Dochasan Lasair
Specialization Reconnaissance and Security, Co-Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Steely Blue/Brown with a red beard
Height and Weight 5'10" 190lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Border World Public School System Graduate
  • Independent Forces Military Training - Recon Infantry
Employment History

"The bonds of brotherhood are thicker than blood."


Alistare is 5'10", 195 lbs of lean muscle, well toned. His light brown hair is cropped close to his scalp and his auburn beard is trimmed neatly. He has a crooked nose and steely blue eyes. He's usually wearing a crewneck t-shirt and faded denim jeans under his brown suede duster. You can see the names Luke and Sean tatooed across his knuckles. He has a look to him that means to tell you he's no one to be taken lightly. He speaks with a heavy Irish accent.


Alistare was born the youngest of three boys to Ian and Mary MacGuffin. His twin elder brother, Luke and Sean, were four years older than he and loved to pick on him as a child. Their teasing was only play though, as Alistare and his brothers were quite close. The twins would often send Alistare on some wild scheme as only they could convince him to do. He often was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but his brothers would come forward to admit their part too. The three of them would serve their discipline together.

When Alistare graduated from secondary school, his brothers were finishing their studies at the local university, they joined the Independent forces together in 2508. With their advanced education, Luke and Sean were trained as pilots and officers, but Alistare was forced to enlist. Upon completion of basic training, he was shipped out to Persephone where he saw little action, and even less of his brothers, but his superiors saw something in him, and decided to send him for recon training. He completed his recon training in January of 2510, and was assigned to the 257th Infantry Recon battalion.

The 257th wasn't anywhere near Hera during the Battle of Serenity Valley, but Alistare's brothers were. They were flying troop transport skiffs bringing reinforcements in to the Independent forces there when they were shot down over the valley, both on the same day.

The day Alistare found out his brothers died, he was inconsolable. His unit was disbanded not a week later, and he was left alone on a planet he didn't know to sort out his grief. He took to the pubs and bars, he drank until he had nothin' left. Then he tried to take what he needed from someone else. He got into a fight and got out with a broken nose and time in an Alliance brig.

The time in the cell served to cool his heels, but he figured he was right out of luck, with no money to pay his bail, or his fine. A few days later he was released and waiting outside the station was his mother, Mary.

Mary helped Mac to get back on his feet and helped him to get a job working security on a transport, the Tsukai no Inari.


Alistare was missing February 2522 to February 2523.

Mac Returns!

Alistare has resurfaced in the 'Verse. He's working on the Dochasan Lasair. RP with him to find out what happened.