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Full name Alexandrite “Lexi” Sarkozy
Date of Birth February 11, 2503
Parents Unknown
Assignment Security, Ascension
Specialization Body guard
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Violet eyes, White hair.
Height and Weight 5'0”, 94 lbs
Education Information
  • Self taught
Military Service
  • Trained in combat techniques, but never served.
Employment History
  • Current: Unemployed
  • Formerly: Personal bodyguard of Dr. William Sarkozy, Security Officer, Ascension, Personal bodyguard of Dr. Maleagant Ironside



  • 2503 - Born on Osiris to unknown parents.
  • 2504 - Abandoned at the medical school’s reception desk with acute trauma to the tongue. The child is diagnosed with Congenital Insensitivity to Pain without Anhidrosis.
  • 2509 - Returns to the medical school’s hospital facility for severe burns on the palms. Her case and condition are brought to the attention of Dr. William Sarkozy, who selects her as a candidate for experimentation. She is adopted by the same doctor six months later.
  • 2511 - Lexi is put through traumatic sensory deprivation experimentation, and her mental tolerance is strained until she finally cracks during a session involving the evisceration of a baby.
  • 2511 - Lexi begins her combat training.
  • 2515 - Lexi sneaks a rattle snake from Dr. Ironside’s lab into Sarkozy’s bed. The doctor is badly bitten, but makes it to the hospital in time to save his life. She is bitten on the thigh trying to recapture and kill the snake.
  • 2516 - Lexi is punished with the insertion of maggots into an infected wound for the first time, facilitating her psychosis.
  • 2519 - Lexi kills for the first time.
  • 2520 - Dr. Ironside gets framed for a misdemeanor and is relieved of his position due to the machinations of Sarkozy.
  • 2521 - Lexi is sent to kill Maleagant Ironside, but makes a deal to protect him, in return for revenge against Sarkozy instead. She is 18.

Pre-PC History

Alexandrite was born to unknown parents on Osiris, and left on a receptionist’s desk with trauma to the tongue. She was diagnosed with CIP, and sent to a nearby orphanage where she lived until she was six years old. At the age of 6 she came in to the medical school’s hospital with burns from stove coils on both of her palms, and this is when she caught the attention of a man named Dr. William Sarkozy. Sarkozy had aspirations toward creating the perfect body guard, and was intrigued by this young girl who felt no pain. He adopted her within the year, and started experimenting right away. Alexandrite went through a series of inhumane tests, such as sensory deprivation, and as well as being witness to some of Sarkozy’s more horrifying experiments. She finally cracked after witnessing the evisceration of a baby at age of eight. Further treatments involved placing maggots in infected wounds, and covering the girl with leeches and the like as punishment. Because of the abuse, Alexandrite displays symptoms of both Disorganized Schizophrenia, and generalize psychosis with tactile and auditory hallucinations. Lexi recently ran away from her adoptive father under the pretext of venturing to assassinate Dr. Maleagant Ironside. In reality she’s made a deal with the good doctor; she will protect him, if he will facilitate her revenge on William Sarkozy. Lexi spent a good portion of the time not taken up with being tortured and training as a weapon for battle reading, memorizing poems and songs, and studying any subject that caught her interest for more than five seconds. She is not a good dancer, though she enjoys it, as well as a multitude of activities including but not limited to playing jacks, or Mancala, knitting, and untangling large balls of string. She has a short attention span, and is easily amused.

PC History

Lexi lived for a few months behind some crates at the Eavesdown Docks, before signing up to crew with the Ascension to better protect Dr. Maleagant Ironside. When the Ascension went under, and the good Doctor returned to live at his estate on Persephone, Lexi joined him for several months until he disappeared. She stayed at the manor for several more months after this, and then went to 'live' with Andrew Owen of the Dark Dragon. She was later shot on a mission with a woman named Angela, who took her to be looked at by a doctor named Iorwerth Jones He saw to her bullet wound, and broken wrist some time around Christmas on Osiris. After she was released from care, Lexi disappeared for nearly 7 months.

Concept and Description


Alexandrite was born with a genetic condition that prevents her from feeling pain, and was taken in at a young age by a doctor with aspirations towards creating the perfect bodyguard. She has been trained accordingly, but as a result of the experiments done on her, she has Paranoid Schizophrenia, as well as Psychosis. She suffers from Nightmares, insomnia, and of course, paranoia.


The wraith before you is very pale, but manages to be lovely nonetheless. She has skinny arms and knobby knees, with slender, boyish hips, and narrow shoulders that make her look much smaller than she actually is, and this should probably make her look a tad awkward, but she carries it off with a dancer's grace. She wears a dress that sits a little tighter at the torso than at the hips, and whose hem is cut diagonally across her thighs, so that the skirt's hem ends at mid hip on one side, and at her opposite knee on the other. The dress is a pretty blue-violet color, and made of a floaty, delicate fabric, that nonetheless manages to show off what minimal curve she possesses. Tight black shorts that terminate at mid thigh are hidden by the skirt on the longer cut side, though if she moves quickly they can briefly be seen even there. Her boots are black, and rise to just below her knees, and both thighs are adorned with matching black sheathes that contain survival knives. Her features are pretty, a small, delicate nose that is ever so slightly upturned at the end, and full, pink lips that just stand out against the surrounding skin as if she is in the habit of biting them. Her hair is shoulder-length, and bone-white, bound in a cute little ponytail at the back of her head, stray wisps held out of her eyes by a brown headband. Thick bangs fall into those haunted eyes, which are fringed with black lashes, and black lining. The area under each eye is graced with dark circles, and it is evident that she either doesn't get enough sleep, or has recently allowed something hard to collide with her eye sockets. At the back of her neck, if one looks carefully they will see an abundance of ink that descends down her back. It is a tattoo of a spine, on her spine, the cervical vertebrae visible when her hair is up, and the entirety only visible when she is naked. A delicate silver chain adorns her neck, at the end of which hangs a small round stone that has an ethereal coloring. It appears a light green color in daylight, and a violet red in artificial lighting. Its coloring flickers between red and green, as does most alexandrite. Her irises appear to be a pale grey color, though in the right light they shine a bright violet. She is pretty if slightly unwell looking. She twitches at sudden noises, and always looks slightly frightened.


  • Lexi can sweat, but she doesn’t feel hot or cold, so she will occasionally be caught outside in less than appropriate attire.
  • Lexi is slightly terrified of infants.
  • Lexi’s favorite food is Cucumber and melon slices together. Her favorite color is brown. Her favorite shape is the Fibonacci spiral. Her favorite number is 85.24376. She likes ducks and bunnies.
  • Lexi suffers from nightmares and paranoia.
  • Lexi has digits and two letters tattooed on the instep of her left foot, that indicate she was an experiment in the alliance's system. The tattoo reads: 'SL200148'

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