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Population 50 million
Terraformed 2352
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Moon
Size Class 1 (A)
Class Rim
Orbit First from Regina
Coordinates 1870, 2530, 0
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Textiles
Protein Packs
Exports Grains
Low Tech

Alexandria is the first moon of Regina and is a strange admixture of Old West, pseudo-classical Greek from Earth-That-Was and modern industry. Not cursed with Bowden's Malady like Regina, the moon is a much more pleasant place to live. Tropical to semi-tropical in climate, the rich soil in the outlands is conducive to agriculture and ranching. Several broad rivers make bringing produce and livestock to the cities easier for farmers otherwise dependent on four-legged horsepower. Strictly maintained pollution laws keep the rivers and air clean. Small modern industries can be found clustered near the main towns and cities, including corona-mining operations which use the moon as a jumping off point to reach Georgia.


One of the first Magistrates of Alexandria was a scholar and ancient history buff named Custer J. Davaleon. He settled on the moon intentionally because he admired Alexander the Great, and he named the capital Pellia after Alexander's birthplace. He spent most of his own fortune and over-taxed the locals to give the port, public buildings and other areas of the city a Grecian flavor. He was assassinated by an angry taxpayer at the age of 49.

The broad and deep Washington River, on whose banks the city is situated, was never successfully renamed in spite of Davaleon's efforts. It was named for much loved head terraforming scientist Anthony R. Washington, in the moon's early years. Today, large barges bring much of the moon's produce to Pellia along this waterway from the hinterlands, to be shipped to the markets of the 'verse.

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