Alexander "Archangel" Bolt

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Full name Alexander "Archangel" Bolt
Date of Birth October 06, 2499 (Londinium)
Parents Ret. Col. Marcus Bolt (Deceased 63) and Maggie Freban-Bolt (Deceased 61)
Siblings none
Spouse n/a
Assignment Shadowdancer
Specialization Marksmanship/Recon
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Jade - Light Brown
Height and Weight 6' - 190lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
Military Service
  • 6months IAV Justice (Skull Searches)
  • 6months Iskellkian's Military Shipyard - Ares (Garrison Security)
  • 12months IAV Jamenson Shelby (42nd Recon Battalion)
  • 6months Ita Moon (Reconnaissance/Training)
  • 12months IAV Jamenson Shelby (42nd Recon Battalion)
  • 36months IAV Jamenson Shelby (35th SAS - Special Forces)
  • 20months Lilac (35th SAS - Special Ops/cell Classified)


Born on Oct. 06 2499 in Londinium to parents Col. Marcus Bolt and Maggie Freban-Bolt, Alexander Bolt was raised in a wealthy-military family. Growing up Alexander was enrolled into a ROTC program at an early age and instead of continuing to college for Officer decided to enlist into the Alliance Military Program. After Basic passing in the top fifth percentile with Expert scores in Marksmanship, Bolt earned Private First Class at the completion of the Crucible in Silverhold again with Expert scores in Marksmanship.

His first assignment was on board the IAV Justice doing skull searches on the outskirts of the Core. It was a time to put his knowledge and training to work, but there were not a lot of incidents on this assignment. On his second deployment, he was stationed at the Iskellkian Military Shipyard on Ares. The garrisoned time at the Shipyard was dull and Bolt felt like he was just going to be another Federal. It was during this deployment when is father, retired Colonel Marcus Bolt, and mother, Maggie Freban-Bolt, were killed in a suspected Browncoat bombing on Parth, the home planet of his mother. He was granted a brief leave of absence to attend the funeral and returned to duty after selling the property and most of his past possessions. His return to the Alliance Military brought him deployment on board the IAV Jamenson Shelby where he began his Reconnaissance Training and was promoted to Lance Corporal. After completing the test he was admitted to the Greenleaf Alliance Training Facility where he completed Sniper training and sent to Ita Moon to meet his spotter. While on Ita Moon he participated in random Reconnaissance Operations, live-fire target practice, and survival missions. Alexander was promoted to Corporal at the end of deployment and was reassigned back to the IAV Jamenson Shelby with the 42nd Reconnaissance Battalion. Bolt spent a year doing reconnaissance missions before being promoted to Sergeant and reassigned to the 35th SAS battalion – Special Forces. He participated in multiple missions through the ‘verse for three years. His time in the SAS brought him a feeling of family; the bond they shared through the missions and the adversity faced together.

After three years of service in the Special Forces, Sgt. Bolt was assigned to the Special Operations Unit in the 35th SAS Battalion. He served as a Operator in the SAS for twenty months. During this time Alexander was thrown into three different cells, the final cell was located on Lilac. On July 20, 2526 a small settlement near the Special Ops base camp on Lilac was attacked by Reavers. Alexander and his spotter set-up just outside of town, armed with a HK MSG-1A9 and L85A2 w/AG36, watching the horror before their eyes. Other members of the cell started a march towards the small settlement while Alexander opened up with his sniper rifle. The Reavers were unrelenting and forced the young Sergeant to begin shooting the settlers – women, children, and men. After four hours an Alliance Cruiser finally arrived to destroy the Reaver ship. The only survivors of the SAS cell were Alexander and his spotter, while the settlement lost fifty percent of the population.

Bolt was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal on August 12, 2526 and Honorably Discharged five days later. After witnessing the horrors he saw and the loss of nearly his entire SAS unit, Bolt decided not to re-enlist. Without a home or possessions and out of the Military, Alexander wondered the Persephone dock looking for work as a deckhand or security on one of the transports.



Before you is a man of average height, reaching nearly six foot. His sandy brown hair is close-cropped; nearly shaven to the flesh along the sides and back except for his sideburns, the top is messy with the bangs lifted skyward. Deep-set, icy jade eyes shine from beneath thin brows. He has high-cheek bones with a strong jaw. Average sized ears are held close to his head, naturally bronzed like the rest of his skin tone, and he is thin-lipped. A thick neck is held up by broad shoulders, from these shoulder extend two well muscled arms. Along the length of his right forearm is a tattoo. His torso is well built, barrel-chested with a flat, extremely toned mid-section. He is long legged, thicker at the thigh and calf.

Casual Clothing

He wears a tight black t-shirt, the sleeves stretched tightly around his upper biceps. The shirt itself is non-descriptive, showing no markings what-so-ever. Hanging around his neck is a silver chain that is tucked into the shirt, the small tags outlined at the chest of the t-shirt. Worn over the t-shirt is a dull crimson leather vest. The vest is held together by clips; the bottom two clips are fastened with the top two hanging loosely along on the left side of the vest. A leather knife sheath is attached to the vest over the left breast. The shirt itself is tucked into what could be considered black “utility” pants. The pants are loose-fitting with pouch-pockets on the sides of each thigh. A charcoal, double strap belt wraps around his waist, the second belt is angled from the left hip and wraps slightly lower as it reaches the right side of his waist. The boots, a dark gray suede-looking number, are laced up as high as possible, zippers just visible on the inner sides. The bottoms of the pants are bloused smartly, covering the zippers, and the laces of the boots.


He wears a black and ash grey camouflage boonie hat, the entire rim is wavy with the left side curled slightly towards his head. The front of the boonie rests just above the bridge of his nose with the thin, but tough, string slung behind his ears running beneath his chin. Vaguely seen beneath the boonie is a black bandana which is tightly tied at the back of his head. His body is covered by a full suit of Starke ‘Triarius’ Armor. The midnight hue of the fabric fits snuggly to the man’s body, showing his muscular definition where the armored ballistic plates give way for flexibility. The ballistic plates have been augmented to lay over each other like modern plate armor, bolstering his chest and back. Sheathed into the leather sheath on left breast of the armor, only the finely crafted hilt can be seen: Majestically instilled into the leather in a downward swirling sketch are the words: "Swift Silent Deadly" in Chinese. At the end of the hilt is a pendant. Within the pendant is the imprint of The Archangel Michael. The pauldrons at each shoulder are laid for better mobility, reaching near chin level in size. Each hand is covered with black leather gloves, with patterns of padding lacing along the backs of the palms and fingers. The ballistic plates wrap around his thighs and calves following the bodysuit down to his ankles. A charcoal, double strap belt wraps around his waist, the second belt is angled from the left hip and wraps slightly lower as it reaches the right side of his waist. More straps extend down his right thigh holding a holster for a sidearm. The boots, a dark gray suede-looking number, are laced up as high as possible, zippers just visible on the inner sides.


  • A small scar located in his left shoulder that appears to be from a bullet wound.
  • A tattoo over his left breast is an ivory-white sword, about four inches long, with the blade pointed down. Gold wings sprout upwards from just below the hand guard. A banner is curled sideways towards the tip of the blade. The words, “WHO DARES WINS” inscribed within the banner in black ink.


  • A depiction of a man with wings stretches across Bolt’s entire back. The wing tips end behind his shoulders, the left is slightly mangled from a bullet wound scar. Under the left wing are the words “Courage, Dedication” and the beneath the right wing are the words “Honor, Glory” all scribed in Chinese.


  • Encircled around his right forearm eight times is a continuous barbed wire, inked in black. On his inner forearm is a lotus blossom, inked in full color beneath the barbed wire.


The Good

  • Courageous
  • Quiet
  • Bolt has great reflexes - Lightning Reflexes
  • Ambidextrous; able to shoot side-arms, punch, or use a bladed weapon with both hands
  • Has a need to be apart of something greater than himself

The Bad

  • Bi-polar; can become severely depressed
  • Only-child syndrome; sometimes thinks he deserves more praise and special treatment
  • Not a religious person

The Ugly

Military Service


School: Snowpark Heights Academy (Londinium) (ROTC)

DoE: June 3, 2517

Military Training:

Rank: Sergeant (E-5)

MOS: Scout Sniper (0317) Reconnaissance (0321): Alliance Special Operations, Operator

Service Record:

Basic Training: Silverhold Training Facility (June 2517 – October 2517)

Graduation: October 2517

  • Top 5% of class - Marksmanship (Expert)

The Crucible: Silverhold Training Facility (November 2517 – March 2518)

  • Top 5% of class - Marksmanship (Expert)
  • Promoted to PFC

First Deployment: IAV Justice, Trebuchet Battlecruiser (March 2518 – August 2518)

  • Skull Searches

Second Deployment: Iskellkian's Military Shipyard (Ares) (September 2518 – February 2519)

  • Garrison Security

Third Deployment: IAV Jamenson Shelby, Alliance Cruiser (March 2519 – February 2520)

  • 42nd Reconnaissance Battalion – Promoted to Lance Corporal
  • Received Reconnaissance Training

Marksmanship Training: Greenleaf Alliance Training Facility (February2520 – March 2520)

  • Sniper Training Complete

Fourth Deployment: Ita Moon (March 2520 – August 2520)

  • Met spotter – Recon/Marksmanship/Survival Paired Training
  • Promoted to Corporal

Fifth Deployment: IAV Jamenson Shelby, Alliance Cruiser (September 2520 – September 2521)

  • 42nd Reconnaissance Battalion

Sixth Deployment: IAV Jamenson Shelby, Alliance Cruiser (September 2521 – September 2524)

Seventh Deployment: Classified (December 2524 – August 2526

  • 35th Special Alliance Support Battalion - Special Operations
    • Reconnaissance Mission to Lilac: Reaver attack – forced to shoot women and children before Alliance Cruiser destroyed Reaver ship. Only spotter and Bolt survived from the SAS cell. (July 2526)
    • Honorably Discharge without re-enlistment (August 17, 2526)


  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Purple Heart
  • Expert Marksmanship Rifle Award



Weapons of Choice

  • Alliance Survival Knife: This weapon is an eight inch long sleek survival blade with a saw cut into the top of the blade near the handle. The handle is finely crafted; the raven-black leather is wrapped extremely tight around the hilt. Majestically instilled into the leather in a downward swirling sketch, are the words: “Swift, Silent, Deadly” in Chinese. At the end of the hilt is a pendant; within the pendant is the imprint of The Archangel Michael.

  • Alliance Broadsword: This long and heavy steel blade is a basic longsword. The handle is well crafted with thin strips of black leather tightly snaked around the hilt. The guard is small, only a steel notch extending three quarters of an inch, and juts out along the sharp edge. Along the dull edge of the broadsword are four inch long slits which were bored through the steel at half-inch intervals. Engraved into the butt of the hilt is the Alliance symbol.

  • HK MSG-1A9 Sniper Rifle: A more military styled PSG-1; this HK MSG-1A9 is semi-automatic only, with a lighter match grade barrel. The adjustable stock is modular with a cheek rest along the top. Mounted on the MilStd scope rail is a 10x telescope sight, allowing a range of 100-1200 meters. At each end of the telescope sight are high quality flaps that can lock and unlock, keeping dirt from collecting on the lens. The rifle itself is a charcoal black with a deep violet camouflage running from the end of the barrel to the stock. The steel box magazine holds five 7.62mm rounds.

  • Colt 1911 A19: The old famed and remodeled Colt 1911, its look has hardly been reworked, the casing and form are still the old characteristic slim design. Since it's about as good as another famed 10mm gun, it is used quite thoroughly on the rim.