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Full name Alexa Stross
Date of Birth Unknown
Parents Unknown
Assignment 63rd Federal Division
Gender Female

Alexa is a character with deep, dark secrets. The information in this Wiki is what she'd tell people who asked her. Some bits may be true, others might not be.


Alexa is about five feet tall with brown hair cut down to her shoulders, and blue eyes. She's actually pretty unremarkable, the kind of person who could easily blend in with a crowd.


Alexa's personality seems to be fairly easy-going, however it also seems like she can adjust her personality to suit the situation. She's the type of person who will be friendly and listen to whatever you have to say in the mess hall, then trip you when the ref isn't looking during a "friendly" game of hoopball.

Although she looks out for herself, she's been known to show a great amount of sympathy to people who are trying to move past things in their history -- always willing to give a second chance. Sometimes even more than one second chance.

Those who really get to know her might notice a bit of narcissism in her. This isn't to say that she's egocentric, or that she has trouble relating to other people; just that she's attracted to herself more than most people would consider normal. She does not hide this trait -- in fact, she's even gone so far as to march in a 'Narcissist Pride Parade' and when intoxicated will shoot wristbands she obtained from the parade at people.


As a Private, she was put into Gibbon Squad (which was later renamed Yemen Squad). She was quickly made into a Corporal, and became a Firing Team leader. After the departure of Alzarath Invaldi, she became the Squad Leader and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Although she originally enlisted as nothing more than a way to get a steady income, lately she's been considering the military as a career and to give her life a sense of direction.

In late 2526, she decided to begin training to become an Officer, and was made an Ensign in April 2527.

Alexa's Stories

Alexa loves telling stories. When somebody asks about her past, she'll often reply with "Do you want the boring truth or something a little more interesting." These are some of the stories she tells the most often. Some may be true, some may be exaggerated, and some might be outright fabrications.


Of all the stories Alexa tells about her childhood, this story is the closest to what appears on all of her official documentation.

Alexa used to be an Orphan on Ezra. Growing up, she worked in several small community theaters. That's where she developed her acting skill, and learned how to disguise herself when needed. When she turned eighteen, she started looking for a real job and found the Alliance.

Purple and Brown

This is a story Alexa tells when somebody asks about her childhood, and she's in a mood to tell a more elaborate lie.

Alexa's mother was an Alliance Solider, and her father was an Independent. Despite the fact that they were entwined in a relationship, they still managed to remain loyal to their individual factions. Impressed with the way her parents (now deceased) managed the situation, she proudly joined the military the first chance she got.


Weylin Cadman is Alexa's current CO. He's teaching her all about intelligence gathering as well as unconventional ops.

Adrian Calhoun is quite simply NOT the man Alexa married.

Alzarath Invaldi was her Squad leader until he left without much notice. She hasn't seen him since.

Susie Everett (NPC) is a member of her former squad, and Alexa has taken her on as a sort of protegee.

She seems rather secretive about her relationship with certain members of Evening Star crew. It's clear that she knows many of them, and possibly even owes some of them enormous favors. But she will always try to change the subject if people ask for details about them.

RP Hooks

  1. Alexa enjoys acting, and sometimes goes around using a fake name just for fun. She once went so far as to announce that she (or rather, Jan Glass, an alias of hers) had just gotten engaged to her CO, Adrian. This led to both of them getting free drinks.
  2. Alexa is unlikely to pass up an opportunity to sing, dance, or otherwise entertain a crowd.
  3. As mentioned earlier, Alexa is a narcissist. If allowed to, she will spend way too much time staring at a mirror.